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Rome neighborhoods complete guide

Rome Neighborhoods: Best Areas In Which to Stay or Live!

Rome neighborhoods offer some fantastic places to visit, each one more vibrant than the last.. From the places to go to eat, to modern department stores, to instagram worthy old streets, Rome has it all. In this article, we will explore just how Rome is divided up administratively and identify some of the best neighborhoods [...]

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rome beaches Header

Top 5 Rome Beaches: How to Reach the Beach from Rome

You may wonder what beaches are close to Rome? The heat of a hot summer’s day can be quite unrelenting in Rome. Queuing at any of the big attractions too is sometimes extremely tiring. If you are in Rome in the summer for any more than a city break we suggest heading to one of [...]

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rome to pompeii

Day trip from Rome to Pompeii : a complete guide on how to get there

Visiting Pompeii, the ancient Roman city that was buried under volcanic ash for hundreds of years, is one of the most popular day trips from Rome. Figuring out how to get from Rome to Pompeii, what there is to see, and whether an organised Rome to Pompeii tour is worth it, is not always that [...]

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day trips from rome by train

Best day trips from Rome: where to go from the Eternal City

There is enough to see and do in Rome to keep you busy for days. But if you are lucky enough to spend more time in Italy, Rome is also the perfect base from which to undertake day trips. The possibilities for the best day trips from Rome are endless. From visiting the ruins of [...]

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one week in rome

The best itinerary for one week in Rome and around

Is spending one week in Rome too much? Never. It’s quite possible to spend 4,5,6 or 7 days in Rome and still not have covered everything there is to see and do. That’s why we’ve put together a 7-day Rome itinerary to help you prioritize. Get your free guide to Rome optimized for mobile use [...]

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3 days in rome Panoramic view

3 days in Rome : the best itinerary to visit Rome as a whole

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, you cannot expect to explore the best of Rome in a day. At least 3 days in Rome are necessary to properly take in the highlights of the city. To help you make the best of your time in the Eternal City, we’ve put together a 3-day Rome [...]

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