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What to wear in Rome

What to Wear & Pack for Rome: Tips from Locals

A trip to Rome is a dream for many. But on top of planning your logistics, hotels and sightseeing activities you will need to be sure to bring the right gear! Let’s explore what to wear for the weather in Rome in July, December and all the possibilities in between! Important to Know about Rome [...]

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Find out is weed legal in Italy

Wondering Is Weed Legal in Italy: Here’s All About Weed Laws

If you are someone who enjoys the odd recreational puff, then you may be wondering just what the pot laws in Italy actually are. We will take you on a journey on weed in Italy in this article, including all the tips you need to know in order to stay legal during your trip. Let’s [...]

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Rome in July

Visiting Rome in July: Perfect Weather & Packing Tips

The bright nights are long, and so are the queues. The temperatures soar to over thirty degrees centigrade. The lines stretch around the block. So just what is there to love about Rome in July? We say plenty! You’ll need to prepare well, adopt a slower pace and stock up on water, but with a [...]

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Visiting Rome in June

Rome Weather in June Info & Great Tips for the Perfect Trip

Spring switches to summer during this glorious month. With usually great weather without the soaring temperatures of July and August, a visit in June lends itself perfectly to exploring Rome’s many outdoor attractions. Watch out for crowds though - they continue to increase as the summer holidays approach. Let’s dive in to explore everything about [...]

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Easter in Rome

Easter in Rome: Tips on How to Spend Perfect Holiday

The days surrounding the weekend of Easter have a special place in the hearts of Rome’s citizens. Of course, the presence of the nearby Vatican City makes the experience even more special. Known as Holy Week, the celebrations kick off the Sunday before Easter in Rome on Palm Sunday and continue through to Easter Monday. [...]

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Weather in Rome in May

Rome Weather in May: Perfect Things to Do in Spring

It is really starting to heat up in Rome as we move through the spring towards the summer. May is a lovely time to visit, just on the cusp of becoming too hot. The city is well and truly alive, gelato is an acceptable treat, and the buzz will get you fired up for exploring. [...]

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Vatican dress code rules

Dress Code for Vatican City: What Tourists need to know

Visiting the Vatican City is a dream for many. Walking the corridors of the Vatican Museums, catching finally that glimpse of the Sistine Chapel. Maybe you’ll even see the Pope! For many visitors, the Vatican is a holy place, and it is true that there are some areas of the city state that have special [...]

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Rome monuments and landmarks

Famous Rome Monuments & Landmarks you Need to Visit

The monuments of ancient Rome are the subject of study the world over! With over 50 major Roman landmarks to be explored in the city, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Visit these beauties and you will feel connected to an empire that stretched through Europe to Africa and western Asia. Read this article in conjunction [...]

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Rome weather in April

April in Rome Weather & Travel Tips for Perfect Experience

Spring in Rome! Oh it is magical! The winter is long behind you and there is a stretch to the days. It’s warm enough to sit out in the evening, and you can expect a buzz returning to the city after winter. On the flip side, lots of other people know this! Rome in April [...]

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Best Roman ruins

Best Preserved Roman Ruins: Top 11 Must See Ruins of Rome

There are ancient Roman ruins dotted all around Europe, but nowhere are they so spectacular as in the capital city itself. From old villas, temples and columns to tiny little pieces of pottery from an age gone by, Rome is fascinating. Let’s take you on a tour of the must see sites, so that you [...]

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