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Let me present myself, so that you can learn more about me, and explain to you why I have created this blog and why you can trust the information I share with you.

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About me – Who Am I?

I am Fanny, a pretty simple girl living in France. I love sharing stories or capturing a stolen moment with my camera.

My passion for travel was passed on to me by my parents, who took me to incredible places from a very young age. Five years ago, I decided to leave a system that puts us in boxes and turn my passion into a way of life. Since then, I have been a digital nomad, working from everywhere, here and abroad.

My sweet sin, which is actually rather annoying to my relatives, is to never tell anyone I'm coming back from a long trip. That is just the way I am. I like to surprise them, on any occasion.

Always open to new projects, I aspire to change the world. I also love discovering new cultures, new places and new people. Where I feel good is surrounded by nature. As much as I love big cities which are also exhilarating and inspiring…

My first time to Rome

One day I had the opportunity to go to Rome for work. I was so excited to finally get to visit this iconic capital. And what a discovery!

If I had one word to describe my feeling during this trip, it would be “impressed”. I was impressed by the grandeur of this city, by its diversity, its gastronomy, its culture and its beautiful architecture.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the historical buildings, the number of churches and of course, as a hedonist, the all-so-important trattorias (traditional Italian restaurants). I remember this stay as being an exhilarating experience, full of incredible culture and history, majestic churches, piazzas that never look the same, and delicious flavors!

I was also surprised by how crowded the biggest attractions were.

But to be honest, it hasn't always been easy. I had 4 whole days to visit almost all of Rome! It was all a bit of a rush but so rewarding.

To sum up, a trip to Rome can’t be organized overnight. With countless things to see and visit, it must be planned!

I spent several days planning my visits day by day to find out the best ways to optimize my visits. This is a necessary step to make the most of your stay in Rome. But with all the possibilities open to you, it's not always obvious how to make the “perfect” choice.

You can be sure that if I hadn't planned everything in advance, or taken my tickets online beforehand, I probably wouldn't have done half of what I wanted to do.

About Roma Pass – The Reasons I created this Blog

blog roma pass

That's one of the reasons I wanted to create this blog: to help people prepare their trips as easily as possible!

To enjoy all that Rome has to offer and avoid unpleasant surprises, but also not to lose hours in lines or miss a must-see because the tickets are all sold out… I also wanted to share some of my best tips for visiting the great monuments of Rome.

Having been there myself, I know what I'm talking about. Besides, sometimes Rome is the trip of a lifetime. That’s why I am here to give you the best tips to have a successful stay!

About Roma Pass – How I write my blog posts

When I craft pages for this website, I spend a ton of time digging into stuff, planning what to say, finding the best info and photos, and then putting it all into words.

It usually takes me like 4 to 5 days to create just one page!

That's why it's really not cool when people copy stuff from my website. So please, don't copy from my pages.

Thank you for visiting Roma Pass – and have a fantastic time in Rome!


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