Tips for travellers

Visiting Rome with teenagers

Rome With Teenagers In 2023 (Things to Do & Packing Tips)

Traveling to Rome with teenagers can be a lot of fun for everyone. However, to make the most of it, you do need to plan ahead a little. Here we will show you the best way to approach your trip and the things you can do to keep those teenagers occupied and interested. What to [...]

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Travel insurance Italy guide

Travel Insurance for Italy: Requirements & Latest Information

Looking for travel insurance for Italy? We’ve got you covered - if you pardon the pun. In this guide, we will go through the requirements for Italy and give you some hints and tips on how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to protecting yourself, fellow travelers, and your belongings. [...]

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Rome pickpockets avoid

Rome Pickpockets: What to Expect & How to Avoid Becoming A Victim

Wherever you travel in the world, popular tourist areas also attract a criminal element, and Rome pickpockets are definitely an issue you need to prepare for. But despite being an issue, they are not going to ruin your stay in Rome, here is our guide to knowing what to look for and how to avoid [...]

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Driving in Rome guide

Driving In Rome Guide: Practical Tips, Laws & Restrictions

Is driving in Rome sensible? Is it dangerous or complicated? Is it even worth it if there is a decent transport system? We will answer all these questions here in this guide. Driving in Rome is often equated to driving in other large European cities - you will often hear people stating they would never [...]

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Rome souvenirs guide

Rome Souvenirs: Unique & Affordable Souvenirs to Buy in Rome

Rome souvenirs are sold all over the place. You might even begin to get a bit bored of passing the same things over and over again at multiple stalls. Yes, there is a lot of tourist trap stuff floating around. Does your granny really need a fake piece of Colosseum stone? However, if you look [...]

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Monti Rome full guide

Monti Rome Neighborhood: Attractions & Travel Tips

Monti Rome is one of the most scenic, vibrant and bustling of Rome’s enchanting Rione. Situated slap bang in the center of the city, it’s where you head to feel the buzz, enjoy stunning Italian architecture and people watch the world go by. Let’s dive right into Monti Rome Italy so you can get a [...]

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Toilets in Rome guide

Toilets in Rome: What to Expect from Public Restrooms in Rome?

If you are wondering what the set up is with toilets in Rome, then you’ve come to the right place. Finding decent bathrooms in Italy can be... tough. Don’t risk getting caught short when out and about in the Eternal City with our handy tricks and tips for emergencies. How To Say Bathroom In Italian [...]

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Halloween in Italy guide

Halloween In Italy Is Celebrated (Here Is How They Do It)

Wondering if they celebrate Halloween in Italy? Halloween is a big deal in the United States. You’ve seen it in the movies - people decorate their houses, dress up their kids, host parties and perform trick or treating. But just how is it done in Europe - and does Italy celebrate Halloween? Let’s find out! [...]

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Best app to learn Italian

Best Apps to Learn Italian: These Will Make You Fluent

Off to Rome? You don’t need to speak italian, but it sure is fun if you can communicate with locals in italian! It’s just so much more satisfying - and a simple “grazie” or “ciao” goes a long way. Language apps like duolingo have become extremely popular due to their ease of use. For beginners, [...]

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List of the Trees in Rome

Trees In Rome: Pine, Orange, Tall & Other Types of Trees

You could be forgiven for thinking that there are no trees in Rome. If you imagine the eternal city, you’ll probably conjure up images of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, bustling streets and roadside cafes. We’re pretty sure that you won’t be thinking much about trees! But you’d be wrong to think that Rome [...]

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