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Rome Weather in June Info & Great Tips for the Perfect Trip

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Spring switches to summer during this glorious month. With usually great weather without the soaring temperatures of July and August, a visit in June lends itself perfectly to exploring Rome’s many outdoor attractions. Watch out for crowds though – they continue to increase as the summer holidays approach. Let’s dive in to explore everything about Rome in June!

What to Expect When Visiting Rome in June?

With average temperatures in Rome in June during the day usually no less than 25 degrees celsius, a June visit is for those who can handle exploring in this heat.

If you want nice weather with lower temperatures, consider perhaps early May or October instead. (You can check out our guides to Rome in May and Rome in October).

June brings the usual attractions with additional outdoor events given the season. Let’s explore…

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How is the Weather in Rome in June?

Let’s take a deep dive into the weather in Rome in June.

Temperature in Rome in Early June

Expect daytime temperatures to be above 25 degrees celsius – at least. More likely you will see 28 degrees celsius or thereabout. If the Rome climate in June is too hot for you, check out the indoor attractions during the day – the Vatican City, churches and other museums in Rome will give you some relief.

Then, come out later in the day to enjoy the city's squares, parks and other attractions such as the Roman forum or the Amphitheatre.

Weather in Rome End of June

If you are visiting towards the end of June you will find yourself in Rome in the summer! Temperatures may reach 28 degrees celsius, perhaps 30 degrees. Rainfall reduces to just 3 days within the month. June is a great month if you love the sun, bringing long, clear days and warm evenings in which you can enjoy the atmosphere at an outdoor pizzeria.

Is Rome Humid in June?

Unfortunately yes. So, make sure you bring a water bottle with you. A handheld fan can help keep you comfortable. And make sure your hotel has air conditioning if you wish to sleep at night!

Best Things to Do in Rome in June

Rome weather in June tips

The usual list of things to do in Rome remains open to you in the month of June. From the Roman Forum to the piazzas, outdoor markets and indoor museums – not to mention the attractions of the Vatican – there will be plenty to fill the day.

And as summer gets underway, Rome begins to pick up the pace with great events. Certainly, outdoor entertainment takes center stage, with warmer evenings allowing for concerts, amphitheatre shows and outdoor dining. Let’s check out the entertainment on offer as well as things to do in Rome in June.

Rome Concerts in June – Rock and Pop

It’s not all opera in Italy you know – although of course, if you are an opera fan you will have plenty to choose from. Rock and Pop fans too can enjoy themselves, and June is the perfect month for it. Check out the list of events planned in Rome here.

Events and Festivals in Rome in June

  • Visit the beautiful displays of roses in Rome’s rose garden – open during May and June. Perfect for flower lovers or those looking for a romantic stroll. Head to Via di Valle Murcia 6. But be careful – it usually shuts a week before the end of the month
  • June 2nd – Republic Day or Festa della Repubblica marks Italy's transition to a republic in 1946. Get a good spot for the parade on Via dei Fori Imperiali for the air force flyover, then enjoy music with the locals in the Quirinale Gardens.
  • Corpus Domini. With no specific date, Corpus Domini is held 60 days after Easter and is the feast of the Holy Eucharist. A mass is held in the cathedral of San Giovanni, following which there is a parade to Santa Maria Maggiore. If you are feeling adventurous, some neighbouring towns create what is known as “flower carpets” outside the local churches.
  • Feast of Saint Giovanni 23rd June is a bit of a weird one. Celebrated at the San Giovanni in Laterano church, the event consists of a feast of snails. Eat a snail, legend has it, and your worries will disappear.
  • St Peter and St Paul feast day on the 29th June is celebrated at both St Peter’s Basilica and St Pauls Outside the Walls. And, befitting the city's 2 most famous saints, expect to see beautiful flower arrangements and a huge fireworks display as Castel Sant'Angelo in the evening.


Rotating and more permanent exhibitions in Rome are a feature in many of the art galleries and museums in the city. In addition, Rome’s convention centre and the Palazzo dei Congressi host a wide range of exhibitions and functions. Check them out online here in advance for exhibitions in June.

Classical Music

What better place than Rome to enjoy some classical music within the romantic settings of this great city. For the full overview of events not only in June but throughout the year, check out this website dedicated purely to classical concerts.

What to Wear in Rome Italy in June?

Piazza in Rome Summertime

With the beautiful weather and warmer temperatures, you can leave your winter gear at home. Tshirts, shorts and summer dresses are the norm. Check out our tips for what to wear in Rome in June below.

Tips on How to Dress in Rome in June

Whilst you will need cool clothes for exploring in the heat of the day, make sure you bring adequate cover ups for evening time. Whilst it will be pleasant to sit outdoors, you would be safe to have a cardigan, jumper or shawl to avoid any wind or chills.

The coverup is also important if you are visiting churches, cathedrals and the Holy See which has its own specific Vatican City dress code.

What to Pack for Rome in June

Light clothing, good walking shoes – flip flops are not a good idea for ancient sites – and something nice for evenings. That’s pretty much the extent of it.

Bring also a light rain jacket – maybe one that folds into a little bag – in case you are unlucky enough to get the 3 days of June’s rainfall during your trip.

Appropriate clothing for the Vatican City and other holy sites is a must. And don’t forget the usual sun protection gear – suncream, a hat, sunglasses etc.

Best Day Trips from Rome in June

Tired of the city? If you are in Rome for over one week you may want to get out and explore a bit of the surrounding area. Luckily, Rome is well connected to many great tourist sites elsewhere. Naples, Florence, Pompeii – they can all be done in a day.

In fact, they are such good options that we have a separate article for them. Check out how to take a day trip from Rome by Train or, if you fancy, work out which of the surrounding Roman beaches you may want to visit. And if you are set on visiting Pompeii, get the full guide on how to do it by train or bus.

Fun Places to Take the Kids in Rome

Holidays can be expensive with kids. Luckily, some of Rome’s best attractions are free or cheap – such as grabbing a gelato in a piazza or eating a takeaway pizza slice in a park.

Tip If the weather is bad, check out the Explora Museum or visit the Vatican Museums. Of course, you also must throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and visit the beautiful park at the Villa Borghese.

Trevi fountain in Rome in Summer

Football Matches in Rome

If your kids (or the big kids) are into football, they might already know that tickets to Series A matches are coveted. If you can get a ticket to one of the football matches in Rome online in June we’d love to know how you found the experience.

Visiting Rome with Friends? Don’t Miss These 5 Things to Do

  • Pizza or gelato making. A great group activity, you can be together and still learn a little bit of culture. You can easily book one of these group activities online.
  • Segway tours or walking tours of Rome.. The popularity of a segway tour never dies! This is the city tour with an edge, perfect for groups and a good laugh. If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground you can find a multitude of walking and food tours as well as specific interest tours.
  • Sunset watching. Grab a picnic and head to one of Rome’s iconic sunset spots with your friends.
  • Rooftop Evening Drinks. Celebrating a reunion, a graduation or an engagement? Visit one of these beautiful rooftop bars for an experience to remember forever.
  • Visit a waterpark! With temperatures heating up you may want to cool down with a splash at this fun waterpark.

How to Plan a Romantic Trip to Rome

Packing tips for Rome in June

You’ve chosen one of Europe’s most romantic cities as a destination, but now you need to know what to do when you get there? If visiting in June you will have no shortage of romantic spots at your feet. Outdoor terraces of exquisite hotels, parks, bridges, rooftop restaurants – they are all available here to wow your loved one. Check out our full guide to how to plan a romantic day in Rome.

Local Foods in Season in Rome in June

There is nothing better than heading to one of Rome’s local markets, checking out the fresh produce or – if you are in an Airbnb – purchasing some ingredients for cooking. Likewise, dining out on fresh seasonal foods is a real treat too.

In June, that old favourite – asparagus – can still be seen on the menu. Aubergine becomes prominent, as does fennel. For fruits, expect to see apricots and cherries – and of course delicious cherry pies too!

Cheap Flights to Rome in June

With the peak season in full swing, you had best book your flight to Rome at least 3 months in advance to get the best price. Try Skyscanner for the most flexible searches showing the cheapest routes and prices.

Where to Stay in Rome in June

Key for us is air conditioning and if possible an outside terrace or private balcony. Check out some of the options available to suit every budget here.

Best Budget Option

With air conditioning as standard and rooms with balconies from just €67 per night in June, the Hotel Napoleon does the job. Centrally located at the main train station, you couldn’t be better located for exploring Rome. The price also includes breakfast!

Best Mid Range Option hotel Relais Monti

The Relais Monti offers rooms from €80 a night with a balcony and air conditioning. This beautiful building with its quirky decor is well located in the heart of Rome.


Celebrating a special occasion or just like the finer things in life? No problem. Check into the stunning Hotel Vilon. Rooms start here at around €1000 for bed, breakfast and dinner. The decor is absolutely stunning and the grounds perhaps more so. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast outdoors or a drink at the fancy bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq roma pass travel blog

How hot is it in Rome in June?

Temperatures in Rome will be around 25 degrees celsius, climbing to potentially 28 degrees celsius by the end of the month. Evenings can be pleasant still at 20 degrees c.

Does it rain in Rome in June?

Rome weather in June is glorious. It can rain in Rome in June - but the average is around 3 days within the month.

How busy is Rome in June?

June marks the start of the summer season, and as a result it starts to get really busy in June. A mix of summer tourists, school trips and cruise passengers descend on the city. As a result you will need to come prepared for queues.

Don’t worry though, there are some tips and tricks you can employ in order to handle this available on our website under the “Skip the Line” section. Check it out! Oh, and make sure to shop around for hotels early. They get more expensive the busier it gets.

What time does it get dark in Rome in June?

Expect long evenings in Rome in the summer to after 9pm! Perfect for getting out and enjoying the city for much longer. An evening dinner on the terrace or a leisurely stroll afterwards with a gelato - bliss.

Are there mosquitoes in Rome in June?

There can indeed be mosquitoes in Rome in June, especially around dusk. Bring a mosquito repellant with you to be safe.


If you can hack a little heat and a little queuing, go for it. Rome in June is magical, and the longer evenings and good weather give you ample opportunity to explore. Please let us know how you get on during your trip to Rome in June!

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