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Centro Storico Rome visit

Centro Storico Rome (Complete Rome Historic Center Guide)

Diving into Centro Storico Rome is like opening a treasure chest of the past, all while navigating through the bustling life of the present. If you're wondering what exactly Centro Storico has in store for you, stick around. We’ve got the lowdown on this historic hub and believe us, it’s the real slice of Rome [...]

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Rome scams guide

Rome Scams (Tips on How to Avoid Scams In Rome In 2023)

Visiting Rome soon? While the Eternal City offers many tourist experiences, knowing about the various Rome scams is essential. This guide will help you navigate potential pitfalls so you can focus on enjoying your trip. #1 Rule about Rome Scams beautiful_rome The first rule about Rome scams is simple: remember to enjoy your time in [...]

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Rome December Tips

Rome in December: Best Rome Weather December Tips

Italy in winter? Is it possible? Will things be open? Will the holiday vibe still be there? Won’t it be too cold? Here, we will answer all the questions you have about the weather in Rome in December, what to do, and much more. Visiting Rome in December - Good or bad idea? We may [...]

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Weather in Rome in November

Weather in Rome in November: What to Wear & Do in Rome?

November? For a trip to Rome? Surely not. It will be cold you say. You will not be able to eat ice cream or people watch in the piazzas. There will be no romantic sunset. Well, think again! There are loads of reasons to visit Rome in November. Let’s check them out! Why is Rome [...]

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Weather in Rome in October perfect time

Weather in Rome in October – 2024 Travel guide

Fancy a trip to Rome? So do we! The city is a fantasy land for anyone interested in history, culture, food, wine, shopping… you name it, Rome has it! In this guide we will help you decide WHEN to visit Rome, focussing on one of our favourite months for Rome sightseeing - October! Is October [...]

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Hidden gems in Rome

Hidden Gems In Rome: 68 Best Rome Off the Beaten Path Attractions

Looking to uncover hidden gems in Rome in a bit to escape the crowd? No problem. We have a MASSIVE selection in this guide covering a whopping 68 attractions, all of which are pretty much unknown to the casual first-time visitor to Rome. Let’s go off the beaten path in Rome! 1. Villa Celimontana villa_celimontana [...]

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Obelisks in Rome

Obelisks in Rome Facts & 13 Roman Obelisks You Should Visit

Did you know that there are a total of 13 obelisks in Rome? That’s a bit bizarre, considering there are only 9 in Egypt! In this guide, we will take a look at these famous landmarks, explore their history, and find out some interesting facts about these tall beauties. The Short History Of Obelisks In [...]

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Best hotels near Spanish Steps in Rome

Hotels Near Spanish Steps Rome (For Your Budget & Needs)

Choosing hotels near Spanish Steps Rome means you are staying right in the heart of this amazing city. You will find yourself near all the main sites as well as restaurants, cafes and markets, making it a great choice for enjoying the best Rome has to offer. The Cost of Hotels near Spanish Steps in [...]

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Best hotels near Colosseum in Rome

Hotels Near Colosseum Rome (21 Best Ones Sorted by Budget & Needs)

When visiting the city, hotels near Colosseum Rome have many advantages. They are not just close to one of the most impressive attractions, but that central location means you have easy access to everything Rome has to offer. The Cost of Hotels near Colosseum Rome – What to Expect? As such a popular area to [...]

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Visiting Rome with teenagers

Rome With Teenagers In 2023 (Things to Do & Packing Tips)

Traveling to Rome with teenagers can be a lot of fun for everyone. However, to make the most of it, you do need to plan ahead a little. Here we will show you the best way to approach your trip and the things you can do to keep those teenagers occupied and interested. What to [...]

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