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Rome Sightseeing Passes comparison and overview : what is the best city pass for Rome ?

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Picking the best Rome sightseeing pass can make your trip super fun and save you money! It's like a special ticket that lets you visit cool places like the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums without spending too much.

There are lots of different Rome City pass, and it can be hard to choose the best one. Which one is the cheapest? Which Rome tourist pass will be perfect for your trip?

For a long time, the Roma Pass was the clear and smart choice. However, things have changed recently. So, before you click the “book now” button, be sure to read this article all the way through.

In this comparative guide, I talk about all the different Rome passes and tell you the good and bad things about each one. This way, you can pick the one that's just right for your vacation. Some of these Rome sightseeing passes even let you skip long lines, so you get to see more without waiting!

So before you click that “book now” button, make sure to read this article. I tell you all about how much these Rome passes cost, where you can buy them, and how to get the most fun out of them for your money. This will help you choose the best Rome pass and have an awesome time in Italy!

Article and prices updated in june 2024.

The 5 main Rome Sightseeing passes are 👇

These passes all include fast-track entry to Rome’s main attractions with a few differences here and there and each one has various advantages.

But concretely which one is the best tourist pass for rome?

This guide also gives you a detailed list of where to buy these Rome passes.

How does a Rome sightseeing pass work? Is it useful in 2024?

A Rome sightseeing pass bundles skip-the-line tickets for several of the city's top attractions, along with a transportation card and discounts on certain activities.

Its purpose? To save you time and simplify your trip planning for Rome.

First, all your tickets are included in a single pass, eliminating the stress of booking each ticket individually. Second, you save time at the attractions by skipping the lines with these special tickets.

Additionally, some Rome sightseeing passes offer discounts on shuttle services to and from the airports, helping you avoid traffic hassles and negotiations with agencies or taxis.

The Rome sightseeing pass you choose grants you access to numerous attractions and helps guide your itinerary. This is especially helpful if you haven't had time to plan your Rome itinerary in advance or if your time in the city is limited.

However, it's important to note that a Rome City Pass is not for you if you prefer to wander around Rome without visiting the most popular attractions.

The price of a Rome sightseeing pass generally increases with the number of benefits it offers. These city passes for Rome are only cost-effective if you visit as many paid sites as possible.

So, if you're already familiar with Rome's major tourist spots and are looking for an alternative to traditional tours, these passes may not be for you.

Roma Pass – most famous

Visit 1 or 2 must-see places in Rome and get free transportation.

Paper ticket to pick up in specific places.

Valid 48 or 72 hours, depending on what you choose.

The Roma Pass is an excellent choice for those interested in exploring the archaeological sites of ancient Rome. This pass grants access to must-see attractions such as the Colosseum, Castel Sant'Angelo, and the Capitoline Museums. If your visit to the “Eternal City” spans a long weekend, the Roma Pass is beneficial for its time-saving convenience, although you won't save money.

Roma Pass price

Roma Pass cost is :

roma pass cost

Top attractions included in the Roma Pass

  • Colosseum (free under 18)
  • Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Borghese Gallery (free under 18)
  • Capitoline Museums
  • Museum of Rome
  • Carcer Tullianum

And some new offers have been added in 2024 :

  • The archaeological site of Circo Massimo
  • Forum Pass Super (Fori Imperiali, Foro Romano, Palatino e Ville)
  • Circo Massimo Experience and Carcalla 4d

In addition, you will get a discount on the admission fees of more than 30 other museums (see full list on this page).

Roma Pass pros

  • Roma Pass holders get unlimited use of the city’s public transport network in the form of a free Rome public transport pass.
  • There is a guide and map of Rome included in the pass.

Roma Pass cons

  • No free entry to the Vatican Museums or St. Peter's Basilica.
  • No digital version (you have to pick up your pass at an information tourist point in Rome).
  • Not ideal for a stay of one week or more: the pass is valid for a maximum of 3 days.

For who is the Roma Pass good for?

  • First-time visitors who want to see one or two of Rome’s top attractions on a budget.
  • Those who like exploring at their own pace.
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Do I recommend to buy Roma Pass?

Roma Pass isn't as interessant as it use to be (read my article “Is Roma Pass worth it” for more details).

Entry to the Colosseum is no longer 100% guaranteed. Colosseum has reviewed its policy and since 2024, has reduced the number of entries for standard tickets.

Even if Roma Pass holders have a special queue, there is no guarantee that they will be able to visit the Colosseum. It is a very popular site and the classic tickets are almost always sold out.

In other words, it is likely that by the date you wish to visit the monument will no longer be available. Tickets are sometimes sold out over a period of several months!

⭐Rome City Pass from Turbopass – the one I recommend⭐

Discover the must-see sites and tours of Rome with our all-in-one city pass!

Electronic ticket

Valid from 1 to 7 days

One ticket – all inclusive. That is what you get with this Rome City Pass. Rome Turbopass is the ideal tourist pass for a first trip to Rome. 

Free entry to 50+ most popular attractions, museums, and galleries, free hop-on hop-off bus service, and exclusive guided tours. The Rome City Tour Pass not only saves you money but also time, as you can skip the lines at some of the most popular places!


👉 Special offer : Turbopass has a last minute deal for Rome. All bookings with travel dates in July will receive a 5% discount 🎁 with the code: ROMEJULY (click on this link to activate your discount code >>)

Rome City Pass (Turbopass) price

Rome City Pass cost is :

  • €110 for 1 days
  • €125 for 2 days
  • €138 for 3 days
  • €145 for 4 days
  • €155 for 5 days
  • €165 for 7 days
  • Free for children under 6
  • Check last price on this page >>

Best attractions included in the Roma City Pass 2024 (Turbopass)

  • Sistine Chapel
  • Vatican Museums
  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Caracalla Baths
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Pantheon
  • and 40+ more
rome city pass turbopass

Rome City Pass (Turbopass) pros

  • Rome City Pass from Turbopass has a clear advantage over the Roma Pass as you are sure to have availability on the date you wish to visit the Colosseum. When you book your Rome City Pass online, you must select a date for your visit to the Colosseum. This has the advantage of directly securing your access to the Colosseum in Rome online.
  • Reduced entry to additional attractions and exhibitions.
  • Hop-on-hop-off Rome bus tour.
  • Rome map and travel guide.
  • Airport transfer round trip (in option)

Rome City Pass (Turbopass) cons

  • High price
  • Villa Borghese is not included
  • Capitoline Museums are not included
  • Public transport only in option

Who is the Rome Turbopass good for?

  • Those with a bigger budget who are planning a longer trip to Rome and want to visit all the included attractions.
  • People who like the convenience of buying one product which includes all tickets and travel cards.
  • You can read my Turbopass Rome review for more details
roma pass cost entrance foreo romano

Rome Tourist Card – 4 main attractions + audio guide

Visit 4 must-see attractions in Rome and enjoy skip-the-line access

Electronic ticket

Valid throughout your stay.

The Rome Tourist Card is an excellent option that includes access to the Colosseum and the Vatican. This user-friendly pass allows you to book all your visits in advance, making it easy to plan and enjoy your trip to Rome.

Rome Tourist Card price

Rome Tourist Card cost is :

rome tourist card logo design

Top attractions included in the Rome Tourist Card

  • Colosseum regular entry
  • Roman Forum and Palatine Hill regular entry
  • Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel with skip-the-line ticket
  • St.Peter's Basilica or Castel Sant’Angelo or Borghese Gallery (you choose one)

In addition, you get 10% discount on the entry tickets to other top attractions.

Rome Tourist Card pros

  • Option to book online all your activities in advance
  • Very user-friendly electronic ticket
  • An audio guide app with 130+ points of interests in the city (with offline, interactive digital maps and navigation) is provided.
  • For those who have time to visit more attractions after the Colosseum and Vatican City, you get 10% off tickets to other Rome attractions.

Rome Tourist Card cons

  • Limited availability : booking calendars open gradually.

For who is the Rome Tourist Card good for ?

  • Travellers who don’t like to waste time picking up a physical card after arriving in Rome will benefit greatly from the Rome Tourist Card. Once downloaded on your mobile, it can be scanned by all participating attractions and other partners.
  • Because there is no time limit attached to this Rome Tourist Pass, it’s also good for those who like a flexible itinerary.
  • For those who absolutely want to visit the Coliseum and be guaranteed access to it
  • Read my Rome Tourist Card review for more details

How it works to book the Rome Tourist Card?

  1. Book your Rome Tourist Card online on this page,
  2. Select your arrival date,
  3. When you order your Rome Tourist Tickets, you can choose the type of ticket you want for the Colosseum
  4. After making your reservation, you will receive your tickets and a voucher code with which you will get discounts for other museums, attractions, visits and excursions.

Pretty easy booking process, don't you think?

roma pass cost vatican museum rome

Omnia Card and Roma Pass 72h

Visit the must-see sights of Rome and the Vatican while enjoying free transportation.

Paper ticket to pick up in specific places.

Valid for 3 days from first use.

If you want to visit Vatican city, it is best to opt for this Omnia Card which offers skip-the-line access to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica.

Omnia Card price

Omnia Card cost is :

Best attractions included in the Omnia Card

The Omnia Vatican & Rome Card includes a 72-hour Roma Pass with free admission to two of the following main attractions:

Roma pass cost omnia card rome

Omnia Card pros

  • What makes the Omnia Card stand out is that it also includes free skip the line entry to the Vatican Museums with Sistine Chapel and you can add an audio guide for St Peter’s Basilica.
  • Unlimited free entry to public transport for 3 days
  • Unlimited hop-on hop-off bus for 3 days
  • Guide and map of Rome and Vatican City included with the pass
  • Reduced ticket to 30 more sights and attractions in Rome.

Omnia Card cons

  • Fairly high price
  • No digital version (must pick up your pass at an information point in Rome)
  • Not ideal for a stay of a week or more: pass validity limited to 3 days

Who is the Omnia Card good for?

  • First-time visitors to Rome who like to combine a visit to the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica with two other top Rome attractions while benefiting from free public transport.
  • You like the idea of seeing and learning more of Rome from the comfort of a hop-on-hop-off bus instead of using the metro or public buses.
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Roma pass cost

Go City Explorer Pass Rome

Choose from 2 to 7 activities (from a list of 46) and explore Rome at your own pace!

Electronic ticket

Valid for 60 consecutive days from the first activity.

The Rome Explorer Pass is one the most flexible and comprehensive pass. Choose 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 activities and control your budget.

Go City Explorer Pass Rome price

Go City Explorer Pass Rome cost is :

  • €74 for 2 activities
  • €99 for 3 activities
  • €119 for 4 activities
  • €139 for 5 activities
  • €159 for 6 activities
  • €179 for 7 activities
  • Check last price on this page >>

Top attractions included in Go City Explorer Pass Rome

  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with audio guide
  • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • Pantheon
  • St. Peter's Basilica with audio guide
  • Hop-on Hop-off Buses
  • Castel Sant'Angelo with audio guide
  • Catacombs of Rome
  • …and more
go city explorer pass rome logo

Go City Explorer Pass Rome pros

  • Very flexible pass to visit Rome
  • Suitable for short stays as well as longer trips
  • You have two years to start using your pass
  • Easy-to-use electronic ticket

Go City Explorer Pass Rome cons

  • No public transport included

Who is the Go Rome Explorer Pass good for?

  • Best if you plan to stay in Rome for more than a week.
  • If you want a VIP treatment at some sights (with priority entrance and audio guides)
  • Some cool perks like offers for operas, concerts and ice cream making classes (if you are into stuff like that)

Rome sightseeing passes overview

PRICE €110 - €165 €114 €33 - €53 €149
DURATION 1,2,3,4,5 or 7 days Valid throughout your stay 48-hours - 72-hours 72-hours
TRANSPORT CARD In option In option Yes Yes
AIRPORT TRANSFERT In option In option No No
BOOKING Check prices >> Check prices >> Check prices >> Check prices >>

Tips to make your Rome Sightseeing Pass worth it

1.     Book your Rome Pass online to save time after arriving in Rome.

2.     Plan ahead and save more time by identifying a collection point closest to your accommodation.

3.     Rome passes cost money. Use your free admission benefits to see the most expensive attractions on the list. These include the Roman Forum, Borghese Gallery & Capitoline Museums.

4.     Only activate your Rome sightseeing pass when you are ready to start using it.

5.     Rome gets very busy in the peak season. Prioritize your sightseeing by starting with the one you want to see most.

6.     Make sure you benefit from all the free admissions included in the Rome Pass by starting your day early. There’s nothing worse than paying for something and not being able to benefit from it because you ran out of time.

7.     See more of Rome by travelling on the buses included in your tourist pass instead of taking the metro.

8.     Avoid the first Sunday of the month (Domenica Al Museo) when entry to the Colosseum and Vatican Museums are free for everyone.

9.  If you’re not buying your Rome tourist pass online in advance, make sure you know where to buy your Rome Pass before you arrive.

Roma pass cost Skip the line rome

Which Rome Sightseeing Pass should I buy?

If you stay in Rome for less than 3 days

Deciding which Rome Pass to buy depends on how much time you are spending in Rome.

If you’re in the city for less than 3 days, the 48-hour Roma Pass makes sense. With more time, the 72-hour pass with its free entry to 2 best attractions is a better deal.

If you want to add the Vatican Museums to your itinerary, the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card is worth considering if you have 3 days for sightseeing in the Eternal City.

If you stay in Rome for less between 3 and 7 days

If you stay more that 3 days in Rome, I recommand the Rome City Pass from Turbopass (check availability here >>). First it is a digital pass, so you don’t have the hassle of picking up a physical card after arrival.

Second, it offers flexibility in that there is no time limit attached. It means you can make use of your free tickets whenever you want during your visit.

But what he does make us recommend it 100%, is his Colosseum ticket options. By choosing an audio guide ticket or a guided tour, you are sure to find a slot available for the Coliseum tour. Which is not the case with the other Rome sightseeing passes.

If you stay in Rome for more than 7 days

With the luxury of more than 7 days to spend in Rome, why not look at the benefits of the 7-day Turbopass or the Go City Explorer Pass Rome.

Final word : What is the best Rome sightseeing pass in 2024 ?

The Roma Pass is not longer beneficial for its holders. Prices have increased a lot and honestly, we don't really understand why.

Ok, it is great way to save on transport costs while sightseeing in Rome. But as it do not secure your Colosseum access, we wouldn't recommend it anymore.

The Rome City Pass is for me the best option (more details here >>). It is the best solution to the shortage of standard ticket entries to the Coliseum. Moreover, an audio guide or a guided tour allows you to learn much more about the monument than a simple visit.

But opting for a pass to Rome will depend on the type of stay you wish to have.

A Rome sightseeing pass cost anything from €35 for 48 hours and €149 for 3 days. That’s not always cheap.

Therefore, you should do your research and choose the best way to use a Rome Pass based on how much time and money you can spend in the Eternal City.

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