Weather in Rome

When in the best time to come in Rome? Plan your trip depending on the weather and seasons!

Weather in Rome in May

Rome Weather in May: Perfect Things to Do in Spring

It is really starting to heat up in Rome as we move through the spring towards the summer. May is a lovely time to visit, just on the cusp of becoming too hot. The city is well and truly alive, gelato is an acceptable treat, and the buzz will get you fired up for exploring. [...]

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Rome weather in April

April in Rome Weather & Travel Tips for Perfect Experience

Spring in Rome! Oh it is magical! The winter is long behind you and there is a stretch to the days. It’s warm enough to sit out in the evening, and you can expect a buzz returning to the city after winter. On the flip side, lots of other people know this! Rome in April [...]

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Weather in Rome in spring

Rome Weather March: What to Pack for Rome in March & much more

March is a brilliant time during which to visit Rome! The city is awakening from its winter slumber, and signs of spring are everywhere. But, it is not completely packed yet with tourists and day visitors. You can expect to have the best of both worlds - better weather and a bit more life about [...]

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Rome January weather

Rome Weather January: What to Wear & Do in Rome?

January is often so miserable! You’re broke, carrying an extra couple of kilos, and cold. The days are short, the nights are long. It’s pretty grim! What better way to get through this and start your new year off with a bang than to get away from it all! And Rome in January still has [...]

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rome points of interest

What you need to know about the weather in Rome, Italy

People often ask what the best time is to travel to Rome weather-wise. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Opinions differ about whether Rome has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Some say the Rome climate is rather continental with cold winters where temperatures easily drop to 3 [...]

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