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How to buy Colosseum tickets in Rome : All you need to know before your Colosseum visit

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If you don't know how to buy Colosseum tickets the right way, you might get frustrated or end up paying too much, or even miss out on seeing it. Today, I want to help you avoid these scenarios and show you a step-by-step process on how to book Colosseum tickets.

To make sure you get in, you have to book your tickets online for the specific date and time you want to visit. There's only a limited number of people allowed in each day, so booking ahead is the only way to guarantee your entry.

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Hundreds of people were asking me each month how to purchase tickets for the Colosseum in Rome, that's why I created this post. Now I just can send them this post and make everyone's life just a bit nicer and easier. Now you can too!

👉 Why you can trust me? With numerous trips to Rome and countless ticket bookings under my belt, you can trust my first hand expertise when it comes to securing Colosseum tickets. In this article, I'll help you choose the best Colosseum ticket in 2024 by sharing my top options, and discussing their advantages and disadvantages. Your decision-making process will be quick, taking just 10 minutes of your time, so you can swiftly move on to planning the rest of your Rome adventure.

Latest Colosseum Tickets News from Official Site

A new ticket office has opened at Largo della Salara Vecchia, exclusively for non-intermediated individual visitors. Also, from October 30, 2023, tour operators using the B2B channel must enter the names of ticket users at the time of purchase. Also note that if you’re eligible for free tickets, there are dedicated cash desks inside the Colosseum and at the ticket office in Largo della Salara Vecchia.

Runner Up
Colosseum & Arena Floor
  • Small-Group Guided Tour
  • Skip the line
  • Duration 1h
  • Small groups (max 14 people)
  • Access to the Arena Floor
  • Single access to Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
Best Overall
Colosseum, Underground & Arena Floor
  • Guided tour of the Colosseum, Underground & Arena
  • Skip the line
  • VIP access to the arena floor
  • Duration 3h
  • Max 24 people
  • Single entrance to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • Access to the Arena & Underground
Best for Kids
Colosseum & Roman Forum
  • Professional child-friendly guide
  • Small-Group Guided Tour (Max 15 people)
  • Duration 2h 30min
  • Skip the line
  • Single access to Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • NO Access to Underground & Arena

How to Buy Colosseum Tickets (The Best, Fastest & Easiest Way)

colosseum rome visit

Wondering how to book Colosseum tickets? We highly recommend using

With just a few clicks, you can secure your tickets and go visit one of the most beautiful sites in Roma. The best option is to opt for the Colosseum, Underground Area and Arena Floor + Guided Tour package, available at

Colosseum tickets underground include skip-the-line access and a 3-hour guided tour of the Colosseum, Underground and Arena. With this ticket you’ll have the chance to enjoy a unique perspective similar to that of the gladiators – minus the tigers!

Now you know how to buy tickets to the Colosseum, plan to spend around 30 minutes for the required security check before your visit.

Purchase Colosseum Tickets (The Cheapest Way)

Looking for how to get Colosseum tickets for less money? Coop Culture, the official site, provides tickets starting from 18 €.

However, there are some catches to consider. Tickets sell out fast as they're only available 30 days in advance. Plus the experience is limited to 10-15 minutes. This means you won’t access the Arena, Underground and III Level of the Colosseum.

Also bear in mind that groups of up to 50 people enter every 15 minutes. So, yes this is a cheap option, but these tickets really are designed to attract people who just want their Instagram photo… It clearly isn’t the best option if you’re wondering how to buy Colosseum ticket.

Colosseum Tickets Quick LinkS & Our Top Recommendations

If you're short on time but eager to book your Colosseum tickets, here are our top recommendations to get your tickets in the next 2 minutes:

  • Colosseum & Arena Floor: small-group guided tour – Experience the grandeur of the Colosseum with a knowledgeable guide. The tour lasts 1 hour and allows you to skip the line. Book here.
  • Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill: Entry ticket + Multimedia Experience – Immerse yourself in history with this multimedia-enhanced visit. You’ll have access to an immersive 25-minute multimedia video of Ancient Rome before your visit. Book here.
  • Tickets for Colosseum, Underground & Arena Floor: Guided Tour – Explore the depths of the Colosseum with VIP access to the underground and arena floor. You’ll have access to headsets to hear your guide clearly. Book here.
  • Tickets for Colosseum, Underground & Arena Floor: Guided Tour by Night – Looking for Colosseum night tour tickets? This is your chance to get special single access after closing time! Book here.
  • Tickets for Colosseum & Roman Forum for Kids & Family: Small-Group Guided Tour – Wondering how to buy tickets for Colosseum Rome for your family? Make your family trip memorable with a guided tour tailored for kids. Book here.
  • Rome: Colosseum Ticket with Arena & Multimedia Video – Dive into ancient history with a multimedia-enhanced tour. The tour lasts 3 hours and includes the skip-the-line pass. It’s one of the most comprehensive option for people buying tickets to the Roman Colosseum. Book here.
  • Rome: Private Skip-the-Line Colosseum & Ancient Ruins Tour – Wondering how to buy Colosseum tickets online that include a VIP experience? Enjoy a personalized tour of Rome's ancient wonders with this special ticket. Book here.
  • Official site entry tickets – It’s probably the most evident place where to buy Colosseum tickets in Rome, but not the best. The official site provides you with a basic ticket for a 15 minute visit. Book here.

For more details and options, feel free to read the full guide. Don't miss out on the chance to make your Colosseum visit truly unforgettable!

3 Options for Booking Colosseum Tickets

booking Colosseum tickets

Now that you know the latest Colosseum tickets news and our top recommendations, let's have a look at the three main options you have for booking your Colosseum visit.

  1. Official site – Official site tickets might seem like the straightforward choice, but even if it’s the cheapest option, tickets are available only 30 days in advance and sell out quickly. It answers the question: can you buy colosseum tickets on site? Yes, but it's hardly the best experience.
  2. Tiqets – is our top recommendation. This platform offers a lot of different tours, including our favorite Colosseum, Underground Area and Arena Floor + Guided Tour package. Groups are smaller, up to 24 people, and you'll enjoy skip-the-line access and a comprehensive 3-hour guided tour.
  3. Get Your Guide – is another great option. It offers everything Tiqets does but with additional variety and flexibility in ticket types. It's an excellent choice if you’re looking for specific experiences like night tours, family-friendly tours or private tours.

Note – Can you go to the Colosseum without a ticket? Technically yes, but only for the outside areas, which is a shame as the insides are literally mesmerizing.

1. Official Site

The Official site sells cheap and basic tickets. Visitors are grouped into large crowds of up to 50 people and are allowed only a 10-15 minute visit without access to the Underground, Arena nor III Level.

This option is cost-effective but offers a limited experience and is not ideal if you're looking to explore the Colosseum in depth. Also note that the online platform is really hard to use. You must be prepared to lose 30 minutes of your time navigating on the website.

Here are your options if you wish to use Coopculture website to buy cheap tickets to the Colosseum:

  • TICKET COLOSSEUM, ROMAN FORUM, PALATINE_24H – it’s the cheapest option you can get. This ticket costs 18 € and gives you access to a 15 minute visit. It’s the best option if you just want an Instagram photo and are not interested in the history of the site. Book here.
  • VISIT THE COLOSSEUM WITH AN ARCHAEOLOGIST! – This ticket is sold for 23 € and allows you to visit the Colosseum with an archeologist for one hour. It doesn’t give access to the Arena, Underground and III Level of the Colosseum. Book here.
  • AUDIO GUIDE OF THE COLOSSEUM WITH TICKET COLOSSEUM, ROMAN FORUM, PALATINE_H24 – Visit the Colosseum with an audio guide for 23,50 €. It’s a good option if you want to know more about this site but it doesn’t give access to the Arena, Underground and III Level of the Colosseum. Book here.
  • FULL EXPERIENCE TICKET WITH ACCESS TO THE COLOSSEUM ARENA – this ticket is valid for two days and allows you to access the Colosseum arena. Unfortunately, the Underground and III Level are not included. Book here.
  • FULL EXPERIENCE TICKET WITH ACCESS TO THE ARENA AND THE UNDERGROUND OF THE COLOSSEUM – this ticket is valid for two days and allows you to access the Colosseum, the Arena and the Underground. It costs 24 €. Book here.
  • EARLY MORNING COLOSSEUM – Colosseum Rome tickets official for morning visits are only sold to authorized guides. They’re great to enjoy a Colosseum experience away from the crowds and cost 18 €. Book here.

To book your Coopculture Colosseum tickets:

  1. Go to the ticket page you wish to buy then click on “Check availability”.
  2. Select your day and date of visit, click on “available” then choose your nationality.
  3. Click on “Add to cart”, enter your personal details and proceed to payment.
  4. You will then receive your Colosseum tickets.

Now, here are the pros and cons of getting tickets through official site.

  • Cheaper
  • Official website
  • More complicated process
  • No refund policy
  • You should wait for sales
  • Only come out 30 days ahead
  • Very few skip-the-line option
  • Very few availabilities
  • Usually big groups of people
  • No personalized or VIP experiences

2. is our top recommendation to buy Italy Colosseum tickets. On this platform, you have access to a lot of different tours, including our favorite Colosseum full experience ticket, Underground Area and Arena Floor + Guided Tour package.

Groups are smaller, up to 24 people, and you'll also enjoy skip-the-line access and a comprehensive 3-hour guided tour. A great balance between Colosseum cost and experience. Yes, you’ll pay a little more, but overall it is the quickest and the easiest way, especially if you want to book several months in advance or buy last minute Colosseum tickets.

To book your Colosseum tickets on

  1. Select your date and your tour package – for example this one (Tickets for Colosseum, Underground & Arena Floor: Guided Tour)
  2. Choose the time of your visit and click on “Book now”.
  3. All you have to do now is pay for your tickets and check your emails to get them instantly.

Now, here are the pros and cons of getting tickets through

  • Quick process
  • Easy to book
  • Lots of different tickets to suit your needs
  • Possible to book several months in advance as well as last minute tickets
  • Skip-the-line access
  • Smaller groups
  • More immersive experience
  • More expensive

3. is another great option to buy tickets for the Colosseum.

It offers everything Tiqets does but with additional variety and flexibility in ticket types. It's an excellent choice if you’re looking for specific experiences like night tours, family-friendly tours or private tours.

GetYourGuide also provides the opportunity to bundle your Colosseum visit with tickets to other historic sites in Rome, like the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill for example.

For your Colosseum reservation on

  1. Click on the tour you’re interested in – for example this one (Colosseum & Arena: Exclusive entrance)
  2. Select the number of participants, the date and your language.
  3. Click on “Availability”, choose your time slot then click on “Add to cart”.
  4. Now click on “Check out” and pay for your ticket.

Now, here are the pros and cons of getting tickets through

  • Quick process
  • Easy to book
  • A huge choice of tickets
  • Specific visits (night tours, family tours…)
  • Skip-the-line colosseum tickets with arena floor access
  • Possibility to buy your Colosseum tickets in advance
  • Many discounts
  • More expensive

How to Buy Colosseum Ticket for Kids

Looking for a Colosseum visit especially designed for kids? Look for family-friendly tours that engage children with the history of the Colosseum in a fun and interactive way.

Unusually, these tours come with guides who are skilled at making the history come alive for young kids. Choose a specific tour for an educational experience for your entire family. Want to see what's available on – click here to see Tickets for Colosseum & Roman Forum for Kids & Family: Small-Group Guided Tour.

4 Most Common Myths about Colosseum Tickets

rooftop bar rome Colosseum

Reading all and nothing about the best colosseum ticket? Here are 3 most common misconceptions about Colosseum Italy tickets.

1. Official (Cheapers) Tickets are the Best

This is a misconception. While official tickets are cheaper, they offer a very short 10-15 minute visit, often in groups of 50+ people. This crowded experience leaves little room to truly enjoy the visit. It's more about getting in, taking a quick photo for social media, and getting out.

2. Guided Tours are Rip Offs

Contrary to this myth, guided tours offer significant value for your money. Although they may cost more, you receive an in-depth exploration of the Colosseum. These tours last between 1 and 3 hours and come with a more intimate, less crowded experience away from the throngs of visitors.

3. Guided Tours are Just too Big

In reality, guided tour groups are often smaller than the official ticket groups of 50 people. For instance, Colosseum arena floor tours offered by Tiqets limit group sizes to 14 people. It’s a great option for a more personal and less crowded experience.

4. Not Enough Time on a Guided Tour

Again this is wrong. Guided Colosseum tours usually allow for a more extended Colosseum visit than the quick 10-15 minute walk-through offered by official site tickets. With guided tours, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the history and significance of the Colosseum.

Where is the Colosseum in Rome & How to Get There?

The Colosseum is in the same archaeological area as the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill in the centre of the eternal city. Its entrance is on Piazza del Colosseo just east of the Forum.

Colosseum Visit Metro

There’s no shortage of transport options to get to the Colosseum.

  • Metro – The quickest way to reach the Colosseum from Termini Station. Take the Blue Line B (direction Laurentina) and get off at Colosseo, which is only two stops away.
  • Bus – Lines 75, 81, 673, 175, and 204 stop near the Colosseum.
  • Tram – Line 3 will drop you at Rome’s biggest attraction.
  • Walk – Walking to the Colosseum from Termini Station is more than possible. It’s an interesting 30-minute walk through the lanes of Rome.

Tip – Hey, since we just touched on the topic of getting around Rome, let me show you an awesome option. Online Travel Card can take care of all your airport transfer needs, allowing you to enjoy your time in Rome without worrying about transportation logistics. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to your destination without any stress or worries. To learn more and book the Online Travel Card, click here.

Which Areas Within the Colosseum Require Admission Tickets?

Colosseum Tickets Visit

The Colosseum is not just a singular experience; it offers several different areas that can greatly enhance your understanding and enjoyment. Arena floor, underground, balcony top…

Let’s have a look at the different areas included in Roman Colosseum tickets.


The Colosseum's Underground is a fascinating complex of tunnels, chambers and mechanisms that were once used to transport animals and gladiators to the arena floor.

If you’re interested in getting a closer look at the inner workings of the Colosseum, tour operators offer a Colosseum Underground with VIP Arena Access – click here.

Entrance to Arena Floor

Do you wish to stand where the gladiators once stood? Then you should get Colosseum tickets with arena access.

This ticket type allows you to step onto the Arena Floor and access a gladiator's viewpoint of the Colosseum. provides Colosseum Small Group Tour with Arena Access (tickets here) to experience this special part of the site.

General Area

It’s the most basic entry, the one you can buy at the official Colosseum ticket office. It grants you access to the general areas of the Colosseum and includes the main and middle tiers of the amphitheater.

Before buying Colosseum tickets like this, note that these tickets do not include access to the Underground, Arena Floor or the higher levels of the Colosseum.

How to avoid the queue on your Colosseum visit

Colosseum visit night

As Rome’s busiest attraction you can imagine the queues for Colosseum tickets on any given day. Fortunately, there’s a solution in the form of skip the line Colosseum tickets (available here). They are designed to make your Colosseum visit more enjoyable, saving you up to four hours standing in lines.

Depending on when you’re visiting, you can spend anywhere between two and four hours waiting in line for regular Colosseum tickets. And this is not the only line you’ll be spending time in. After getting your tickets you must still join the entrance line and then, wait for it, the security check line.

By spending a little extra on skip the line Colosseum tickets you are assured of priority entry. It means you can skip the ticketing line and only join the faster-moving entry and security lines.

Regular Colosseum tickets (including the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill) cost €18. The online tickets cost a fraction more but gives you priority entry to all 3 attractions. (A processing fee of €2 is charged when you buy Colosseum tickets online.)

According to the official Colosseum website, you can either buy an open ticket or a ticket with a scheduled entrance time. Both cost €18 plus €2 booking fee. The open entrance ticket can only be used after 14:00 on any day.

Note: No matter where you buy your skip the line Colosseum tickets, you must still queue in the entry and security lines. However, you’ll save a lot of time by avoiding the ticketing queue.

So, make sure you remember your Colosseum visit for the right reasons by spending that little extra on a skip the line ticket.

Should you consider guided Colosseum tours?

If you like doing research and exploring on your own, a self-guided tour of the Colosseum can be a great option. However, keep in mind that there isn’t a lot of information available on-site.

Joining one of many interesting Colosseum tours is a good way to appreciate the enormity and significance of the Flavian Amphitheater. They give you access to areas like the upper tier and underground tunnels that are off-limits to the general public. Or how about the privilege to be inside the Colosseum at night?

Take a look at the different guided Colosseum tours on

Colosseum Hours in Rome & When is the Best Time to Visit Colosseum?

The best months to visit the Colosseum is from November to February, not including the Christmas and New Year holidays.

From March to October there are almost always crowds at the Colosseum. Even so, there are times when the lines are a little shorter. These are:

  •       At 08:30 when the Colosseum opens.
  •       An hour or two before last entry when the crowds begin to thin out.

Check the official Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill website for up to date opening hours.

January 2 to February 15 08:30 to 16:30
February 16 to March 15 08:30 to 17:00
March 16 to last March Saturday 08:30 to 17:30
Last March Sunday to August 31 08:30 to 19:15
September 1 to September 30 08:30 to 19:00
October 1 to last October Saturday 08:30 to 18:30
Last October Sunday to December 31 08:30 to 16:30
January 1, December 25 & May 1 closed

Which Rome Pass Includes the Colosseum?

Roma pass, Rome City Card or Omnia Card? If you’re planning on spending a few days in Rome, visiting the Colosseum and other popular attractions, it’s worth considering one of the following sightseeing passes.

Roma Pass

Roma Pass Colosseum Visit

Roma Pass – Colosseum standard entrance is included with your pass anyway. BUT, as the site has considerably reduced its admissions with a standard ticket, you are not guaranteed to be able to visit it on the date you want.

Even if you buy Colosseum tickets online, you must book a time slot during your Colosseum tickets online booking. The booking fee is 2 € and you can pay by credit card. Make your reservation as soon as possible starting from one month before your visit.

You can book your official Colosseum tickets from your home country, even before you purchase the Roma Pass itself. On the day of your visit, Roma Pass holders must go through security checks and proceed to the access gate of the Colosseum.

Entry is not guaranteed without a time booking, even if you have a Roma Pass. So the best option here is to book a Roma Pass with scheduled entrance time. Choose your time slot and click on “reduced ticket for Roma Pass holder”. The cost is 11,50 €.

This pass offers free entry to the first one or two visited museums or archaeological sites (depending on 48 or 72 hours) and discounts to the others. It also includes free public transport for three days. You can buy the Roma Pass online here from 55 €.

Rome Tourist Card

The Rome City Pass (Rome Tourist Card) is more interesting to us (you can buy it here.) You can choose a guided tour or audio guide to visit the Colosseum. It is rarer for people to book these individual tickets. This means you have a much better chance, if not a guarantee, of finding a slot that suits you to visit the Coliseum.

Beyond the Colosseum admission tickets, the card encompasses a visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. It also grants entrance to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. With the Rome tourist card, the Castel Sant'Angelo and the Borghese Gallery are also included on top of the Colosseum entrance tickets and you also have access to an app audio guide.

On Tiqets, you can select your preferred visit slot for the Colosseum and make sure your entry is secured without the hassle of line tickets. This card is probably the best option to access the Colosseum and many more historical sites. Fees start at 89 € per person. You can buy your Rome Tourist Card here on

Omnia Card

A very comprehensive 3-day Rome sightseeing pass (check it here) which includes the Roma Pass, the Vatican Card, a hop-on/hop-off bus and free public transport.

This powerful combo includes the benefits of the Roma Pass and the Vatican Card and allows you to visit many of the city's must-see attractions. With the Omnia Card, you can enjoy two free entrances from the Roma Pass list as well as a hop-on/hop-off bus tour. You also have access to free public transport so you can move around the city with ease.

Getting the best value from your Colosseum tickets

Colosseum tours

As mentioned above, the official Colosseum ticket also include the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

The tickets are valid for 2 consecutive days from first use for one entry each to the three attractions.

  • Roman Forum – A sprawling ruin that tells the story of day-to-day life in ancient Rome. The Rome Forum is where you get a glimpse of what the Roman Kingdom’s earliest shrines and temples, palaces, triumphal arches, and market squares looked like.
  • Palatine Hill – Romulus is said to have started Rome’s first settlement here in around 8 BC. Excavations have revealed huts and tombs from the iron age, an ancient fortification, places of worship, and imperial palaces on this hill overlooking the eternal city.

Final Visiting Tips

Colosseum Visit Palatine Hill

Want to know more about the Colosseum practical aspects? Here are some practical things you should know before your visit:

  • Toilets: facilities are available near the Colosseum ticket office. Plan bathroom visits before you start your visit as breaks during tours might be limited.
  • Accessibility wheelchairs: the Colosseum provides wheelchair access, but some areas like the Underground are restricted. We would advise you to book your Colosseum tickets in advance for special access requirements.
  • Etiquette behavior: respect the site. Do not climb on ruins or litter. Follow all guidelines posted near the Colosseum ticket areas to make sure you follow the rules.
  • Get there (before) on time: arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled entry to clear security checks. Late arrivals might miss their slot.
  • What to wear: opt for comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. You might want to bring some sun protection during summer for outdoor areas.
  • Be cautious of pickpockets: keep belongings secure and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas near the Colosseum tickets queue. Want to know how to stay safe? Read our pickpockets in Rome guide.
  • Security checks tips: bring minimal carry-ons and avoid prohibited items. This will expedite your entry and security check.
  • Leaving baggage: large bags and backpacks are not allowed inside. Use nearby luggage storage facilities to store your items before your visit.
  • Where to eat near the Colosseum: you’ll find numerous cafes and restaurants located around the Colosseum (like Ristoro Della Salute or Royal Art Caffe), no matter if you want quick snacks or full meals. The Monti district is great to taste local food.
  • Where to stay near the Colosseum: you’ll find both luxury hotels  (like B&B Colosseo Panoramic Rooms) and budget-friendly options (like Colosseo Guest House) around the Colosseum.
  • Can you buy Colosseum tickets on the day? Technically, yes. But same-day Colosseum tickets are sold until they run out so it’s way better to book in advance.


faq roma pass travel blog

Can you buy tickets at the Colosseum?

Yes, but it's actually very risky! This is why it’s always better to buy Colosseum tickets online to avoid long lines and ensure availability.

How far in advance can you book Colosseum tickets?

Colosseum tickets can be booked up to 1 month in advance through the official website, and several months in advance through and GetYourGuide.

When do Colosseum tickets go on sale?

On the official website, Colosseum tickets go on sale exactly 30 days ahead of your day of visit. They come out in batches and often sell out within minutes.

How much are tickets to the Colosseum in Rome?

It depends on the option you choose. You can find Colosseum tickets from 18 € per person for basic entry.

Do Colosseum tickets sell out?

Yes, especially during peak tourist seasons when they can sell out in a few minutes.

Is Colosseum free?

Entry is free on the first Sunday of every month, but it's very crowded. Entry is also free for everyone under 18 years old.

Can you visit the Colosseum without a tour?

Yes, you can visit with a general admission Colosseum ticket without joining a guided tour.

How to reserve Colosseum with roma pass?

You can book a time slot online after you purchase the Roma Pass. You’ll have to pay a small reservation fee.

Do children need timed tickets to the Colosseum in Rome?

Yes, absolutely all visitors, no matter their age, require a timed Colosseum ticket for entry.

Do I need to print Colosseum tickets?

No, you can have your ticket on your mobile and the staff will use the generated QR code to let you in.

Final word on how to buy Colosseum tickets

There’s a reason why the Colosseum is Italy’s most visited attraction. Don’t skip it when in Rome, even if you don’t like standing in lines or mingling with crowds.

There are ways to enjoy a Colosseum visit despite the queues, like buying a skip the line Colosseum ticket for only a little more than the regular ticket price. Check out all the options from

I hope now you know how to buy Colosseum tickets and have selected your favorite option. Wishing you a pleasant time and an unforgettable experience!

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