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Monti Rome Neighborhood: Attractions & Travel Tips

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Monti Rome is one of the most scenic, vibrant and bustling of Rome’s enchanting Rione.

Situated slap bang in the center of the city, it’s where you head to feel the buzz, enjoy stunning Italian architecture and people watch the world go by.

Let’s dive right into Monti Rome Italy so you can get a feel for this gorgeous part of town before you visit.

Is Monti A Good Area To Stay In Rome?

Staying Monti neighborhood Rome

A lot of the tourist hotels are located in Monti, and you can be forgiven for thinking it’s one of the best places to stay in Rome.

And we would (in general) not disagree. Monti is a great area in which to stay if you are visiting Rome for just a short period of time – like a weekend break.

Then, you’ve got the Eternal City right on your doorstep. In fact, most travelers book this area for its close proximity to the key attractions such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

They are just a stone throw away! Those staying in the area usually get in touch with us to ask is Monti Rome safe? We always give the same advice – yes it’s safe, just be prepared as in any big city and ensure you have your personal belongings with you at all times!

Tip – Keep your bags closed and never set them down when in a cafe, and don’t leave valuables lying around your hotel room. Common sense should keep you safe when you are in Monti Rome!

Monti – the Hipster Neighborhood Rome

Not only is Monti known for its history and great scenery – it is also known as one of the hip neighborhoods that Rome has to offer.

Known for its boutique stores and wine shops that sell good local vino, you can join the crowd and sit out in the squares as the sun goes down – take in the Monti Vibe!

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How To Get From Rome's Airports To Monti

Since Monti is so centrally located it is really not a difficult task.

From FCO you can take the train straight to Rome Termini – it’s about a 30-minute ride
From Ciampino Airport you can take a bus.

It costs as little as €4 and takes about 50 minutes to Termini Station.

Or you might want to consider the premium transport service offered by Online Travel Card. It's a bit pricier than the train or bus, but the convenience and comfort are definitely worth it, especially if you want to avoid any transportation hassles during your trip to Rome. Check it out here.

Our Must Do  – Do Not Miss Gelato Monti Rome

If you only have 5 minutes to spend in Monti Rome then this is your one must do activity.

Grab a gelato from one of the many local gelato shops and enjoy it sitting on some steps, by a fountain or in a square as you take in the local vibe in the Piazza della Madonna ai Monti.

Wondering What To Do In Monti Rome? Tips from Locals

If you are staying in Monti for a few days and have some hours to spare in between the usual tourist itinerary of must-sees in Rome, then check out our mini guide.

Here we feature some great things to do in Monti!

Monti Rome Moonlight Tour

A great way to see the area at night, what’s not to love about the vibe that comes with the evenings in Rome.

Watch locals enjoy an aperitivo or learn about some of the local architecture. Tickets start at €23.

2-Hour Food Tour in Monti and Surrounding Areas

Foodies flock to Rome, and it is no surprise why.

Pick from lunch or dinner and enjoy learning about the quirks and stories about local cuisine on this guided tour.

Tickets from €55.

Street Food Tour – Monti

Guided tours Monti Rome listed

Another way to learn about local Roman life is to hit up a street food tour!

Visit stalls and hole-in-the-wall establishments as you snack and stroll! Tickets start at €64.

Romantic Pizza Evening in Monti

We feel this guide is featuring a lot of food. But why not?

Roman cuisine is so delicious! This romantic sunset walk with a local guide will allow you to nibble a bunch of pizza with the Colosseum as a stunning backdrop. Also, check out our guide on how to spend a romantic day in Rome.

Top Monti Attractions

There is still more to see and do in and around the Monti district!

Here are the most visited attractions in the area.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore

This beautiful church is often referred to as Our Lady of the Snows. Check out our full guide to the history behind its nickname here.

San Pietro in Vincoli

Stunning church – in English “St Peter in Chains” is home to the Michalangelo statue of Moses as well as the tomb of Pope Julius II.

Piazza Madonna dei Monti

The centerpiece of the Monti district, this square is where locals and tourists alike gather, especially on a warm summer evening to enjoy a spot of people watching.

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Hipster neighborhood Monti Rome

Often bought as a combo ticket alongside the Colosseum, the Roman Forum boasts an incredible collection of history, temples, old government buildings and resting places of some of Rome’s greatest historical leaders.


Who can forget one of Rome’s most popular attractions. The stunning backdrop of the Roman arches of the Colosseum are visible even if you don’t buy a ticket.

Trajan’s Market

Trajan's market forum

Built in 100 AD, Trajan’s Market was the place for trade and commerce back in the day, and is well worth a visit if you have time.

Via Urbana

The road that gives Monti its hipster reputation- little boutiques, art stores and vintage clothing shops abound in and around the Via Urbana.

Santa Prassede

An often overlooked church tucked away down a little street near its more famous companion the Santa Maria Maggiore.

Salita dei Borgia

Beautiful street connecting different parts of Monti that is worth an evening stroll for its quaint atmosphere.

Having Fun in Monti Rome with Kids

Visiting Monti Rome with kids

If you are taking the kids to the Colosseum in the heat of the day then make sure you have built in some fun for them too!

There are a few schools that offer “Gladiator training for kids” What better way than to make history come to life with this great experience.

You can book tickets for around €95 online in advance.

Where To Eat In Monti Rome? Famous & Hidden Places

Its central nature can make Monti a bit of a tourist trap for overpriced pizza and pasta, poor service and even worse wine.

But if you know where to look then you can have a great experience.

So just where do locals eat in Monti Rome?

Well, La Taverna Dei Fori Imperiali features heavily on many locals lists of places to eat in Rome. A mix of meats, pasta and of course spaghetti, as well as some delicious Sicilian dishes make this a worthwhile stop among Monti Rome Restaurants.

Fancy restaurants

If you are looking into the best restaurants in Monti Rome you will also need to find a decent pizza place.

Tip – For the best pizza in Monti Rome look no further than Pizza Della Madonna dei Monti. This is a good one for those on the go as you can grab some of its delicious food by the slice!

And, if you fancy pasta then you can join thousands of people searching for the best food in Monti Rome.

Carbonara is one of the most favored pasta dishes here, and you can get your fix at La Carbonara Rome Monti. Otherwise, if you fancy a light bite and some stunning rooftop views then Terrazza Monti will no doubt give you your fix.

Let’s not forget breakfast! Head to La Licata if your hotel doesn’t include breakfast and enjoy good coffee, excellent pastries and a stunning view of the Colosseum!

Best Coffee Shops and Bakeries in Monti Rome

Got a sweet tooth or looking for an afternoon cake and coffee fix?

Monti has a plentiful range of delicious pastry shops and coffee joints. Visit Cafe Cafe (consistently voted as the best coffee shop in Monti Rome) for just the right blend of atmosphere and food.

Antico Caffe Del Brasile is the place to head if you want sweet and fresh pastries all day long in a bakery in Monti Rome. For the best coffee in Monti Rome head to the bar at 081 and enjoy it standing up with the locals.

Where To Shop In Monti Rome

We already mentioned that Monti is well known for its fun hipster vibe and that includes vintage shops and boutiques!

If you are into second-hand fashion then shopping in Monti Rome will be a real treat.

You can also visit the Mercato Monti Market Rome for fresh pasta, handmade goods and decent coffee. And one of our favorite stores is Pifebo Monti Rome.

Nightlife in Monti Rome

Nightlife Italy

A hipster vibe during the day can only mean one thing – great nightlife!

Bars like the Barber Shop and the Rooftop Spritzeria Monti give you just a little taste of where to go out in Monti Rome.

One of the best bars in Monti Rome is Blackmarket Hall – offering an underground vibe and a delicious buffet on Sundays too!

Are There Any Galleries In Monti Rome Worth Of Visiting?

The aforementioned Blackmarket Bar has an interesting sister venue that is the Blackmarket Art Gallery.

Where To Stay In Monti Rome – Our Top Places to Stay in Monti Monti palace hotel

If you have googled where to stay in Monti then you may have already come across a common debate – which is better Monti Palace Hotel or Hotel Pace Helvezia Rome?

For us, we like the modern facilities and upgraded decor of the Monti Palace Hotel – to be honest the Hotel Pace Helvezia is feeling a little too old school (although its rooftop views might seal it for sum).

For modern decor with a hint of the traditional, Vibe Nazionale Rome offers great rooms for just over €100 a night with a delicious breakfast (you can also book half board).

The Inn At The Roman Forum gives you just enough quirkiness to enjoy, with fabulous rooms starting at around €220 in the summer.

Finally, the Viminale View Hotel has rooms from just €100 a night with great views as its name suggests! There are so many decent hotels in Monti Rome that you will surely find something that suits your budget and style.

Tip – And if you prefer the familiar over the unknown, then the Doubletree By Hilton Rome Monti will give you just what you are accustomed to.

Monti vs Trastevere: Which Is Better to Visit

If you are short on time and want to be central – we’re talking those with a tight 48hr itinerary – then Monti is probably your best bet.

However we are suckers for Trastevere – it has a wider range of restaurants and nightlife, and can feel more “local” than Monti.

Having said that, the charm, vibe, and general gorgeousness of both areas makes it extremely difficult to choose one!

Frequently Asked Questions About Monti Neighborhood Rome

faq roma pass travel blog

What does Monti mean in Roman Latin?

The word Monti means “hills” - and you will soon work out why when you visit.

How many days is enough in the Monti neighborhood of Rome?

You can cover most of Monti in around 3 days. That’s why it is a good area in which to stay if you are on a short weekend break to Rome.

Where can I park near the Monti Garden Hotel in Rome?

The Monti Garden Hotel in Rome has parking for guests. If you need to park near here but aren’t a guest, we recommend finding an underground parking garage.

What is the cost of the train from Rome airport to Monti?

From FCO to Monti (Termini Station) you can expect to pay around €10.

Is the Monti neighborhood the most famous area of Rome?

Monti is probably the best known neighborhood. Even if you do not know it by name, many of its attractions already make it famous!


This is a gorgeous area in which to stay and explore if you are in Rome.

And even if you find a hotel a bit further out it doesn’t matter – make sure to pop over to Monti at some point to check out the vibe!

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