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Rome Weather March: What to Pack for Rome in March & much more

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March is a brilliant time during which to visit Rome! The city is awakening from its winter slumber, and signs of spring are everywhere. But, it is not completely packed yet with tourists and day visitors.

You can expect to have the best of both worlds – better weather and a bit more life about the place than during winter, but still lighter crowds and cheaper rates.

In this guide we will give you the complete lowdown to Rome weather in March. What to wear, what to pack, what to eat and what to see! All you need to do is sit back and read.

Weather in Rome, March – Is Rome hot in March?

The weather in Rome Italy in March is not too hot and not too cold. In fact, it is perfect for exploring the city. In the summer, temperatures in Rome soar above 30 degrees centigrade. The weather in Rome during March is much more comfortable. That’s because the average temperature in Rome in March is 12 degrees centigrade.

This is warm enough to explore outside without being constantly cold, and means you don’t have to pack a massive winter coat into your luggage. It also means that getting a coffee in a local piazza is possible! Perfect for people watching.

Rome weather March time – What to Expect?

Aside from the pleasant temperatures, expect the days to offer plenty of sun. As the month progresses you can have up to 8 hours of lovely sunshine. This gives loads of great chances to take nice photographs in Rome!

However, you are not completely clear of the chance of rain. Rome spring weather can still be wet – and actually there can be rain showers falling over 12 days. So, make sure you come prepared with the correct gear.

Take a Quick look at Free guide of the city on your mobile

Planning to visit Rome in early or late March?

The weather in Rome in early March may offer slightly cooler temperatures but the weather in Rome in late March is pretty splendid.

At this time, you can expect to see temperatures reach a very pleasant 17 degrees. That’s the perfect temperature for sitting outdoors and doing a spot of people watching with a coffee!

How to pack for Rome in March?

For a trip to March, you need less of the heavy winter gear, but still need to be prepared for the weather. You can get away with leaving the massive winter coat at home.

But a lighter raincoat under which you can layer up if the temperature drops is a good idea. An umbrella and good walking shoes are also important. No shoes that slip on cobbles and ancient stone!

What to wear in Rome in March

What to pack and wear for Rome in March

During the day, wear a light shirt and a light jumper, plus your coat. That means, if the sun comes out in real force you can layer down. And in the evenings, you will still be warm enough.

If you really feel the cold but still want to enjoy the evenings, don't hesitate to take a hat and scarf too.

What to do in Rome in March 2023

  • The old favourites – All of Rome’s spectacular attractions are open to the public in March. From the Colosseum (book online here) to the Vatican Museums (book online here), the churches and not to mention the extensive collection of Roman ruins, you can do it all! Check out the list of the best things to do in Rome.
  • Check out a concert – opera, hip hop, traditional Italian music. It’s all available. In 2023 hopefully we will see the Covid 19 restrictions ease. So, if you are planning things to do in Rome in March, why not check out the 2023 concert lineup here.
  • Take a walking tour of the city with a professional guide, or download a free app and do it yourself. The weather in Rome Italy in March should allow you to spend a lot of time outdoors – just watch out for rain.
  • Visit the local produce and fruit and vegetable markets. They are perfect for checking out the foods that are in season in March. Even better, if you are staying in a holiday apartment or AirBnB, you can take some home to cook yourself. We love Rome’s markets so much we created a whole guide about them with Top 15 markets in Rome.

What time does it get dark in Rome in March

At the beginning of the month, sunset is around 6pm. As the month progresses it gets gradually lighter in the evenings, with sunset finishing the month at 6.30pm.

If you get a clear day and want to get some epic sunset shots, head to the Orange Garden. Known locally as the Giardino degli Aranci, the park is free entry and boasts stunning views over Rome.

Another sunset tip is to head to the St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. It closes at 7pm max, so you need to time it with sunset. But if you do, it will certainly be rewarding.

By the way, if you want to know the best places to take photos in Rome in March check out our guide here.

Local foods you don’t want to miss

Agretti food

So, what’s in season in Rome in March?

Focus on restaurants specialising in local fresh food, seasonal produce and home cooking. In the spring, the artichoke is still a staple. Roman broccoli is also a spring favourite. Romans also like to eat little in season peas from the pod and dine on what looks to the untrained eye on grass! It is actually Agretti, and you can find it everywhere in the markets in Rome in March. It’s a little bit like spinach.

As for local restaurants in Rome, we cover a lot of them in our extensive guides. Check out how to eat in Rome like a local here. Or, if you are on a trip with someone special, this guide will show you the most romantic restaurants in Rome. Finally, for restaurants with a wow factor, select one from this list for your visit in March.

Low-cost & Comfy places to stay

Hotel 87 on

There are so many hotels in Rome, picking one can be overwhelming. In March, you still want some indoor spaces, as it is not guaranteed that you can sit on the balcony or roof terrace. And of course a decent breakfast with warm foods to set you up for the day.

If you are on a budget but refuse to stay in mediocre accommodation, you are in luck. The Vibe Nazionale offers good rooms in a fabulous location. Rooms are available from just €57, and you can add on a decent breakfast for just €5. The hotel can also arrange airport shuttles on request.

Or, if you fancy taking it up a notch, book into Hotel 87. It is located in Spagna and boasts a jacuzzi on the roof, a cool bar and a spa. Rooms in March start at about €155 and you can add on a really good breakfast for €15.

Frequently asked Questions

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Are all Roman top attractions open in March in Rome?

The good news is yes - the delights of Rome are available for you to visit in March! On top of that, the mass crowds haven’t yet started, so you can expect less queues. Top places to visit include the Colosseum, the brilliant Vatican Museums, St Peter’s Square and the Roman Forum.

What is the weather like in Rome Italy in March?

The weather in Rome in March is typical spring weather. That means, it is pleasantly warmer than in the preceding winter months. That doesn't mean that you are out of the woods though in terms of weather. The detailed Rome climate March records show plenty of rain can fall, and that evenings can be cool. Come prepared however and you will have no problems!

What is the average temperature in spring time in Rome?

You can expect typical weather in Rome in March to be around 12 degrees centigrade, with up to 8 hours sunshine. Towards the end of the month, you can expect to see highs of up to 17 degrees, which make it a great time to explore!

What is Rome like in March?

The crowds aren’t fully back in force after the off season, but they are picking up. Still, waiting times aren’t so bad, and the city is waking up after the winter. You can begin to see locals spending more time outdoors, and cafe culture becomes again the norm.

What clothes to pack for Rome in March?

You will need a raincoat for sure, but can probably leave the big thick winter coat behind, unless you are someone who really feels the cold. Make sure you have good walking shoes with a strong grip - the stones can become slippery when wet.

How busy is Rome in March?

The crowds are still not at their heaviest in March, so you have more space to explore and a wide selection of good hotel deals. But, be careful if Easter is going to be early - if it falls at the end of March the place gets teaming with pilgrims and tourists.

How to dress in Rome in March?

Wear light layers that you can change easily when moving from indoors to outdoors, bring an umbrella and raincoat, and you are good to go!

How warm is Rome in March?

Rome is emerging from winter in March. The Rome spring weather offers temperatures of around 12 degrees, nudging up to 17 degrees towards the end of the month. Plenty of chances to get outside and enjoy the sights!

Are Rome sights crowded in March?

Expect some queues, more than in February. However you are still far from the teaming, round the block queues that visitors experience in July and August. Make sure to check when Easter falls - if it is earlier the crowds will start to build towards Good Friday.

Does it rain a lot in Rome in March?

The weather in Rome March still contains quite a bit of rain. Between 7 and 14 days in fact! Make sure you bring your waterproof gear, as this month is known for strong downpours. Don’t worry - you can still enjoy your visit. Plan the Colosseum and Roman Forum visit for dry days. Then, when the showers hit, use the time to visit the Vatican Museums and other indoor attractions in Rome.

How busy are Rome museums in March?

The museums in Rome are busier than during the winter period for sure, but still you do not see the same volume of visitors. Expect some queuing, you may want to consider a skip the line ticket for the Vatican Museums for example. Still, we find this period to be pretty enjoyable and not as stressful as the summer months. During July and August the queues are literally stretching round the corner for the more popular attractions.

Does it snow in Rome in March?

Snow in Rome is pretty uncommon. Decades pass between snow falls - the last one was in the month of February. The risk is really really low. Worry more about the rain!


If you are visiting Rome in March you are in for a treat. If you can choose when you travel, pick the latter half of the month. This will give you an extra half hour of daylight and warmer temperatures. The only exception would be if Easter is falling in March that year. Then, expect to see accommodation prices increasing and a lot more visitors to Rome.

Please let us know if you visit Rome in March – we would be interested to hear what you think about the crowd levels, and where you had to queue for attractions in Rome in March. And, also, if you eat any Agretti.

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