Find a nice place where to stay in Rome. Choose the right neighbourhood for your accommodation

Stay in rome hotel pacehelvetia

Where to stay in Rome? Find the best neighborhood to sleep in Rome !

Knowing where to stay in Rome isn’t always easy. The city centre is not as big as people may think. If you want to be close to all the major attractions, finding a hotel or apartment in the area between the Termini Station, Piazza di Spagna, the Colosseum and the Tiber River is a good [...]

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Best Hotels Near Trevi Fountain Rome guide

Best Hotels Near Trevi Fountain Rome (For Your Travel Needs & Budget)

Heading to Rome and want to stay near the amazing Trevi Fountain? I have looked around for best hotels near Trevi Fountain Rome, so you don’t have to. Whether you have lots of money to spend or are saving your euros, we've found great places for you. Our choices aren't just random hotels. I have [...]

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Best hotels near Spanish Steps in Rome

Best Hotels Near Spanish Steps Rome (For Your Budget & Needs)

Picture this: You're in Rome, one of the coolest cities in the world, filled with ancient stories and exciting things to see. Right in the middle of all this is a very special place called the Spanish Steps. If you're planning to visit Rome, staying near these famous steps is like being in the heart [...]

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Best hotels near Colosseum in Rome

Hotels Near Colosseum Rome (21 Best Ones Sorted by Budget & Needs)

When visiting the city, hotels near Colosseum Rome have many advantages. They are not just close to one of the most impressive attractions, but that central location means you have easy access to everything Rome has to offer. The Cost of Hotels near Colosseum Rome – What to Expect? As such a popular area to [...]

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Looking for the best cheap hotels in Rome

Cheap Hotels in Rome Depending on Areas & Your Specific Needs

Rome is an incredible place to visit, and with a wide choice of cheap hotels in Rome to choose from across the city, it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip either. We are going to show you how to find great value without compromising on quality wherever you are looking to stay in Rome. [...]

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Hotels In Rome City Centre guide

Hotels In Rome City Centre: According to Your Budget & Needs

If you have been searching for hotels in Rome city centre and getting nowhere, then perhaps our guide can help. We have selected the best hotels in Rome for those on a budget right through to those looking to splash some cash on a luxury pad. Let’s dive right in and get started. What To Expect [...]

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Hotels in Trastevere Rome guide

Hotels In Trastevere Rome for Every Budget & Close to Attractions

Looking for hotels in Trastevere Rome? Then you have come to the right place. This area is known for its buzzing nightlife, delicious food, and picturesque streets. But did you also know it's a great and central place to stay in Rome? Let’s take a quick look at the area of Trastevere before giving you [...]

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best airbnbs rome

Top 10 best Airbnbs Rome according to your budget

To get a grasp on the sprawling capital of Italy, you can view the list provided below of some of the most spacious and rustic best Airbnbs Rome that are listed according to your budget. These Airbnb are perfect for a family vacation, a weekend getaway or a honeymoon. If you want to feel Rome [...]

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