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Rome points of interest and best things to do to discover the Eternal City

Roman Forum Rome

How to Get Roman Forum Tickets (+ Colosseum & Palatine Hill Visit)

Are you looking for information on how to buy Roman Forum tickets and Palatine Hill tickets ? This article has all the details you need. Visiting Rome without exploring its ancient past? Impossible! The Roman Forum is a must-see during your stay in Rome. Additionally, Palatine Hill, which is connected to the Forum and perhaps [...]

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Skip the line Rome

How to Get Skip-the-Line Tickets in Rome? Worth It In 2024?

Are you wondering how to find the right skip the line tickets in Rome? I give you all the tips in this article. If there's one city that's full of world-famous attractions in a very limited space, it's Rome. Indeed, when visiting Rome, it sometimes looks like all the tourists in the city are queuing [...]

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Castel Sant’Angelo Tickets, Hours, Tours & Tips For Your Visit

Looking for information on how to buy Castel Sant'Angelo tickets? You've come to the right page. Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome is a treasure of the city. A funerary monument, prison, refuge... this building has undergone numerous transformations and has a very rich past. Located near the Vatican, it's a must-see if you want to learn [...]

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Rome's Public Transport

Rome Public Transport : How to Get Around and Save Money with Passes

Heading to Italy and thinking about how to get around using Rome public transport? Rome's got this whole network of buses, trams, and a metro that are super easy to use once you get the hang of it. It's for me the best way to zip around the city and visit all the most iconic [...]

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caracalla baths

Baths of Caracalla Rome : How to Visit the Terme, Tickets and History

Did you know that the Baths of Caracalla could accommodate up to 1600 bathers at once? And that they were used to film the John Wick movie? So it’s one of the largest and most opulent public baths of its time! Beyond its historical role as a center for socializing and relaxation, this masterpiece now hosts [...]

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Visit the Vatican

How to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel + Tips on how to get skip the line tickets

Are you going to visit Rome and wondering how to visit the Vatican? In this guide, I'll show you how to get tickets to the Vatican and how to skip the lines. The Vatican City is one of Rome's most visited attractions, drawing over 5 million visitors each year. It is home to many of [...]

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Skip the line Villa Borghese

How to visit Borghese Gallery and avoid the queue with skip the line tickets ?

Do you want to know how to book your Borghese Gallery tickets? Visiting the Borghese Gallery means discovering one of the most emblematic museums in Rome. It's a must-visit during your stay in the Italian capital. Like any major tourist site, planning your visit to the Borghese Gallery should be done before you arrive in [...]

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best things to do In Rome

42 Best things to do in Rome that are worth booking in advance

Looking for the best things to do in Rome? Exploring Rome is like going on a treasure hunt, and this guide is your treasure map. If you're wondering what to do in Rome, look no further! We'll show you all the coolest spots you'll want to check out before you even pack your bags. From [...]

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Rome Wheather Colosseum

How to buy Colosseum tickets in Rome : All you need to know before your Colosseum visit

If you don't know how to buy Colosseum tickets the right way, you might get frustrated or end up paying too much, or even miss out on seeing it. Today, I want to help you avoid these scenarios and show you a step-by-step process on how to book Colosseum tickets. To make sure you get [...]

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Visiting Rome with teenagers

Rome With Teenagers In 2024 (Things to Do & Packing Tips)

Ready for a fun trip to Rome with teenagers ? Rome is an exciting city where old and new things meet. It's full of cool places to see, like the big Colosseum where fighters used to compete and the amazing art at the Vatican. But traveling with teenagers can be tricky because they like different [...]

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