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Hotels In Trastevere Rome for Every Budget & Close to Attractions

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Looking for hotels in Trastevere Rome? Then you have come to the right place. This area is known for its buzzing nightlife, delicious food, and picturesque streets.

But did you also know it's a great and central place to stay in Rome? Let’s take a quick look at the area of Trastevere before giving you the lowdown on the best hotels around.

What To Expect From Hotels in Trastevere Rome?

A stay in Trastevere gives you exposure to a part of Rome that is right near the main attractions – it is located just across the river.

It’s a vibrant part of town that sees restaurants and bohemian cafes spilling out onto cobbled streets, washing hanging across alleys, and a cool atmosphere made up of students and artists.

In this area, you will find largely traditional hotels in older buildings and air bnbs in old three or four-storey buildings. Expect smaller bedrooms, beautiful Juliette balconies, and cute little patio courtyards. Blissful.

Where Is Trastevere?

Walking Trastevere Rome looking for hotels

Spilling out into the area around Santa Maria Square, Trastevere is a maze of little atmospheric streets. You will find Trastevere on the west side of the Tiber River.

Well connected to the old center of Rome by bus and tram, as well as underground. Trastevere is located in the 13th district or Rione of Rome, and some of the top hotels in Trastevere Rome are located within easy walking distance of the main attractions.

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Best Hotels In Trastevere Rome (According To Your Budget)

Let’s take a quick look at the best hotels in Trastevere Rome for any budget!

As any of you who have traveled in the last few years may have noticed, the prices for everything are increasing steadily. But if you look hard enough, budget travelers and backpackers can still find decent deals.

And those looking for a luxury break in Trastevere Rome will be spoiled for choice too.

Let’s take a look.

Cheap Hotels In Trastevere Rome Italy Terrazza Munira Hotel in Trastevere Rome

For budget travelers and backpackers, traveling around Europe can get quite pricey.

And cities like Rome – where eating out and visiting key attractions are a must – can put a dent in the budget pretty quickly.

Tip – If you are watching the pennies and are finding the hotels in Rome near Trastevere too expensive, then check out these two cheapest hotels in the area.

Terrazza Munira Trastevere

Hotels in Rome Trastevere rarely cost less than €200 per night, but the Terrazza Munira hits the mark. Doubles here are around €80 and offer enough space. There is no breakfast offered here in this little guest house, but the rooms come with a microwave and a fridge.

B&B Ventisei Scalini A Trastevere

If you fancy your breakfast sitting ready for you in the morning, then this cute B&B is just the one. A double room in one of the quirkily decorated suites cost just €80 a night – and that includes a delicious sweet Italian breakfast (usually cakes and a hot drink).

Affordable & Best Budget Hotels In Trastevere Rome Hotel Santa Maria Hotel in Trastevere Rome

For a standard budget hotel directly in Trastevere Rome, you should set aside €100 – €150 per night.

That’s still considered cheap nowadays!

Let’s take a look at these 2 hotels in Rome Trastevere District that are suitable for those wanting to stay on budget.

Hotel Santa Maria

The Hotel Santa Maria is situated inside a converted convent and gets fabulous reviews! The highlight is the stunning internal courtyard, where you can enjoy a drink from the bar or breakfast in the morning. Double rooms start from €140 and include a delicious breakfast.

Trastevere Colors

With double rooms from €118 and a delicious breakfast on offer, this charming bed and breakfast gets top reviews not only for its location but also its super-friendly hosts! This hotel is one of the top-rated budget hotels in Rome Trastevere district.

Luxury Hotels In Trastevere Rome Casa Mia Hotel in Trastevere Rome

Up your budget to around the €200 mark, and you can find some lower-end Luxury Trastevere hotels.

Hotel Casa Mia Roma

This is one of the Trastevere Rome hotels that offers a double room and breakfast for €200. Hotel Casa Mia Roma offers huge rooms and an outdoor patio where you can enjoy long Roman summer evenings.

Luxury Trastevere

This gorgeous design-style boutique hotel has exposed beams and gorgeous brickwork. The foyer offers free tea and coffee throughout the day. Rooms are around €200 per night.

5 Star Hotels In Trastevere Rome Villa Agrippina book room

Now let's talk about the top of the budget – the best and most luxurious Trastevere hotels with 5 stars. Here, you can pay anything from €250 to above €500 per night!

Villa Agrippina

The Villa Agrippina is not only one of the 5-star Rome hotels Trastevere area, it is also famous throughout Rome. Rooms here set you back a whopping €800 per night! But you are rewarded with stunning guest suites and amazing Vatican views.

Dom Hotel Navona

Technically it's not in Trastevere – the Dom Hotel Navona is located on the other side of the Tibris, but it is only a 10-minute walk from the Trastevere area. Rooms here cost about €500 per night and are decorated in a gorgeous vintage style. Breakfast gets rave reviews too.

Best Boutique Hotels In Trastevere Rome Loly Boutique hotel Roma

Looking for something a little quirky in Trastevere? Well, we have found some places that compete for the best place to stay in Trastevere Rome for boutique hotel lovers.

Loly Boutique Hotel Roma

This gorgeous boutique hotel offers those staying in Trastevere a glimpse of a hotel with a luxury and individualistic vibe. The lobby and the staff, in particular get rave reviews. Rooms start at around €330 per night.

Unahotels Trastevere

Gorgeous herringbone floors and a beautiful bar area attract guests time and time again. In addition, the breakfast on offer is not just the standard continental fayre – in this hotel, you can also get a hot cooked breakfast included in a double room price of around €300.

Hotels In Trastevere Rome With Pool Boutique Relais Barozzi

If you are staying in Trastevere Rome in the height of the summer, you may want to cool off in the pool! The only hotel in the district with a pool is the previously mentioned luxury Villa Agrippina.

So, you need to step a little outside of Trastevere to get accommodation with a pool. Try the Boutique Relais Barozzi, which is located in the Ponte area and is one mile away from Trastevere. Here, access to the pool is covered in the price of a room which will cost around €300.

Best Hotels In Trastevere Rome One Night Horti 14 Borgo Hotel in Trastevere Rome

If you are visiting the area for just one night, you need a convenient hotel. Here are a couple of our suggestions for the best access and ease of use.

Horti 14 Borgo

This hotel is rated one of the best in Trastevere for a 1-night stay. This is likely because it offers direct transfers from both of Rome’s airports as well as its close proximity to Trastevere’s attractions. Double rooms with breakfast start at €320 per night.

While the hotel's direct transfer service is a convenient option, we suggest you consider the Online Travel Card. This premium service offers additional benefits and flexibility that might suit your needs better.

What's great about the Online Travel Card is that you can book your transport now and pay only when you meet your driver.

This makes it a flexible and convenient option, especially if you don't want to worry about paying upfront or dealing with currency exchange.

Little Rhome Suites

Cute little hotel right bang smack in the middle of all the attractions and with an airport shuttle. Rooms in the Little Rhome Suites cost from €150 per night and include a delicious buffet breakfast.

Longstay Hotels In Trastevere Rome Take Me Rome book room

You really need at least 3 to 5 days to fully explore Rome and all it has to offer – then you can head on to explore some of Italy's other great cities.

But if you find yourself in Rome for an extended stay, then check out some of this great accommodation.

Take Me Rome

A longer stay requires a bit more space. The Take Me Rome suites include a kitchenette as well as a dining area. Doubles start from €195 per night, and you will have plenty of room to spread out during your stay.

Trastevere 2.0

From just around 180€ per night, you can get a room with a mini kitchen. That doesn't stop this hotel from offering a fabulous breakfast in the price though!

Where To Stay In Trastevere Near Attractions Hotel Parrasio book room

Trastevere is known for a number of attractions, and with our handy guide, you can pick which hotel is nearest to the stuff you want to see. Let’s go!

  • Piazzi di Santa Maria in Trastevere – The Hotel Trastevere is just 200m from the main square of Santa Maria. It offers retro-style rooms and breakfast for around €190 per night.
  • The Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere– Want to stop off at this famous Basilica? Then enjoy a night at the numa i Tullo hotel – located just 150m away. This is an aparthotel with room plus breakfast starting at just €100 per night.
  • Villa Farnesinathe Nel Cuore di Trastevere is located just 100m from the Villa Farnesina. This is an apartment option, offering accommodation with a kitchen right in the middle of the attractions. Doubles start from around €190.
  • Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere– just 200m from this basilica is Sonder Trastevere. A deluxe suite with modern decor but exposed wooden beams will set you back around €240, but can sleep up to 4 people, so it’s perfect for groups.
  • L’Isola Tiberina– This cute 2-star hotel has rooms with balconies overlooking the Tiberina island. Doubles can be found at the Hotel Domus for less than €80 in the off-season.
  • Piazza Trilussa– Just 50m from the Piazza Trilussa, you will find Tree Charme with its gorgeous rooms and little patio where you can enjoy a breakfast coffee.
  • Villa SciarraThe Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress is located 400m from the Villa Sciarra and offers traditional-style rooms and a gorgeous spa. Doubles start from around €130 per night.
  • La Chiesa Di San Pietro In Montorio– Just 100m from La Chiesa Di San Pietro you can pick up rooms in the Hotel Parrasio for around €100 per night, including breakfast.

Other Options & Alternatives for Travelers

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy a hotel when staying in the area. Pick an Airbnb Trastevere Rome instead.

This will give you a chance to spread out, relax in the evenings and do a spot of cooking. It is a great way to really feel the local Trastevere vibe!

Check out this modern studio apartment if traveling as a couple, or book a flat for friends with 3 rooms like this one.


faq roma pass travel blog

Do any Trastevere hotels in Rome offer free breakfast?

Yes - simply look online for deals including breakfast. for example allows you to filter for breakfast. Note, mainly an Italian style breakfast is served - pastries, coffee and juice - in most hotels.

What top hotels in Trastevere are known for their enhanced cleaning?

Many hotels in Trastevere are taking extra cleaning measures since Covid. Sites such as advertise this with a banner across the hotel picture.

Is Trastevere safe enough to stay with a family?

Trastevere is as safe as any place in Rome- at nights it can get a little rowdy, so if you have young kids you may prefer to be back indoors by around 9pm.


Now you are sorted for where to stay in Trastevere Rome, it is time to plan the rest of your trip. Consider a travel card, for example, to help minimize costs, or perhaps look at a city pass to manage your budget and fit in as many attractions as possible.

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