Rome to Florence by train

Rome to Florence by Train – The complete guide

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Rome. Florence. Rome. Florence. Rome and Florence! Can’t decide which iconic Italian city to visit on your trip to Italy? Do both! It’s completely possible to take in Rome (including the Vatican City) AND the UNESCO world heritage old town of Florence.

Rome’s an excellent spot for those who love history and culture. It’s no surprise it is Italy’s most visited city. But why not combine it with a trip to the birthplace of the Renaissance – Florence. Here, take in art galleries and museums galore amongst its ancient streets. But, how do you do it? Read on to find out how to get from Rome to Florence.

Journey details from Rome to Florence

The journey from Rome to Florence is well worth it. Tuscany’s beautiful capital will let you experience another side of Italy. A slower place, proximity to the Tuscan countryside and a  compact city centre make Florence a refreshing stop after the business of  Rome.

A distance of just over 270kms awaits you along the A1 if you travel from Rome. The  coastal route is longer, at 330 kms, but offers stunning views over the Tyrrhenian Sea. Let’s check out the best options for getting from Rome to Florence and visa versa.

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Going from Rome to Florence by car – What you need to know

Let’s deal with the “should I drive from Rome to Florence” conversation right here.

You can drive to Florence from Rome – absolutely. But the route along the A1 will take you up to 3 hours. That’s before you consider getting out of the madness of Rome’s traffic.

If it’s still for you, make sure you get very decent car insurance. There’s nothing worse than worrying about a ding in a rental car door all holiday.

Route E35 (A1) Route E80 (SS1)
Distance 270 km 330km
Drive time 2 hrs 48 min 3 hrs 47 min
Cost fuel €27 €39.66
Estimated 5-day car rental mid-size* €220 €220
Full insurance €65 €65
Tolls €18.40 €3.40
Passengers 2 2
Total cost €330 €328
Advantages 1) Take at your own pace 2) Use daily to explore the surrounding countryside 3) Freedom to stop off along the way
Disadvantages 1) Responsibility of the drive can be tiresome 2) No chance for a lunchtime vino 3) Parking! 4) Expensive

Going from Rome to Florence by bus – What you need to know

rome to florence train

This is the budget-friendly option for sure. There are loads of bus companies operating on this route. These include  Marinobus and Flixbus. Perfect for those who are OK with bus travel and want to keep costs down, but it is the longest way to travel from Rome to Florence. Most buses will leave from the Autostazione Tiburtina in Rome and go to the Montelungo Bus Terminal in Florence.

If you can handle a long bus journey without travel sickness this is a potential option. You can snap up tickets for as little as 10 euros,  but definitely a ticket in the upper ranges of 50€ –  60€ is not worth it at all. Get the train instead!

Distance 270 km
Time 3.5 - 4 hrs
Price* 1-way ticket, no changes 10-60€
Companies Marinobus, Flixbus , Buscenter
Advantage The cheapest option to get between Rome and Florence
Disadvantages 1) Long journey time 2) Comfort levels 3) travel sickness
Passengers 2

*Based on one way rental Rome – Florence airport

Rome to Florence – Departure and Arrival

Now the reason we are all here – how do you take the train from  Rome to Florence?

This is the best option for those who want to save time and travel in comfort. On top of that, there is a ton of choice! Over 50 trains depart daily, on workdays it can be as many as 80-  and the shortest journey time is just under 1.5 hours!

The majority of trains are direct, although if you want to save cash you can book slower regional trains that require a change. Trains depart from Rome Termini approximately every half hour and arrive at  Santa  Maria Novella. Top Tip – Florence in Italian is Firenze! So look for that as your destination.

Rome to Florence on train – options and companies

Rome to Florence train schedule

There are several different train services working the route. Frecciarossa (the high-speed train at  400 km per hr!), Frecciargento, Regionale, Regionale Veloce, and  Italo are some of the big names to look out for. Oh, and of course good old Trenitalia will oversee everything. 

Rome to Florence train time and schedules

Due to the sheer number of trains departing on this popular route, we can’t include them all here. We do recommend however using Trenitalia’s pretty decent train timetable search tool here.

A quick scan on the tool for departures from 7 am shows a wide range of options. The first trains leaving Rome on an average weekday in June are however all High-Speed trains. You’ll need to scroll on down through the website to find some cheaper regional train options, such as the 09:02 from Termini to Firenze on the Regionale Veloce. This takes 3hours 48 minutes!

The fast train services look more appealing and have a high frequency. Check out below:

Departure Arrival Duration Train Price
Roma Termini - 07:10 Firenze S. M. Novella - 08:46 1h 36 min Frecciarossa 9512 from €50
Roma Termini - 07:25 Firenze S. M. Novella - 09:01 1h 36 min Frecciarossa 9302 from €50
Roma Termini - 07:35 Firenze S. M. Novella - 09:11 1h 36 min Frecciarossa 9406 from €50
Roma Termini - 08:10 Firenze S. M. Novella - 09:46 1h 36 min Frecciarossa 9518 from €50

Rome to Florence train stations – Departure and Arrival

Termini Train station in Rome

As we mentioned, Rome Termini Station is the place to catch the train to Florence. This hub is located on Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185 Roma.  You will arrive in Florence (Firenze) at the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Rome to Florence prices

Train Rome to  Florence:

High-Speed train 1 way (1hr 25) Regional train (3+ hrs)
Adult €50 €22
Child (4+) €25 €10.85
Groups 30% reduction for groups over 10 people 10% reduction for groups over 10 people
Families Up to 5 people, 20% off and 50% off for kids Up to 5 people, 20% off and 50% off for kids

How to go to Florence from Rome with kids

If you are anything like me, then traveling with kids needs to be quick and easy! We’d recommend the fast train here for sure. At just under 1.5  hours the time is manageable.  In addition, onboard toilets mean no stops en route! The kids will also be able to spread out a  little better than in the car. Hopefully, you can get/book  a table seat option for the family, so there is space for games and snacks.  Oh, and for older kids – there’s internet! That’s sure to be a  popular choice. 

How to get your train tickets from Rome to Florence

rome railway platforms train

Book your tickets in advance online here!

You can also get your train tickets in any train station machine or at the kiosk. On popular routes you may be taking a gamble – the best seats won’t be available and you might miss out on some early bird offers.

Find cheap Rome to Florence train tickets

  • Trenitalia often showcases early bird or book and save offers. Check online to make sure you aren’t missing some good deals over the standard fayre.
  • Booking well ahead will give you the best chance of a deal
  • Avoid the high-speed train. For adults, the Frecciarossa (fast and direct)  is generally double the price of the regional trains with multi stops. If saving money is more  important than convenience, take this option
  •  Be flexible if possible. Traveling on the peak will be more  expensive, so check out a couple of days either side

On board train facts

onboard train rome

Frecciarossa trains are kitted out with the best of the best train facilities!  The high-speed train from Rome to Florence is definitely the best way to travel.

Benefits  include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Power
  • Wifi
  • Toilets
  • Onboard  cafe

If you are lucky enough to get on the newer Frecciarossa100 you’ll notice how quiet it is!

Regional trains vary in their kit out. Any train scheduled as an Interregionale, Diretto, and Espresso is likely to be a slower train when compared to the  Freccia. They may or may not have air conditioning and are unlikely to have wifi. However, there’ll at least be a toilet.

Tip – If you're keen on expanding your knowledge about Italian railways, delve into our comprehensive guide on trains in Italy and discover what awaits you during your travels.

A trip from Rome to Florence by train in brief

Aerial view Florence city

Here’s our recommended option!

Train type Frecciarossa
Operator TrenItalia
Max Speed 400 km per hour
Journey Time 1.25h
Departs Rome Termini Station
Arrives Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station
Distance 232 km
Price €50 adult, €22 child
Number of stops none
Number of trains daily 28

Is there a direct train from Rome Airport to Florence?

There is no direct train from either Rome  FCO or Rome CIA. If you want to take a train from Rome's airports to Florence you will need to change in Termini. 

How to get from Florence train station to city center

Florence is a much more compact city than Rome and easily navigated on foot. On arrival at Santa Maria station, you are just a 15-minute stroll to the cathedral. Unless you have huge luggage with you, you should be able to easily get from the train station to your accommodation on foot.

Other options to travel to Florence

We’ve already covered how to drive from Rome to Florence, and how to take the bus. But are there any other options?

Flight from Rome to Florence

Flights from Rome to Florence

Alitalia offers one daily flight between Rome and Florence. Flight time is 55 minutes and generally cost under 100€. For all the time you have to sit around in the airport though, we’d still recommend the train and all the more so for ecological reasons!

Organised/combo tour from Rome to Florence

If you prefer to not do this trip yourself, you could take an organized tour between Rome and  Florence. Some official day trips offer the full package  and can  include:

  • transfer to  Rome with  a guide (by train  or car)
  • traditional Italian lunch
  • guided walking tour of Florence main tourist spots
  • free  time to explore cultural activities at  your own pace
  • Expect to pay over €180 for this sort of trip.

Book your organized tour from Rome to Florence here.

Why should you go on a trip to Florence

A couple in Florence

Florence is a history and culture dream! Check out the highlights below:

  • UNESCO World Heritage City Centre
  • The ancient  Ponte Vecchio
  • The stunning 15th-century Cathedral – the Duomo 
  • 14th Century Vecchio Palace
  • Uffizi Palace and Gallery – for a spot of art in stunning surroundings

FAQs – Rome to Florence by Train

faq roma pass travel blog

Check out some of the most asked questions we’ve received about train travel between Rome and  Florence.

How far is Rome to Florence - train?

By train, Rome is 232 km from Florence.

How far is Rome from Florence - car ?

On the A1, it’s 272 km.

How long is the train from Rome to Florence?

It depends on the type of train chosen: the journey can take between 1h30 and 3 hours. Between 3 and 4 hours if you go by car or bus.

How much is a train ticket from Rome to Florence?

For adults, expect to pay around €50 on the high-speed train. Slower regional trains are about half that price.

Is there a high speed train from Rome to Florence?

Of course! The Frecciarossa train will take you to Florence in 1 hour 36 minutes only!

Is wifi available on the train from Rome to Florence?

If you opt for the high-speed train yes, you will be able to log on to wifi. Regional trains usually don’t have this option.

Will there be air conditioning on my train from Rome to Florence?

On the high-speed train yes, you can expect the cabin to be quite comfortable. For slower regional trains, this is not guaranteed. Better crank open the window!

Can you fly from Rome to Florence?

You can - Air Italia offers a daily flight from Rome to Florence, but the flight time is 55 minutes. Add to this sitting on the plane waiting to take off, security, and having to check-in up to one hour before, it’s really not worth your time.


We hope there’s enough information here to help you decide how to best plan your trip. Let us know how you got from Rome to Florence by train! Or, if you chose a different way to travel we’re interested to know how it worked out! You can check out some of our other hints and tips about Rome –  including hotels and transport – here.

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