Weather in Rome

When in the best time to come in Rome? Plan your trip depending on the weather and seasons!

Weather in Rome in May

Rome in May : Weather, Guide & Travel Tips for the Perfect Springtime Trip

Exploring the weather in Rome in May unlocks the perfect journey. It's warm enough for comfortable wanders but not too hot for shade-seeking. Imagine a Rome less crowded, where every historic site and gelato stand awaits you, making the adventure even better. This is Rome in May - a city blossoming under the spring sun, [...]

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Rome weather in April

Rome in April : Weather, Guide & Travel Tips for the Perfect Trip

Rome's weather in April? Imagine walking around Rome when it's not too hot, not too cold, just perfect for exploring those ancient streets and cool spots without sweating or shivering. April in Rome means the city is waking up with flowers everywhere and lots of fun things to do, but not as crowded as in [...]

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Weather in Rome in spring

Rome Weather March : What to do and pack for Rome in March ?

What is the weather like in Rome in March? That's the question for anyone planning a trip to the Eternal City during this under-the-radar month. March in Rome isn't just a transition from winter to spring. It's a unique opportunity to see the city in a whole new light. You get the best of both [...]

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Visiting Rome in February

Visiting Rome in February: Visiting Tips, Events & best Things to do

Should you visit Rome in February ? We LOVE Rome. All the time. But, those of us who know Rome well know that the off-season is a GREAT time to visit. If you have ever queued round the block for the Colosseum in the height of summer, you know EXACTLY what we mean! The off [...]

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Rome January weather

Rome Weather January : What to Wear & Things to Do in Rome?

“Should I visit Rome in January?” ? January is often so miserable! You’re broke, carrying an extra couple of kilos, and cold. The days are short, the nights are long. It’s pretty grim! What better way to get through this and start your new year off with a bang than to get away from it [...]

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Rome December Tips

Rome in December: Best Rome Weather December Tips

Italy in winter? Is it possible? Will things be open? Will the holiday vibe still be there? Won’t it be too cold? Here, we will answer all the questions you have about the weather in Rome in December, what to do, and much more. Visiting Rome in December - Good or bad idea? We may [...]

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Weather in Rome in November

Weather in Rome in November: What to Wear & Do in Rome?

November? For a trip to Rome? Surely not. It will be cold you say. You will not be able to eat ice cream or people watch in the piazzas. There will be no romantic sunset. Well, think again! There are loads of reasons to visit Rome in November. Let’s check them out! Why is Rome [...]

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Weather in Rome in October perfect time

Weather in Rome in October – 2024 Travel guide

Fancy a trip to Rome? So do we! The city is a fantasy land for anyone interested in history, culture, food, wine, shopping… you name it, Rome has it! In this guide we will help you decide WHEN to visit Rome, focussing on one of our favourite months for Rome sightseeing - October! Is October [...]

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Rome in winter guide

Rome In Winter Weather: Complete Guide & Useful Travel Tips

If you are considering visiting Rome in winter over another season you will be well rewarded! Fewer summer crowds, cruises, and tour groups mean the city is less busy than usual (although don’t expect it all to yourself). Crisp winter mornings with bright blue sky, a mulled wine in the evening, and indoor attractions such [...]

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Does it snow in Italy guide

Does It Snow In Italy Rome, Florence, Venice & More

Does it snow in Italy? Well, the answer is a very boring “that depends”. You are probably better off asking the question “does it snow in northern Italy?” - then the answer gets a resounding yes! Let’s check on the whens and wheres of the white stuff! How Often Does It Snow in Italy in [...]

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