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Find the best restaurants and bars in Rome to eat a local meal!

best gelato in Rome

8 places at which to taste the best gelato in Rome

Gelato is no standard ice cream. It is a creamier more luxurious version (which is surprising, since there is less cream in it that in ice cream!). Gelato is a decidedly Italian dessert that dates back to the 16th century. Rumour has it; it was first created in Florence and has since spread worldwide! You [...]

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Breweries in Rome

Breweries In Rome & Craft Beer You Must Try

No trip to the city is complete without enjoying a craft beer from historic breweries in Rome. But where to go to find the very best? Our guide will walk you through the many small breweries in Rome and where to find the best experience. Popular Beer Brands and the Short History of Italian Beer Since [...]

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How to eat cheap in Rome

Eat Cheap In Rome: Best Cheap Eats in Rome Neighborhoods

This city can get pretty pricey, but it is possible to eat cheap in Rome. However, once you’ve sorted your flights and hotels, then perhaps bought a city pass, the cost starts to add up. After that, you’ll need spending money for food, drinks, and of course gelato! We will give you some tips and [...]

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What is aperitivo in Rome

What Is Aperitivo: Meaning, Types & Best Place to Try One

When in Rome – you simply must understand what is aperitivo in order to fully enjoy roman way of life! A welcome break from long hours trawling through museums or ruins, you’ll spot this little evening tradition happening on terraces and sidewalks throughout the city. So just what is an aperitif? Find out more about [...]

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Drinking age in Italy

Drinking Age in Italy: Everything about Italy Alcohol Law

It's time for the tough topic - The legal drinking age in Italy! A trip to Italy is - for many - all about the food and the drink! And whilst you don't really need to worry about whether pizza or carbonara is legal to consume, you will need to be aware of the drinking [...]

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Find Best Restaurants in Trastevere

The Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy – Pick Your Ideal Place

The Trastevere area of Rome is one that very much has a local vibe. With great restaurants that extend beyond the standard tourist fayre and a less frantic atmosphere, Trastevere is perfect if you want to explore local cuisine. There are some tourist traps, however! Let’s explore this vibrant area together and discover the best [...]

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Best carbonara in Rome

Best Carbonara in Rome: Including the Most Visited Roman Carbonara Restaurants!

Looking for the best carbonara in Rome? If you are anything like us you will be a carbonara fan. This delicious creamy pasta is a firm favourite amongst adults and kids alike. Usually made with traditional pasta, eggs and topped off with pork cheek, you can now get gluten free, dairy free and even halal [...]

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italian coffee tips

Italian Coffee – Is It the Most Neglected Roman Treasure on Your Itinerary?

When we think of Rome, what most of us visualize is the great Vatican City. The destination serves to be a pilgrimage center for thousands of religious practitioners from across the world. Renaissance frescoes and the work of Michaelangelo are what cover the tour itinerary of most Rome trips. Nowadays, people like to stay more [...]

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italian fruit markets in rome

Top 15 markets in Rome for food lovers and local vibe

You may caught up in checking out the big sites such as the Vatican or the Colosseum when visiting Rome. Nevertheless, make sure you take time to visit the range of fabulous markets in Rome that are open throughout the week! There a literally dozens of amazing spots at which to try delicious food or [...]

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rooftop bar rome

Top 10 must see restaurants & rooftop bars in Rome

Sometimes you need to head up to truly appreciate the scale of a city. Rome is one such place! On the ground, you can get preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of this grand capital. Dodging tourists and crazy moped drivers can really take the grandeur away. But don’t worry – we have some of [...]

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