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Rome points of interest and best things to do to discover the Eternal City

Visiting Rome with teenagers

Rome With Teenagers In 2023 (Things to Do & Packing Tips)

Traveling to Rome with teenagers can be a lot of fun for everyone. However, to make the most of it, you do need to plan ahead a little. Here we will show you the best way to approach your trip and the things you can do to keep those teenagers occupied and interested. What to [...]

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Things to do in Rome with kids

Things to Do In Rome with Kids (Attractions, Food & Fun)

If you are planning a trip to the Italian capital and are looking for things to do in Rome with kids, then look no further. We have done all the hard work for you and consolidated a wide range of activities into one place. Let’s get stuck right in! Who Is This Guide For? This [...]

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roma pass review

Is the Roma Pass worth it? A comparison to other Rome city passes

When planning a trip to Rome, one of the first questions most travelers ask is: “Is the Roma Pass worth it?” The answer is not as easy as one might think. One reason is that there is no longer just one tourist pass for Rome. In recent years, a few additions to the Roma Pass [...]

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Best street art in Rome guide

Best Street Art In Rome: Areas, Tours, Famous & Local Artists

Best Street Art Rome - what is it? Well, you may think that Rome is all sculptures, fountains, cobbled streets, and beautiful piazzas. And that’s a fairly true assessment, but it is not the full picture of this city. Rome is a mish mash of ancient and new, and for every market square or statue [...]

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Rome monuments and landmarks

Famous Rome Monuments & Landmarks you Need to Visit

The monuments of ancient Rome are the subject of study the world over! With over 50 major Roman landmarks to be explored in the city, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Visit these beauties and you will feel connected to an empire that stretched through Europe to Africa and western Asia. Read this article in conjunction [...]

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Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore: Tickets & Opening Hours

The Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore Rome is a Papal Basilica and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is the largest of its kind in Rome. Although a Papal cathedral, the Church is not located in the Vatican City. It is to be found within Rome. However, the Italian state is obliged, thanks [...]

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piazza navona rome

Piazza Navona Rome: Fountains, Facts and History

A favourite square in Rome amongst visitors and locals alike, the Piazza Navona, Rome is an absolute must-see when in Rome. Surrounded on all sides by beautiful baroque architecture, this piazza inspires all in those who are lucky enough to pass through it. Check out our guide to the Piazza Navona, Rome. Impress your travel [...]

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museums in rome

Museums in Rome: The Top 10 Museums and Galleries

Rome can be overwhelming. If you are there on a short city break, then you’ll be hard pressed to fit everything in. You can for example spend your whole Saturday in the Vatican, which leaves little room for anything else.  But there are some “must-sees” and “must-dos” that can help you hit off the best [...]

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churches in Rome

Top 10 Churches in Rome to discover the City with a New Eye

Rome, as we well know, has hundreds of amazing historical and cultural attractions. From beautiful piazzas to ancient ruins, museums and art galleries, there is something to keep even the most discerning traveller entertained. On top of that, there are literally dozens of amazing churches in Rome just waiting to be explored! Often touted as [...]

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caracalla baths

Caracalla Baths of Rome: The History and Tips to Visit the Terme

The Caracalla baths have been of great interest to the tourists that visit Rome for its rich heritage in art and culture. The baths of Caracalla Rome are known for their rich history and architecture. Terme di Caracalla is the second largest public baths and is one of the most lavish and stylish public baths [...]

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