Rome neighborhoods complete guide

Rome Neighborhoods: Best Areas In Which to Stay or Live!

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Rome neighborhoods offer some fantastic places to visit, each one more vibrant than the last..

From the places to go to eat, to modern department stores, to instagram worthy old streets, Rome has it all.

In this article, we will explore just how Rome is divided up administratively and identify some of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Let’s navigate Rome’s neighborhoods together in this extensive guide!

How Many Neighborhoods Are in Rome?

how many neighborhoods is in rome

Rome is divided into 4 distinct municipal areas.

Right in the center you will find the central districts – known in Italian as rioni. There are 22 of these rioni, and it is here that you will find some of the big hitting things to do in Rome.

Most tourists will spend their entire visit only in the Rioni, each of which has its own coat of arms – from Trastevere with its cool vibe and great bars to the gorgeous and ancient Trevi area.

Then, spreading out around the rioni are the quartieri – 35 newer areas that were established after the rioni. They surround the old town and its ancient attractions. To the left of the quarteri you will find what is known as the Rome suburbs – 6 in total, on the west of the city.

There are around 180,000 people living here in more residential areas. Finally, surrounding urban Rome you will find the Agro Romano – Rome’s 59 outermost areas. You can see the split of the different districts on the Rome neighborhoods map here.

What Neighborhood In Rome Should I Stay In?

What neighborhoods in Rome to stay

There is so much choice in Rome!

Depending on what you want, different areas may offer different vibes and choices. We have covered some of the best neighborhoods in Rome in this extensive hotel guide to help you get a flavor for what’s on offer.

In that guide we highlight the centro storico – the old center, located within the Rione – as the best for ease of access to the main attractions and vibe. But this area comes at a price – it is generally more expensive than others and is crowded almost 24/7!

Tip – The Testaccio area is less crowded and offers some great local food options, so it’s an excellent choice for foodies! We also cover the Termini area in that guide – it’s got tons of budget options that are great for backpackers or those looking to save a few euros on accommodation.

Some other popular places to stay include the Monti neighborhood Rome – home to star attractions such as the St John in Lateran church, and the Ponte Rome neighborhood – an area that boasts narrow streets and is teeming with great photo opportunities for your instagram.

And what about living in Rome as an expat?

Some great areas include Monteverde – quieter, with plenty of green spaces, this attracts families and those looking for a slower pace. Or try Aventino – perhaps the only place in the old center that still maintains an element of calm!

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Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Rome – For Travellers

Let’s dive deeper into some of Rome’s best neighborhoods for travelers!

Best Ancient Rome Neighborhoods

There is nothing better than stepping out of your hotel in Rome and seeing the Colosseum at the end of the road, or enjoying a balcony view over the Roman Forum!

Here are some of the best Roman neighborhoods for an Ancient Roman vibe.

Centro Storico

The Centro Storico actually spans across a few Rione and includes areas such as the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona. The famous Campo de' Fiori market is found in this area too! There is so much to do in this area of ancient Rome!

But remember, it is one of the most expensive. So if you are a budget traveler you may want to look elsewhere. You can easily get a travel card or a Rome Sightseeing Pass to take advantage of free metro access to make your way into the historical center.


Rome’s oldest neighborhood is one of its most vibrant!

It is from this Rione that you can get a real view of ancient Rome – including the Colosseum. Old cobbled streets and the imposing Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore really show the ancient history of this area.

Airbnb Neighborhoods Rome

Fancy a bit more of a local vibe?

Then perhaps consider staying in an AirBnB. You’ll be able to visit some of Rome’s glorious markets and prepare some local dishes at home, and save money too!


This area is known for its old market, now moved into a covered area. The local vibe permeates throughout the area. Make sure to pick up some seasonal vegetables to accompany your evening meal!


Whilst apartments in central Rome or the Centro Storico can set you back a whopping €250+ per night, you might get a better bargain around Termini station.

Apartments in the Esquilino area can cost as little as €90 a night depending on the season. That is if you can put up with the noise of the trains.

Best Rome Neighborhood For Food

Why would you come here if you didn't want to spend half your time EATING! Here are our top 2 areas for foodies in Rome.

Jewish Ghetto

Walking tour in Jewish Ghetto in Rome

Step away from pasta and explore some of the Jewish Ghetto’s amazing food scene.

Why not take a food tour to really get the whole picture. Check out the Jewish Ghetto’s treasures in more detail here.


You cannot come to Rome if you are a foodie and NOT visit Testaccio. Just wander around here and you won’t be disappointed!

Coolest Neighborhoods In Rome

Just where do you go in Rome to seek some sort of cool vibe?

It’s hard to pinpoint specific neighborhoods here – because Italians are simply cool in general – but here is our best attempt.


As dusk falls, locals and tourists alike spill out onto cafes and terraces of bars to enjoy a drink, the atmosphere and the weather. Here you will find the legendary Piazza Navona, as well as the Campo de’ Fiori.


Lunch places in Rome

This is a nightlife area for sure, but it is also a place for those who are free at heart.

Stay here and you will pick up an alternative vibe with an awesome bunch of people whatever the time of day.

Hipster Neighborhoods Rome

Are you cool or hip? Check out the below hip areas in Rome.


Loads of bars, with music spilling out onto the street, a vibrant LGBT scene and areas teaming with life, Celio really comes alive at night. Not recommended if you like peaceful evenings!


Despite its central location, Monti is more than a tourist location.

Locals too flock here in the evenings, picking up a bottle of wine in a local store and milling around. Head to the Piazza della Madonna dei Monti for the real atmosphere as the evening progresses.

Safest Neighborhoods In Rome

The safest neighborhoods in Rome Spagna

Perhaps you are traveling alone or with children?

You’ll probably want to prioritize safety over all. Here are 2 of Rome’s safest neighborhoods for travelers.


Its proximity to the Vatican and the multiple designer stores in the area mean that the exclusive Prati area is also extremely safe. It makes for an excellent place to stay in Rome with kids!


Posh, safe, and the Spanish Steps are within walking distance. What more do you want in the world! The central area of Spagna is a great place for all!

Which Neighborhoods Of Rome Have The Best NightLife?


With a Bohemian vibe, little street stalls and artisan markets, Trastevere is a strong contender for the best nightlife in Rome.

Piazza Navona

piazza navona rome

Piazza Navona is one of my personal favorite places for spending an evening. Enjoy a leisurely dinner right in the hustle and bustle of this central square, then head to one of the bars for drinks.

What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Rome To Walk After Dark?

Trevi Fountain

Head to this area after dark for some stunning scenery. Whilst it is nice to look at in the day, it is simply stunning at night!


Not technically in Rome, but an amble around the Vatican city at night gives rise to some beautiful photo opportunities.

6 Best Hotels By Neighborhood Rome For Travelers Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese hotel

Let’s pick a few well located hotels from which you can explore the key areas of Rome.

Best Budget Options

The Hotel Mimosa offers budget rooms around €100 a night depending on season and a GREAT location near the Piazza Navona.

And for a little bit more – around €130 you can check in to the Hotel Trastevere – which puts you right in the heart of the night time action.

Best Mid Range Options

Relais Le Clarisse hotel is located right in Trastevere and boasts a beautiful old courtyard. Rooms start at around €200 a night. Elsewhere, the Trevi QQ Rooms are less than a mile from the beautiful Borghese gardens.


The beautiful Sofitel Roma is looking right over the Borghese Gardens, but it will set you back over €600 a night! The First Roma Dolce hotel is another splurge option, located right by the Piazza del Popolo.

Best Neighborhoods for Living In Rome

Gluten free places to eat in Rome

Well Connected Rome Neighborhoods

The Prati and Trastevere neighborhoods are both within easy walking distance of the city center. Since it is a major pain to drive, own a car and park in Rome, that’s a true advantage!

Quietest Neighborhoods In Rome

It is hard to find an area in Rome that is both central and quiet – but the Aventino area is pretty close.

There are lots of private schools in the area, so it is great for expat families, and there aren’t any rowdy bars. The Balduina area is another good bet if you want to be away from it all.

Best Neighborhoods in Rome for Raising Kids

Monteverde gets top of the list here. Known for its leafy green vibe, plentiful parks and easy parking, it’s a great choice.

Balduina also makes it on to our list here – because apartments have more space in this area and perhaps even a decent terrace.

Safest Neighborhoods In Rome

Prati and Spagna are some of the safest areas in Rome – but you may need a big bank balance to be able to live there! This is where the poshest shops and people are!

Where To Stay In Rome – Neighborhoods near the Vatican

Rome neighborhoods near Vatican City

The Prati area is the best place to stay for ease of access to the Vatican and a beautiful vibe.

But you can also stay around the Piazza Navona – it is about a 20 minute walk from the Vatican, and will allow you to enjoy excellent nightlife after a day at the museums.

Best Neighborhoods For Stay In Rome For One Night

Stay near Termini in Rome one night
stay_near_termini_rome _one_night

You should either pick from the Centro Storico so you can get one day and night of true Rome old town vibe, or something around Termini which will get you back to the airport or other public transport options easily.

2 Most Romantic Neighborhood In Rome You Must Visit

The amazing thing about Rome is that no matter what neighborhood you find yourself in, you will find a romantic trattoria that is perfect for a date!

Tridente offers posh hotels and gorgeous places to eat for example, and Monti offers glimpses of the Colosseum and old streets draped in climbing plants for the perfect ambiance.

Are There Dangerous Neighborhoods In Rome Best To Avoid?

Rome is pretty safe by big city standards, but pickpockets are a problem.

Be careful around Termini station, especially at night, and avoid San Basilio as well, which is well known as one of the dangerous areas in Rome.

Are There Any Gay Neighborhood Rome Italy

There is no specific LGBT area in Rome. Everyone is welcome everywhere!

The best nightlife is in Trastevere, but there is a little stretch on the Via San Giovanni which has now been designated as an official gay area in Rome.

Best Neighborhoods For Expats Rome

Expat families with kids will love Monteverde, and those who want to live the dream in Rome should consider Aventino for its central but quiet location.

Best Places To Stay In Rome Without A Car

Stay in Rome without car

In our view, every area in Rome is best without a car!

You don’t want a car in Rome – it’s busy, noisy and hard to park.

If you do prefer to drive, then areas such as Monteverde will offer more chances of getting a parking spot.

Best Areas in Rome For Walking And Bike Riding

You can take a bike tour around all of the center of Rome, and the city is pretty compact in terms of walking around.

Make sure to explore some of the Segway tours of the Centro Storico, or a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter.

FAQs about Rome Neighborhoods

faq roma pass travel blog

What neighborhood is Termini station in Rome?

Termini station is located in the Termini-Esquilino neighborhood.

What Is The Nicest Neighborhood In Rome?

It depends what you want. For upscale, go to Prati. For real Roman flavor, head to Trastevere at night.

What neighborhood is Spanish Steps in Rome?

You will find the Spanish Steps in Rione Colonna.

What neighborhood is the Colosseum in Rome?

The Colosseum is located in Monti area of Rome.

What neighborhood in Rome is the Pantheon?

The Pantheon is found in the Centro Storico.


Rome’s neighborhoods are diverse and vibrant. No matter which one you choose, you will be sure to have the best time!!! Now, check out the rest of our resources to help you plan your trip in Rome!

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