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What to wear in Rome

What to Wear & Pack for Rome: Tips from Locals

A trip to Rome is a dream for many. But on top of planning your logistics, hotels and sightseeing activities you will need to be sure to bring the right gear! Let’s explore what to wear for the weather in Rome in July, December and all the possibilities in between! Important to Know about Rome [...]

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Find out is weed legal in Italy

Wondering Is Weed Legal in Italy: Here’s All About Weed Laws

If you are someone who enjoys the odd recreational puff, then you may be wondering just what the pot laws in Italy actually are. We will take you on a journey on weed in Italy in this article, including all the tips you need to know in order to stay legal during your trip. Let’s [...]

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Easter in Rome

Easter in Rome: Tips on How to Spend Perfect Holiday

The days surrounding the weekend of Easter have a special place in the hearts of Rome’s citizens. Of course, the presence of the nearby Vatican City makes the experience even more special. Known as Holy Week, the celebrations kick off the Sunday before Easter in Rome on Palm Sunday and continue through to Easter Monday. [...]

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Vatican dress code rules

Dress Code for Vatican City: What Tourists need to know

Visiting the Vatican City is a dream for many. Walking the corridors of the Vatican Museums, catching finally that glimpse of the Sistine Chapel. Maybe you’ll even see the Pope! For many visitors, the Vatican is a holy place, and it is true that there are some areas of the city state that have special [...]

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Italy sim card guide

Sim cards in Italy for Travelers: Italy SIM card Full Guide

We don’t know about you, but travelling to another country and losing your data can feel like a nightmare! Cut off from your emails, social media and other communication. Unable to check when the trains are running. Can’t locate yourself on map. For some, this is a welcome break from modern communication. For others, it [...]

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Tipping in Italy rules

Italy tipping Guide – Do you tip in Italy or not?

Heading to this wonderful country? You will likely want to know if, and when, you should be leaving tips in Italy. Every country is different! For example, when travelling to the USA you always need to factor in a lot of money for tipping – up to 20%! Others do not expect tips - or [...]

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rome city map metro

Rome City Map: Attractions and Public Transports map

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parking in rome header

Parking in Rome: where to find the cheapest car parks

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european money in rome

Money in Rome: everything you need to know

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buy handicrafts rome glass blower

Where to buy handicrafts in Rome ?

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