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Skip the line Villa Borghese

How to visit Borghese Gallery and avoid the queue with skip the line tickets ?

Do you want to know how to book your Borghese Gallery tickets? Visiting the Borghese Gallery means discovering one of the most emblematic museums in Rome. It's a must-visit during your stay in the Italian capital. Like any major tourist site, planning your visit to the Borghese Gallery should be done before you arrive in [...]

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Visiting Rome in June

Rome Weather in June Info & Great Tips for the Perfect Trip

You want to know what the weather is like in Rome in June ? Imagine that : sunny skies and sunshine. Rome in June is perfect for adventure! This is when the Eternal City truly shines, offering the best mix of sunny weather and cool spots to explore. June is your ticket to seeing Rome [...]

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Rome in July

Visiting Rome in July : Perfect Weather + Guide and Packing Tips

Imagine visiting Rome in July, where the summer sun brightens everything from ancient sites like the Colosseum to lively squares like Piazza Navona. During this time, Rome is warm and vibrant, with extended daylight giving you more time to explore. However, with July's weather in Rome being so warm, knowing how to stay cool is [...]

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best things to do In Rome

42 Best things to do in Rome that are worth booking in advance

Looking for the best things to do in Rome? Exploring Rome is like going on a treasure hunt, and this guide is your treasure map. If you're wondering what to do in Rome, look no further! We'll show you all the coolest spots you'll want to check out before you even pack your bags. From [...]

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Weather in Rome in May

Rome in May : Weather, Guide & Travel Tips for the Perfect Springtime Trip

Exploring the weather in Rome in May unlocks the perfect journey. It's warm enough for comfortable wanders but not too hot for shade-seeking. Imagine a Rome less crowded, where every historic site and gelato stand awaits you, making the adventure even better. This is Rome in May - a city blossoming under the spring sun, [...]

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Rome Wheather Colosseum

How to buy Colosseum tickets in Rome : All you need to know before your Colosseum visit

If you don't know how to buy Colosseum tickets the right way, you might get frustrated or end up paying too much, or even miss out on seeing it. Today, I want to help you avoid these scenarios and show you a step-by-step process on how to book Colosseum tickets. To make sure you get [...]

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Stay in rome hotel pacehelvetia

Where to stay in Rome? Find the best neighborhood to sleep in Rome !

Knowing where to stay in Rome isn’t always easy. The city centre is not as big as people may think. If you want to be close to all the major attractions, finding a hotel or apartment in the area between the Termini Station, Piazza di Spagna, the Colosseum and the Tiber River is a good [...]

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Rome weather in April

Rome in April : Weather, Guide & Travel Tips for the Perfect Trip

Rome's weather in April? Imagine walking around Rome when it's not too hot, not too cold, just perfect for exploring those ancient streets and cool spots without sweating or shivering. April in Rome means the city is waking up with flowers everywhere and lots of fun things to do, but not as crowded as in [...]

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Weather in Rome in spring

Rome Weather March : What to do and pack for Rome in March ?

What is the weather like in Rome in March? That's the question for anyone planning a trip to the Eternal City during this under-the-radar month. March in Rome isn't just a transition from winter to spring. It's a unique opportunity to see the city in a whole new light. You get the best of both [...]

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Best Hotels Near Trevi Fountain Rome guide

Best Hotels Near Trevi Fountain Rome (For Your Travel Needs & Budget)

Heading to Rome and want to stay near the amazing Trevi Fountain? I have looked around for best hotels near Trevi Fountain Rome, so you don’t have to. Whether you have lots of money to spend or are saving your euros, we've found great places for you. Our choices aren't just random hotels. I have [...]

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