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The Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy – Pick Your Ideal Place

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The Trastevere area of Rome is one that very much has a local vibe. With great restaurants that extend beyond the standard tourist fayre and a less frantic atmosphere, Trastevere is perfect if you want to explore local cuisine. There are some tourist traps, however! Let’s explore this vibrant area together and discover the best restaurants near Trastevere Rome.

Different Styles and Types of Trastevere Restaurants

The good thing about deciding where to eat in Trastevere Rome Italy is that there is PLENTY of choice. Of course, there is pizza and pasta – fast food if you like.

There are gourmet options, inspired by international cuisines and fusions. And there are traditional restaurants where you can pick up seasonal dishes that may have not been on your radar.

It is fair to say that there is more than enough choice for you during your quest for the best food in Trastevere, Rome. We’ll cover all the different options here together!

Best Family Restaurants in Trastevere

Family restaurant in Trastevere Rome

Let’s start with some of the most family-friendly restaurants in Trastevere.

Particularly suitable for those travelling with small children, you can be safe in the knowledge that no one will be staring at you if your kid throws a tantrum.

La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea

Let’s start here. Ranked number 18 currently on trip advisor, La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea is one of the Trastevere restaurants that gets rave reviews for its service. This is particularly true for those visiting with small kids and family.

Amazing atmosphere and traditional dishes such as gnocchi and tiramisu feature on the menu. The best is of course the welcoming vibe, which ensures you and your family will be comfortable whatever dish you choose.

La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea is located on the Via Della Pelliccia 29. Make a reservation here online in advance, especially if you wish to visit in the evening.


Another firm family favourite is Nannarella . Perfect if you want to introduce the kids to traditional Italian food, the menu features lasagna, carbonara and of course the favourite fried artichoke!

Nannarella is located on the Piazza di San Calisto 7a and is known for its amazing service, so book well in advance! Make your reservations and check out all the happenings at this restaurant here.

Best Restaurants in Trastevere for Breakfast

If you are up fresh and early then why not head for breakfast? This may be an option for those of you who are staying in an Airbnb or whose hotel rooms don't include breakfast.

Breakfast in Rome is not as you may expect, and typically features a coffee and a sweet pastry. Perhaps they are leaving room for all those carbs at lunch!


For an Italian style breakfast that is all about coffee and sweet treats, try Feffo. Located on the Via Delle Fornaci 4, you can expect a wide selection.

The cafe is open from 7am, so it is perfect for those looking to head to the Vatican straight after. Choose from a wide selection of pastries, cream buns and cakes and wash it down with some delicious coffee. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


If you simply must have something more substantial for breakfast when in Rome then don’t worry. Homebaked may have something for you.

Offering american breakfasts – think bacon, eggs and waffles – and substantial portions, this restaurant will set you up for a hard days exploring.

Located on the Via Fratelli Bonnet 21 on the edge of Trastevere, this is rated one of the best restaurants in Trastevere for breakfast. Check the website here for more information.

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Where to Find & Try the Best Carbonara in Rome

Carbonara is certainly a much loved dish and widely available across Rome.

It’s so popular in fact that we had to write a more in depth article about it, so make sure to check it out here. Below is just a little snippet of what you can expect.


This restaurant is one of the best restaurants near Trastevere Rome for carbonara. It is a well known and much loved spot, famous amongst locals and tourists alike.

You’ll find this iconic restaurant (and it’s carbonara) located on the Via Benedetta, 10. The tavern is so popular that we would recommend you reserve online here.

La Gattabuia

This is a restaurant that is FAMOUS for its carbonara in Trastevere! Located on Via del Porto, 1 this is one of the nicest places you can visit with your loved ones. You can check out the features and menu of this 15th century renovated former dungeon on their website here.

Best Place for a Great Lunch in Trastevere

Lunch places in Rome

Lunch in Italy is generally the most significant and hearty meal of the day. Expect at least 2 courses – “il primo” which is usually a pasta dish and “il secondo” which is generally meat or fish based.

Pick a place for a long, leisurely Italian lunch – here are a couple of suggestions.

Pizzeria Ai Marmi

This is a great budget friendly option for those who are in Trastevere during the day. Delicious pizza is served here in the traditional Roman style – that is, thin thin crust! Location: Viale di Trastevere, 53. Check the menu and reserve online here.

Da Enzo

This place has become so popular that people queue around the block at lunch time – because there are no reservations taken !

Here is the place to try the delicious traditional Roman-Jewish dish of fried artichokes or – you guessed it – carbonara! Check out the menu on their website to get a feel. Location: Via dei Vascellari, 29.

Places to Find the Best Dinner in Trastevere

Best restaurants for dinner in Trastevere

Dinner may be a lighter affair than lunch, especially if eating at home. It will feature either a pasta or a meat dish.

But generally, Italian restaurants will go full hog again at dinner time! So there is no reason to miss out on all three courses!

Da Teo

A traditional Roman restaurant that is also not a tourist trap, Da Teo is located on the Piazza dei Ponziani, 7A. Note, it is closed on Sundays.

It is recommended to book well in advance as it is so popular. Try the pasta dishes and you won’t go wrong. Book online here.

Da Augusto

If you want to try simple Roman cuisine with no frills then this is the place for you. Local and traditional Trastevere food and a relaxed vibe make this the perfect place for a no frills dinner. Find out more about this place on this website. The restaurant is located on the Piazza De’Renzi, 15.

Most Famous and the Best Pizza Restaurant in Trastevere

Food in Rome

Of course, you cannot go to Rome without having a pizza night. Traditional Roman pizza is thin and crispy. Don’t go ordering a big stuffed crust here!

Ivo a Trastevere

This long favourite staple amongst locals and tourists alike serves AWESOME pizza. It is closed on Tuesdays and is located on the Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 158.

Traditional thin Roman pizza is on the menu here, but they also serve a range of pasta dishes too. Visit the website to whet your appetite.

Pizzeria Nerone

If you have someone in your group that doesn’t want Roman style pizza, then you can go for a restaurant that serves thick crust Neapolitan style.

Pizzeria Nerone delivers just that. Find this restaurant on the Via del Moro, 43 and check out the website before you go to get you in the mood.

Best Seafood Restaurants in Trastevere

Seafood restaurant in Trastevere in Rome

With local fishing villages located less than an hour's drive from Rome, it is very common to see the markets stuffed with fresh fish. Typical dishes are usually cod or anchovy based.

Osteria der Belli

A local staple in Trastevere, Osteria der Belli is a traditional restaurant with simple but delicious dishes. The calamari comes particularly recommended.

Find this gem on the Piazza di Sant'Apollonia, 11 and check out the happenings on their Facebook account.

La Tonneria

This interesting restaurant offers an Italian take on sushi, La Tonneria is a restaurant in Trastevere located right near the Santa Maria church. Find this interesting choice on Via della Scala 67, or online.

Best Pasta Restaurants in Trastevere

Pasta in Rome

Pasta dishes are of course commonplace, and feature heavily on any set lunch menu in Trastevere. Here are a couple of our recommended pasta restaurants in Trastevere.


Peppo prides itself on its homemade pasta dishes, but visitors also value the wonderful service. Check out the menu online here. The restaurant is located on the Via Natale del Grande 9.

Le Mani in Pasta

A small restaurant with beautiful homemade pasta dishes on offer, you will need to reserve in advance here as the place is small and very popular! Find it on Via dei Genovesi 37, or online.

Best Cheap Restaurants in Trastevere Rome

It’s not all fine dining and expensive 3 course menus. There are plenty of budget options available in Trastevere.

Popi Popi

Here you can get budget friendly dishes AND a seat without a reservation. What’s not to like?

Located on the Via delle Fratte di Trastevere 45, you can follow the restaurant and any special offers on the Instagram account.

Trattoria da Lucia

Run by a former boxer – the artwork around the restaurant tells the story – da Lucia offers great value food in a welcoming setting.

You will find this restaurant, with its great value and delicious pasta dishes, on the Vicolo del Mattonato (no. 2). Visit the website for more information.

Best Gluten-free Restaurants in Trastevere Rome

Gluten free places to eat in Rome

All that thought of pasta and pizza sending your gluten free diet plans into a spin? Don’t worry.

The Trastevere area offers several solutions. In fact Roman restaurants have become pretty savvy in offering at least one gluten free option on their menus.

Mama Eat

This restaurant offers the whole menu in both standard and gluten free options! It is also certified by the Italian Celiac Association.

There are also vegetarian and vegan options to boot. You’ll find this restaurant on the Via San Cosimato. Follow them on facebook here.

Voglia di Pizza – Gluten Free

Situated on the Via dei Giubbonari at number 33, here you can enjoy pizza after pizza in the knowledge that it is all gluten free! Check out the extensive menu here online.

Best Places to Eat for Couples in Trastevere

Trastevere restaurants for couples

Rome is full of romance, and Trastevere is certainly a beautiful spot. With trattorias spilling out into cobbled streets, you can just walk around and feel the vibe. Here are a couple of good romantic restaurants in Trastevere.

Mimi E Coco Trast

For that special event or just a quiet meal on your trip, try Mimi E Coco Trast. The setting is particularly romantic, but the food is also delicious!

It is also reasonably priced, although not a budget restaurant. Find it on the Via Della Scala 1. Best to reserve in advance online.

Zia Restaurant

If you are planning to surprise a loved one or just want to impress, then this 1 star Michelin restaurant in Trastevere may do the trick.

Find it on the Via Goffredo Mameli 45. Reservation required well in advance – check their website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trastevere Restaurants

faq roma pass travel blog

Are restaurants in Trastevere expensive?

There are quite a few tourist traps in Trastevere, but you can find good quality food here and it is generally much less touristy than other areas of Rome.

What’s the most famous Trastevere restaurant?

It depends who you ask! But certainly Da Enzo (featured on this guide) is very well known in the Trastevere area.

What’s the best Italian restaurant in Trastevere in Rome?

There are many top rated restaurants in Rome. Nannarella and La Tavernetta - featured in this guide - appear frequently in “best rated” guides.

Where you must eat in Trastevere in Rome?

Anywhere featured in this guide is a must visit!

Where should I lunch in Trastevere?

For a quick lunch in between sightseeing, check out Pizzeria Ai Marmi.

What are the best restaurants in Trastevere that provide takeout?

Lots of little places offer pizza by the slice. Try however Bono Bottega Nostrana for some delicious takeout sandwiches.


The diet starts when you get back from your vacation in Rome! Just enjoy the vibe and the delicious food when you are there!

Please let us know if you found an amazing restaurant in Trastevere and we will add it to the list! Now, get to planning the rest of your trip to Rome or check out these nice hotels in the area you can book today.

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