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Top 5 Rome Beaches: How to Reach the Beach from Rome

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You may wonder what beaches are close to Rome?

The heat of a hot summer’s day can be quite unrelenting in Rome. Queuing at any of the big attractions too is sometimes extremely tiring. If you are in Rome in the summer for any more than a city break we suggest heading to one of the beaches near Rome for some refreshing sea air. It makes a great change from the noise of the big city!

There are several top beaches in the area that are easily accessible by public transport. We’ll focus on these, since we know the majority of visitors to Rome are unlikely to want to drive in the city’s crazy traffic!  Read on for the best of Rome’s beaches to help you plan your trip.

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Top 5 Best Rome beaches and how to get there

Best Rome beach for a local vibe –  Anzio

This gorgeous seafront town – known unfortunately for its battles in WW2 – is an absolute gem. With a walkable promenade, dozens of amazing restaurants and enough history to satisfy those who don’t like the beach, it’s a perfect choice. It’s also one of Rome’s beaches that is popular with Italian families – so you get a real local feel.

Note, you have to pay to access the private beaches along the shoreline. For about 3 euros you get a sun lounger, umbrella and access to the beach – totally worth it.

  •       How to get there: Train, from Termini.
  •       Cost of transport: 4 euros
  •       Time: 1 hour 7 mins
  •       Cost of entry: 3 euros
rome beaches Anzio

Best Rome Beach for Water sports – Santa Marinella

Popular with those who like a spot of windsurfing, Marinella beach is about an hour away from Rome by train. There are free parts of the beach at the fringes, although these get extremely crowded. The private section costs about 10 euros and is worth it for the umbrella alone! The town of Santa Marinella is known for its’ seafood restaurants so make sure you give then a try!

  •       How to get there: Train, from Termini.
  •       Cost of transport: 4.5 euros
  •       Time: 1 hour
  •       Cost of entry: 10 euros
rome beaches Santa Marinella

Best Rome Beach for a Sunset Swim,  Best for Children – Sperlonga

This gorgeous town is located to the south and is one of the best beaches near Rome. The seafront promenade is full of little bars and restaurants that wind on up into the hillside. It’s a simply stunning view.

Take a swim here as the sun sets and marvel at the gorgeous scenery. You need to take a train, then a bus. But the hassle of the journey is without a doubt worth it.

  •       How to get there: Train, from Termini. Alight at the Fondi station. The bus to Sperlonga will be waiting for disembarking guests
  •       Cost of transport: 6 euros train, 1 euro bus
  •       Time: 1 hour 10 mins
  •       Cost of entry: 30 euros for 2 loungers and a premium thatched umbrella
rome beaches Sperlonga

Best Rome Beach for budget travellers, Best for a short trip  – Ostia Lido

Located only 30 minutes away from Rome, Ostia is one for those who don’t want to travel further in the heat. Technically it is within Rome city itself. It’s best for those who have something to do later on, convenient to town and most importantly budget friendly.

The sand at Ostia Lido is darker than other beaches so makes for interesting photographs. Whilst we recommend this beach for those who need to hit the shore quickly, there are better and cleaner beaches elsewhere if you are prepared to make the journey.

  •       How to get there : Metro to Piramide (B line), then train Lido Centro
  •       Cost of transport  : 3 euros plus metro ticket
  •       Time: 30 minutes
  •       Cost of entry: 5 euros for an umbrella
rome beaches Ostia Lido

Best for Beach Hopping and snorkelling – Gaeta

There are lots of spectacular beaches in Gaeta. Serapo boasts fine sand and is a popular beach for Italians. Fontania beach is popular with snorkelers and boasts a couple of underwater caves.

Beach of 40 Remi is another cool spot – you can only get here by boat (40 strokes of the oar – hence the name) – or by swimming.

This secluded spot is great for those who want more adventure than simply stepping onto the sand at the side of the road.

  •       How to get there : Metro to Piramide (B line), then train Lido Centro
  •       Cost of transport: 8 euros plus metro ticket
  •       Time: 60 minutes
rome beaches Gaeta

Conclusion on the best Rome beaches

That’s our summary of some of the best beaches near Rome. What are you waiting for? Get planning your trip today by checking out our hotel guide and things to do in Rome !