Rome in July

Visiting Rome in July: Perfect Weather & Packing Tips

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The bright nights are long, and so are the queues. The temperatures soar to over thirty degrees centigrade. The lines stretch around the block. So just what is there to love about Rome in July?

We say plenty! You’ll need to prepare well, adopt a slower pace and stock up on water, but with a few handy tips you can make the most of this jam packed city in July. Read on to find out all you need to know about how to handle it.

Is Rome in Summer Too Busy and Hot for Tourists in July?

Too hot to handle? Potentially. Depends how you roll. If you are a fast paced traveller who loves to pack several major sites into one day – it's going to be tough going. Those with children too may find it taxing, as will those who struggle with the heat.

The queues can be at times ridiculous – and there is nothing worse than standing in one outside in 30 degree heat. However, if you are prepared to take it slowly, rest, take a siesta and plan in advance with things like skip the line tickets, Rome is perfectly doable in July.

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What Is the Temperature in Rome in July?

It is hot hot hot in Rome in July. Let’s check out the Rome, Italy weather in July together.

Average temperature in Rome in July

Average daily temperatures begin to hit 30 degrees in July. The highest it will usually peak at will likely be around 32degrees celcius max.

Some cooler periods have seen temperatures dip to a pleasant and fresh 19 degrees celsius, but this is rare. Nighttime temperatures are around 25 degrees celsius! So you can enjoy a late dinner amongst locals in a piazza with no issue.

Weather in Rome in Mid-July

Rome weather in July piazza

High temperatures repeatedly hitting 30 degrees and up to 11 hours of sunlight make the middle of July hot and dry. Remember to keep cool by using a hat, fan, sun cream and anything else you need to stay safe in the sun.

Rome Weather in End of July

You may be unlucky and get one of Rome’s really hot days throughout the month of July, but the end of July is more likely. Here, temperatures remain in the 30s (celcius) but peaks of up to 45 degrees celsius are not unknown! There is indeed a reason why the locals shutter smaller shops and head for the country in July!

What to Pack and Wear for Rome in July

Packing for the summer should be easy – light clothes, maybe a shawl or jumper as a cover up for evenings, good walking shoes and sunhat should be the main staples in your suitcase.

Don't forget other key ingredients such as sunscreen, blister plasters, swimsuit if you will have the opportunity to take a dip, and perhaps a lightweight foldable coat in case you get rain (unlikely).

What Should I Wear in Rome in July

Shorts, tshirts, floaty summer dresses – all the usual summer attire is perfectly acceptable in Italy’s capital. Be careful however when visiting churches and other holy sites – dress respectfully here, covering shoulders and legs.

The Vatican City has its own specific dress code too. Whilst it is enforced sporadically depending on the attendant, be sure to dress according to the rules so you will not be disappointed and refused entry.

Fashion You Can Wear in Rome in Summer

Packing list for Rome in July

Comfortable yet stylish, the continued trend of the bright white sneaker prevails. In Rome too you will see ladies and young women wearing white trainers coupled with a floaty summer dress or jeans stopping at the ankle. The same applied for men, who are also right on trend with bright white sneakers and blue jeans.

Best Things to Do in Rome in July

Summer is in full swing in Rome in July, and outdoor events are key. Check out some of our suggestions below.

Rock and Pop Concerts in Rome in July

You could be forgiven for thinking that Rome is all about Opera and nothing else, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any big city, Rome plays host to a wide range of pop and rock concerts throughout the year.

Located at various venues throughout the city, you can check out the schedule for this year here. In addition to this, Rock in Roma is usually held in July of every year and can see some pretty big names appearing on the list.

Events and Festivals in Rome in July

Summer festivals in Rome are a blast! Check out some of our favourites below:

  • Lungo il Tevere: Perhaps our favourite Roman summer event, the Lungo il Tevere lasts throughout the summer and features a wide range of attractions. From cute little stalls, kids rides, food and music, it's the perfect family event. You can find the “holiday village” on the west of the Tiber river bank between Piazza Trilussa and the Porta Portese
  • Festa dei Noantri: This fun festival lasts for the last fortnight of the month and is a celebration of Santa Maria del Carmine. During the festival, the statue of Santa Maria del Carmine is carried around the local churches, usually in the Trastevere district. Expect to see and hear bands and pilgrims making the journey. The final day of the festival usually falls on the final Sunday, when the parade boards a boat for all to see.

Soccer Games

For football fans, a trip to watch one of Italy’s famous teams playing would be a dream. Check out all the games this year as well as ticket prices.

Opera and Other Music in July

Castel Sant'angelo usually hosts a range of musical performances throughout the summer, often outdoors. There are also many local concerts and musical events dotted throughout the city in parks and gardens. For these, it is best to ask your hotel concierge for the details.

For Opera fans specifically, visit the complete website of all opera listings throughout the year to plan your attendance to a show in July.

Outdoor Cinema

There is a great outdoor cinema in Rome operating throughout the summer. Il Cinema in Piazza is a recurring event that sees piazzas transformed into outdoor cinemas. The majority of the movies are shown in their original language, with Italian subtitles. Reserve your place in advance.

Open Markets

One of the best ways to meet the locals and source some in season produce, a bric a brac souvenir or a handicraft, local markets are superb in Rome. There are so many to choose from that we made you a guide specifically on Rome’s best markets.

Best Places in Rome to Visit With Your Friends

Visiting Rome with friends is a blast. In July, you’ll be able to enjoy long evenings outdoors catching up. The better weather will allow you to spend more time together outside. Here is a list of some fun things to do in Rome with your mates:

  • Group tours. There are a bunch available in Rome. Popular ones include segway, walking, cycling and even vespa tours. In addition to that, you can tailor make itineraries to an area of interest – a food tour, a tour of the Jewish Quarter, Vatican tours. All is possible.
  • Group lessons. Likewise you can also enjoy some pretty fun lessons – pizza making, gelato making, gladiator training – pick one for a fun day out
  • Picnic lunch. There is nothing like relaxing with your mates with nowhere to go or nowhere to be. Pick one of Rome’s iconic spots at which you can enjoy the best vistas whilst you pop open the prosecco.

Things Kids Love to Do in Rome in July

Trevi Fountain Rome in July

If you do decide to brave it to Rome with your kids in July then try to keep the little ones cool by popping into the odd museum or air conditioned exhibition. The Explora Museum is one such place – cool and specifically designed for kids, it is the perfect retreat from the heat and crowds.

But it is often the simple things kids enjoy – no need to splash out on pricey tickets. Throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, exploring the Borghese Gardens and eating a picnic are free or cheap things to do with the kids in Rome.

Planning a Romantic Sunset Vista in Rome in July

If you are planning a special something or perhaps even thinking about popping the question when in Rome, then you have come to no better place. One of the most romantic cities awaits you.

Whether you decide to enjoy your private moments in an exclusive hotel or perhaps share it with others at a sunset viewing spot, Rome offers something for everyone. Check out some of the best places to view the sunset in Rome.

Safety Tips – Surviving the Heat and Humidity in Rome in July

Summer night in Rome

It is tough going in the heat if you are unprepared.

Here are some tips to help you through:

  • Don’t skimp on the hotel room – make sure you are picking one with air con
  • Ensure adequate supply of bottled water is with you.
  • Think about getting a couple of cooling hack item – misting spray, a little fan, all can help
  • Do not forget your hat, sunscreen and glasses.
  • If you are of fair skin, don’t risk it, cover up your shoulders and chest area. It’s not worth it
  • Queues – eugh. You can't avoid them and they are horrible in the heat.. You can think about things like skip the line tickets, visiting at off peak – later in the day when the tour buses and cruise ship passengers leave for example. There are plenty of tricks you can try. Read out 8 essentials for skipping the line in Rome.

Cheap Flights to Rome in July – Don’t Miss Out!

You are now in the peak of the peak season. Flight (and hotel) prices will be at their highest around this time. Make sure you book at least 3 months in advance of your trip to get the best deals. offers a monitoring button that will alert you when prices start to climb. Be flexible too on choice of airports to get the best deals.

Speaking of airports, have you considered a premium airport transfer service like the one offered by Online Travel Card?

It's a great way to start your trip off on the right foot and avoid the hassle of navigating public transportation or finding a taxi. Just something to keep in mind as you plan your adventure!

Is Your Cruise Stopping in Rome in July? Welcome!

If you are planning a cruise that includes Rome (Civitavecchia) then welcome! Not only will the weather be perfect for sailing – you’ll be able to enjoy long hours on the deck in between ports – but also Rome will be glorious.

Tip You can surely hack the heat for one day in Rome surely. If not, the port town of Civitavecchia is an interesting place to spend a few hours. Check out our full guide on how to get from the Civitavecchia port to Rome.

Most Delicious Food to Try Out in Rome in July

The big favourite dishes of Rome – the pizza, the pasta, the gelato. They’re fabulous. But they barely scrape the surface of what Rome has to offer. If you want local home cooked food, head for example to the Jewish Quarter and delight in its delicacies such as artichokes.

We’ve a full section on the delighted within this guide here. A street food tour is another good idea. Or, take yourself to one of Rome’s many local markets and pick something fresh there.

High-end & Affordable Places to Stay in Rome in Summer Villa Agrippina Gran Melia hotel

There is a wide range of accommodation in Rome available to suit any budget. Check out a couple of our picks here. For a more comprehensive guide to accommodation, read our guide on accommodation in Rome.

Budget Option

A budget room in the Excelso Hotel might just live up to more than your expectations. A budget double in July is around €70 and includes breakfast. More importantly, there is air conditioning! Decor is cool and sleek, and you are located really close to the Vatican city.


We love a good snoop round a 5* luxury hotel. This one didn’t disappoint. The Villa Agrippina Gran Melia is well worth the money.

Boasting a pool with rooftop views and a stunning terrace, this hotel will give you the opportunity to cool down when needed. Breakfast is pricey – up to €40 per person if you add it on. Book a double room inclusive of breakfast for €658 within July.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rome in July

faq roma pass travel blog

What time does it get dark in Rome in July?

Daylight begins to reduce throughout July, but you can still expect light until around 10pm.

Rome weather in July - Does it rain in Rome in July?

It can happen, but it is very unlikely. Average rainfall in June is 3 days. By July the average has dropped to 2 days! It is not probable that you will need your umbrella.

How hot is Rome in July?

Rome is hot in July for sure. Come prepared for temperatures over 30 degrees. Even in the evenings and nights it will likely be around 25 degrees celsius. Come prepared for even higher temperatures. Make sure you bring adequate sun protection and ensure you have enough water at all times.

Rome weather in July - Is Rome humid in July?

Unfortunately yes. Make it easier on yourself by bringing things like misting sprays, traditional fans or miniature battery powered fans also work well.

Is the Pope in Rome in July?

Like many residents of Rome (and the Vatican City) the Pope clears out of the city for summer His official residence during the summer months is Castel Gandolfo. Which you can also visit by the way.

Are there mosquitoes in Rome in July?

It is possible that you could get some of these annoying visitors, yes. Bring insect repellent with you to be safe.

Is Rome crowded in July?

There is no easy way to say it but yes, Rome is exceedingly crowded in July. Check out our hints and tips in the “Skip the Line” section of this website to help you deal with this.


If you are up for it and take a few preparations, Rome is doable in July. Let us know how you found the heat and the crowds – we are always adding to the hints and tips section so please share your experiences with us!

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