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Rome in September Weather, Travel Tips & Places to Visit

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Planning a trip to Rome in September? You may have made a good choice! In this article we will cover all that you can expect from your early Autumn trip to the Eternal City.

From weather to events, where to stay and what to eat, we will cover it all in this guide. Read on to find out all about Rome in September!

Is September the Best Month to Visit Rome?

Is September a good time to visit Rome? Well, we certainly think so! The crowds at the main attractions begin to thin slightly, the kids head back to school, the weather is glorious.

The city is alive as autumn approaches. Oh, it's just the best! So, yea, we do think September is a good time to visit Rome. But don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself…

Weather in Rome Italy in September

If the heat is not for you, then September makes for a good month to visit. It is still warm, and you can still enjoy the evenings by dining out on a trattoria. You can head to the beach if you want, or take a dip in a local pool. But you won’t experience the high temperatures of August that can make exploring a chore.

Rome Weather in Early September

In early September, you are pretty much guaranteed summer weather. Rainfall increases only very slightly from August – and temperatures fall a couple of degrees. So expect temperatures in the early 20s(celsius) and a couple of days with a light shower. In the evenings, it is going to still be very comfortable for dining outside.

Weather in Rome in mid-September

Rome weather in September tips

As the month progresses you will find the temperatures hovering more around 27 degrees celsius. It is still extremely pleasant, and in fact exploring the city at this time is a lot more comfortable.

Weather in Rome in Late September

Dips in temperature to around 24 degrees celsius finish off the month. In the evenings, make sure to bring a jumper or shawl for the cooler evenings.

Rome Weather Forecast for September 2024 and Beyond

If Rome in September in 2024 is anything like previous years, then you are in for a treat. With most days having full sun and only a few brief showers, you can expect to be able to enjoy the city at its best throughout the month.

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Tips on What to Wear in Rome September

You will still be very comfortable in your summer gear in Rome in September. For the ladies, summer dresses and trainers seem to still be all the rage. Men can wear shorts – it is perfectly acceptable – but you won’t see many Italian men wearing them.

Tip – In the evenings, especially towards the end of the month – you will need to bring a light jumper out in the evenings. And please, make sure you bring whatever you need to stay safe in the sun.

Dress Code for Visiting the Vatican in September

Make sure that if you visit the Vatican – or any church for that matter in Rome – that you respect the dress code in place in the area. This means no bare shoulders or bare legs above the knee. You should avoid t-shirts with offensive slogans, ripped clothing and any low chested tops.

Packing List for Rome in September

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Suncream
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Jumpers for nightime
  • Light raincoat (just in case)
  • Cooling mist or fan
  • Sundresses or shorts for hot days
  • Money belt / secret wallet

Cheap Flights to Rome in September 2024

Flight prices to Rome in September are generally cheaper than in August, but it is still best to book online more than three months in advance to secure the cheapest seats. Use flight comparison websites such as to find the best combinations.

Recently we have noticed budget airlines such as Ryanair insisting on small carry on luggage or that you pay to pick your seats – make sure you don’t get caught out with extra charges by booking and paying for it all upfront before you travel.

Three Things Kids Will Love to do in Rome in September

Rome in Autumn visit
  • Soccer games: The football season starts up again in September! If you have football mad kids, or enjoy it yourself, then it's the perfect time to check out a match. Try to get a Lazio match! Check out the fixtures online here.
  • Day trip: Heat of the city too much? Head to one of Rome’s pools or even the beach. Find out how to get to the beach with our full beach guide. Other day trips include Pompei, Florence and Naples.
  • Food: What more could a kid want than a slice of pizza and an ice cream! Luckily you are in the perfect place for that. Spoil the kids with your own DIY food tour! If you want to enjoy it in beautiful surroundings and a bit of shade, then head to the Villa Borghese.

The Most Visited Festivals in Rome in September

After a slight lull in August due to the holidays, September picks up again with a fun schedule of Rome festivals!

  • The Estate Romana events: This summer calendar extends into September. It offers a range of movies and other cultural festivals. There is even an open-air cinema on Tiberina Island.
  • The RomaEuropa Festival: A combination of art, sculptures, dance, film and plays spreads out across the city towards the end of September.
  • European Heritage Day: Celebrated towards the end of September, European Heritage Day sees a large number of Rome’s best cultural sites open up to the public.

Plan Your Romantic Sunset in Rome September

Of course Rome is known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe! If you are planning your visit in order to surprise a special someone, then you have chosen well. And what better way to make your trip special than by checking out a fabulous sunset in Rome.

From rooftop bars and exclusive restaurants with a view, to favourite local hangouts – check out where to see the sun go down in our rooftop guide here.

What to Do in Rome in September?

Sunset piazza

Concerts in Rome in September

There will be plenty of concerts on offer in September. Check out the lineup – which often includes some big hitting names and local favourites – here.

Shows and Opera in Rome in September

From the Three Tenors to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Rome in September has a lot to offer. There is an extensive list of shows to check out here.

Enjoy Rome’s Big Hitting Attractions

Of course, if it is your first time in Rome you need to do the tourist thing. The Colosseum, the Roman Forum – and of course a trip to the Vatican Museums – is calling for you. Then a visit to the Borghese Galleries, art museums and the Spanish Steps… Check out the full list of Rome’s attractions here.

Take a Food Tour in Rome in Autumn

There is so much of Rome’s culinary scene that can be missed if you just stick to the main routes. Head to the Jewish Quarter for example for some amazing treats, or do a wine tour.

Day Trips From Rome in September

If you are in Rome for more than a few days, or perhaps you have visited before, you may decide on a day trip for a change in scenery.

The great train network is perhaps the best way to take a day trip. Florence, Pompeii and Naples are the most popular day trips from Rome. We have published a full guide to the hows and the whys of day tripping from Rome here.

Seasonal Food to Expect in Rome in Autumn

Traditional for this period are courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines – and any dishes made from them! Pumpkin dishes begin to appear on the menu, and you can eat a warm meal in the evenings such as risotto!

And don’t forget for wine lovers Rome’s annual wine festival will be taking place! The venue and the date varies from year to year so check out local guides before you travel.

Best Hotels to Stay at in Rome in September

In September capacity begins to free up in the hotels – there is plenty of choice! Choose from a family run hotel to a big and fancy chain. Or, rent an apartment. It’s totally up to you.

Tmark Hotel Vaticano

Tmark Hotel Vaticano from

Looking directly on to the walls of the Vatican City, the location could not be more perfect. The main reason to stay here would be the views! There is an extensive breakfast on offer. Rooms start from around €200 a night.

Palazzo Dama

Located in Spagna, this gorgeous hotel boasts a fabulous outdoor pool as well! The internal decor is gorgeous and the location is perfect. You are just a 10 minute walk from the Spanish Steps. And the city views from the pool – wow! A double room starts at around €300.

San Pietro Leisure and Luxury

This is a great budget accommodation in Rome. At just 800 metres from the Vatican City the location is spot on, and the price is excellent. A double room – which is very stylish by the way – will cost you around €75 including breakfast. What’s not to love?

Hotel Relai Dei Papi

Decent accommodation a 5 minutes walk from St Peter’s Square can be hard to find. Double rooms starting at €70 a night, a decent continental breakfast and a rooftop bar complete the package. We hope you like the funky decor…

AirBnB Rome in Autumn

There is a lot to be said about staying in a hotel. Of course, the fact that someone makes your bed and serves you food goes a long way. But if you are travelling with kids you may want a place to chill while they sleep. Groups – highschool reunions, family get togethers and those travelling for weddings – may want more space to socialise without going to the lobby.

In addition to the accommodation space on offer, renting your own place gives you the chance to cook your own food. This is an advantage if you are a budget traveller or a foodie. If you do rent an AirBnb make sure you also visit a local market in Rome to pick up some local produce with which to cook. Check out our extensive guide to Rome’s markets.

Air BnB solves this problem easily! Check out this amazing list of apartments in Rome from 150€ a night here.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq roma pass travel blog

Here we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about Rome in September.

What’s the climate in Rome, Italy in September?

Rome's weather in September is glorious. The weather is still very summery, but the temperatures are not as high as August. You can still enjoy warm evenings and dining outdoors.

What time does the sunset in Rome in September?

Sunset is around 7.45pm at the beginning of the month and closer to 7pm at the end of September.

Is Rome hot in September?

Rome's weather in September iis still hot - particularly in the beginning of the month. Make sure you take adequate protection against the sun.

How busy is Rome in September?

Rome’s tourist attractions and the city itself are busy in September. The peak of the visitors however is August. In September, a lot of the European tourists head back to their home countries due to the school calendar.

Is Rome humid in September?

By September, the humidity of August should be beginning to ease off.


You may have gathered from the above that we LOVE Rome in September. If you too are falling for it then start to think about planning your trips.

We have plenty of resources available for you to check out, including guides to the city passes on offer as well as information on planning a three-day trip to Rome. Any questions, drop us a comment in the box and we will get back to you soon!

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