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The 7 Best Places to take Beautiful Pictures of Rome

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Rome is certainly breathtaking – the famous historical sights for which the city is renowned make for stunning backdrops for photos. The Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon are just some of the famous attractions that feature in most tourists’ pictures of Rome at the end of a trip. On top of that there are plazas, markets and monuments galore ! Here is our list of the most beautiful places in Rome at which to take a picture ….

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1. Best Photo at the Vatican

It’s hard to condense the magical Vatican into one top photo spot – so we’ve gone for one exterior and one interior shot

–      The interior of St Peter’s Basilica is probably our ultimate favourite. It’s less crowded than the Sistine Chapel and large enough to ensure you get a chance of taking a picture without someone’s head in the corner. The size of the hall inspires awe in all who visit. St Peter’s Basilica is best enjoyed in the late afternoon when the tourist buses leave and the afternoon light gives a particularly magical hue. Check our article to organize your visit there!

–      The best exterior shot of the Vatican?  There are plenty around, including the pictures you can take at the top of St Peter’s Basilica. We think however one of your best bets is to head over St Angelo Bridge and then turn back for an amazing shot of St Peters’. Do it at dusk for some beautiful twilight colours in the background.

pictures of rome Vatican

2. Best Fountain Pictures of Rome

The Trevi Fountain makes for stunning photographs every time. The clear blue water during the day or the spectacular views of the fountains lit at night are beautiful. The crowds are a challenge though – get there as early as possible in the morning if you want a bit of space.

  • Location: 00187 Rome
  • Metro station: Barberini
pictures of rome Trevi Fountain

3. Best Piazza to take a Pictures of Rome

There are plenty of beautiful squares in Rome, but Piazza Navona always gets our vote hands down. It’s simply stunning and one of the best places to relax and people watch.

The size means you can get some great angles and some of the best pictures of Rome here. Piazza Navona is best photographed after a rain shower when the crowds are light and the ground is glistening !

  • Location: 00186 Rome
  • Metro station: Barberini
pictures of rome Piazza Navona

4. Best Photo of a Market in Rome

There  are dozens of vibrant markets in Rome , each with their own atmosphere and unique features.

Campo Di Fiori is a favourite daily market amongst visitors and locals alike. This open air market which is surrounded by cafes in the square (and even the best Gelato in Rome) is a great place to take some pictures of Rome.

Get here early in the morning for some shots of the setup, or wait until the crowds arrive if you want to capture the wonderful atmosphere in the market.

  • Location: 00186 Rome
  • Metro station: Barberini
pictures of rome Campo Di Fiori

5. Best sunset spot

There are plenty of spots at which to take a great sunset picture of Rome. One of our favourites is Terrazza del Gianicolo. This popular romantic spot is known for offering some of the best views of Rome.

You can also snap some excellent photos of the Vatican here. Make sure to get there before well before sunset to enjoy the gardens before the sun dips.

  • Location: 00165 Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Roma
pictures of rome Terrazza Del Gianicolo

6. Climb up The Spanish Steps to take a nice shot

An absolute must-see when in Rome, the Spanish steps are as iconic as the city itself. The architecture here is simply amazing, but the drawback is that the Spanish Steps are very popular.

The only time you will get a chance of a photo minus the crowds will be very early in the morning. We’re talking 7am latest. So get there early, and perhaps try to snap the Spanish Steps and the Trevi fountain before the masses arrive.

  • Location: Piazza di Spagna, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
pictures of rome Piazza Di Spagna

7. Pictures of Rome: The Colosseum

We can’t leave one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World off the list when talking about where to take the best pictures of Rome! This area is again extremely busy, so we recommend an early start and actually heading up above the metro station to get the best shots of the exterior of the Colosseum. Read on our article to get ready for your future visit!

  • Location : 00184 Roma. Metro : Colosseo
pictures of rome Colosseum


One of the main rules when trying to get the best pictures in Rome is timing. You’re going to have to get up early to ensure your pictures aren’t photobombed by random tourists! But the early starts are definitely worth the effort. If you want to start planning your trip in more detail check out our other hints and tips on this website !