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Top 5 things to do and see the Trastevere Rome coolest Neighbourhood

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Trastevere Rome that was once known as Rome's secret place, where outsiders would come to breathe some local roman air. The word has spread like fire and Trastevere, Rome has now become a very busy zone. However, it is one of the most authentic neighbourhoods, which still represents Rome to the finest and is also known as, The real neighbourhood“. The name of the area comes from its location.

It's located to the west of the river Tiber that is known as “Tevere” locally. The beautiful narrow streets are full of extravagant art that attracts everyone. The nights are filled with youngsters making the area alive. This is why they say Trastevere Rome doesn't sleep at night.

We have brought together 5 of the best things you can do in Trastevere, Rome so that you don't miss out on anything great.


Top 5 Things to do in Trastevere Rome

1.    Visit the famous Churches

There are two very renowned churches that are located in Trastevere, Rome. The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome is one of the most ancient churches of Rome. It is known for its lavish architecture.

The church is decorated with gold mosaics and ancient pillars that draws tourists towards it.

Consider booking a guided tour of Trastevere (including the Basilica) and the Jewish Ghetto to enjoy the comments of an expert during a 3-hours walking tour. Price started from €30/person.

Similarly, another church located in the Trastevere region is the Church of Santa Cecilia. This was made in the memory of a martyr of the 3rd century. It is mostly famous for the sculpture of the Saint. Their architecture is definitely something you don't want to miss out on if you are in Trastevere.

These churches are easily accessible by walking if you are in central Trastevere, Rome. For more precise directions the address is provided below.

  • Google Maps
  • Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
trastevere rome

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2.   Wander in the streets of Trastevere Rome

It might seem like something very common, but walking in the streets of Trastevere, Rome might be the best feeling you can get out of the area. The narrow, full of ancient art streets with cobblestone roads is something everyone finds “aesthetic”.

Taking a walk down these streets filled with the aroma of freshly baked roman pizza and picturesque balconies, unique passageways, and graffiti which is sure to leave you in awe and give you the real feel of Trastevere, Rome. It is also great to capture pictures and listen to some street roman music.

If you want to get the most of your Roman trip you should consider a 3-hour bike tour that will take you to Rome must see places such as the Trastevere area.

Restaurant Trastevere
street trastevere rome italy

3.    Chill out on a Piazza

Chilling out on a Piazza might be a great breather. Maybe you are tired of moving around the city and want to take a break. It is also a great place where friends and locals meet to get together and bond and blend in with the roman ambience. There are many authentic Trastevere Rome restaurants near the Piazza that you should try.

Piazza Trilussa is one very popular Piazza located on the banks of a river. It is great for concerts and live shows. Similarly, Piazza di San Calisto and Piazza di Santa Maria are also wide piazzas where you can relax.

Piazza di San Calisto

  • Piazza di S. Calisto. 00153 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
  • Google Maps

Piazza di Santa Maria

  • Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere 00153 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
  • Google Maps

Piazza Trilussa

trastevere rome Piazza Santa Di Maria

4.   Visit a local bar

It is no secret that nightlife in Trastevere, Rome might be the best thing about this place. Trastevere Rome bars are the life of the area. Young college students and adults are often seeing partying in bars all night. If you are in Trastevere Rome, one thing you might not want to miss out on is visiting a local bar.

Trastevere Rome is known for its wine. However, you can also try their beer at a local bar or a beer shop. The drinks are authentically Roman. Locals love visiting the Freni e Frizioni. You can also visit Almalu Trastevere to get a drink. They also have great live music which makes your life much happier.

Freni e Frizioni

  • Via del Politeama, 4, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • Google Maps

Almalu Trastevere

  • Via della Scala, 77, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • Google Maps
trastevere rome

5.    Enjoy the view from Janiculum Hill.

This mesmerizing place is located near the west end of Trastevere. The sight has been of a lot of importance to Italy. It was also the main hub of the Italian unification campaign that was held back in the 19th century. With such a rich history, Janiculum Hill is a common plan tourists often visit.

You can also climb to the top to get a scenic and beautiful view of the city. The astonishing view from the top is definitely worth the hike. Some well known Trastevere bars in Rome are also located near the place.

You can visit the Janiculum Hill by following the directions on your map.

  • Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 00165 Roma RM, Italy
  • Google Maps
janiculum hill trastevere rome

Best Trastevere Rome restaurants

Trastevere, Rome restaurants are one of the most popular places in the area. The mouth-watering food that they offer makes a great place for locals to sit and chat with their friends and families. Some popular Trastevere, Rome restaurants are Grazia & Graziella, Cajo & Gajo, and La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea. You will be surprised as these restaurants offer the best ambience for their customers so that they can enjoy their food.

If you are a deep food lover and want to test many specialities, it is definitely worth it booking a food tour. Trastevere is a perfect place to discover Roman gastronomy with a culinary guide from €28 only.

Grazia & Graziella

  • Largo M.D. Fumasoni Biondi, 5, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • +39 06 588 0398
  • Google Maps

La Tavernetta 29 da Tony e Andrea

  • Piazza San Callisto, 10, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • +39 06 581 8256
  • Google Maps

Cajo & Gajo

  • Via Della Pelliccia, 29a, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • +39 331 117 3123
  • Google Maps
Trastevere Grazia & Grazilla

Have a drink in the best Trastevere Rome bars

Trastevere Rome bars are well known. Whether it is wine or beer; Trastevere's bars are unbeatable when it comes to the flavour. They have been a great attraction for students who party during the night time. Similarly, foreign visitors find the taste of the drinks undeniably amazing. Therefore, if you are visiting the area, Trastevere Rome bars are definitely a must.

Hotel Minerva Rome rooftop bar

  • Piazza Della Minerva, 69, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  • +39 06 695201
  • Google Maps

Niji Cafè

  • Via dei Vascellari, 35, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • +39 06 581 9520
  • Google Maps

Bar San Calisto

  • Piazza di S. Calisto, 3, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • +39 06 583 5869
  • Google Maps
trastevere rome Hotel Minerva

Best Trastevere Rome hotels where to stay

Trastevere Rome hotel is known to be very welcoming towards their guest. Trastevere is known for its hospitality, and it is said that many locals are the reason that the population has increased suddenly.

Trastevere Rome hotels say much more about Trastevere. Where you live reflects what you will be doing. Trastevere Rome restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and much more are at a walking distance from these hotels.

Some people might want to go for an inexpensive but valuable hotel whereas others would go for something more luxurious. Whatever, you have in your mind; you can check the following Trastevere Rome hotels listed according to your Rome travel budget.

Low Budget Hotel:

Residenza Belli

Middle Budget Airbnb/hotel

Trastevere Luxury Guest House

Good Budget Hotel

VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel

trastevere rome

How to go to Trastevere area Rome ?

There are many ways in which you can reach Trastevere. Trastevere is well connected by air, rail, road, etc. Therefore, you can find your way through any of the desired routes.  It is easier to use public transport as the area is ZTL ( unauthorised vehicles are not allowed).

  • Rome Airports

If you wish to read Trastevere by air, you can land to the nearest airport that is Ciampino Airport which is located at a 20km distance. You can take a cab to Trastevere once you land. Similarly, you can do the same if you land at Leonardo da Vinci airport.

But hey, if you want a more relaxed and hassle-free option for your airport transfer, why not consider using Online Travel Card? They'll have an experienced driver waiting for you at the arrival hall with a sign bearing your name. You won't have to pay until you meet your driver and arrive at your destination. Check them out here!

This is definitely the way to go if you don't want to deal with the stress of finding a taxi or figuring out the public transportation system.

Read on our article on Rome Airport Transfers to make sure you'll book your transfer ticket ahead.

  • Public Transports to Trastevere Rome

If you plan to travel to Trastevere by metro, you may consider the nearest metro, which is Metro B Piramide it is close to Colosseo and Circo Massimo. However,  Trastevere is also accessible by Metro A and Metro B1.

If you wish to use the metro, you can purchase the tickets from nearby coffee shops, stationery shops, etc. However, make sure you purchase tickets from authorised retailers. You can purchase your Roma Pass that enables one to get access to discounts and make travelling cheaper in Trastevere Rome.

You can also take a bus, bus H from the Termini Railway Station. You will arrive at Piazza Gioacchino Belli. If you want to visit the Vatican, you can take bus 23, or you may take bus 271 on Lungotevere. You can also catch tram 8 on Viale Trastevere to go to Piazza Venezia.

The 72-hours card is a good option if you're planning to get around Rome with public transport.

If you want to plan a journey, or would like to find more information about the different bus routes in Rome, please check out the official bus website ATAC.

trastevere rome

Trastevere Rome points of interest map

What to expect from your visit to Trastevere Rome ?

Now that you are all equipped with important information, you are ready to pack your gears and travel to Trastevere. Don't forget to uncover and traverse the charming Trastevere. The area can be described as a blend of contemporary and early Rome.

You can visit the famous old churches, go sightseeing, check out antiques at the museums, famous sculptures, enjoy with your friends at the Piazza, and much more all in the small area of Trastevere Rome. Our website will act as a complete guide. Therefore, book your tickets with us right away!

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