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Palazzo Colonna in Rome

Palazzo Colonna Rome: Facts about Colonna Family, Tours & Tickets

Sitting adjacent to the church of Santa Apostille, Palazzo Colonna is one of the oldest and grandest palaces in Rome. Built over a period of five centuries, it houses impressive architecture and a magnificent art gallery and is one of the must-visit attractions if you are visiting Rome. A Short History of Palazzo Colonna The [...]

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Rome pickpockets avoid

Rome Pickpockets: What to Expect & How to Avoid Becoming A Victim

Wherever you travel in the world, popular tourist areas also attract a criminal element, and Rome pickpockets are definitely an issue you need to prepare for. But despite being an issue, they are not going to ruin your stay in Rome, here is our guide to knowing what to look for and how to avoid [...]

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Best street art in Rome guide

Best Street Art In Rome: Areas, Tours, Famous & Local Artists

Best Street Art Rome - what is it? Well, you may think that Rome is all sculptures, fountains, cobbled streets, and beautiful piazzas. And that’s a fairly true assessment, but it is not the full picture of this city. Rome is a mish mash of ancient and new, and for every market square or statue [...]

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Driving in Rome guide

Driving In Rome Guide: Practical Tips, Laws & Restrictions

Is driving in Rome sensible? Is it dangerous or complicated? Is it even worth it if there is a decent transport system? We will answer all these questions here in this guide. Driving in Rome is often equated to driving in other large European cities - you will often hear people stating they would never [...]

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National Etruscan Museum in Rome

National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia: Things to See & Tickets

Of all the attractions and historic journeys Rome has to offer, the National Etruscan Museum is one of the best. A glimpse into the history of the Etruscan civilization, it is a wonderful, informative experience. To make sure you get the very best experience possible, here is a guide to making the most of your [...]

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Centrale Montemartini in Rome

Centrale Montemartini Museum In Rome: Interesting Facts & Tickets

Housed in a former power plant, Centrale Montemartini is a fascinating mix of modern and ancient. Its exquisite works trace the history of Rome and make it a must-visit destination. Here is everything you need to make the most of your trip. The Short History of the Central Montemartini Museum in Rome For many years [...]

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National museum Rome guide

National Museum Rome: Palazzo Massimo, Crypta Balbi & More

National Museum Rome, formerly known as the Archaeological Museum of Rome, was established in 1889. The earliest location of this museum was in the Santa Maria Degli Angeli monastery complex, which is now part of the Diocletian Baths complex. As the collections grew, three new sites were established to display the collections, as the original [...]

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Jewish museum Rome visiting guide

Jewish Museum Rome Great Synagogue Visiting Tips & Tickets

Attracting visitors from around the world, the Jewish Museum Rome is one of the highlights of the city. Telling the story of Jews living in Rome over the last 2000 years, The Jewish Museum of Rome shines a light on a part of Roman history few are aware of. Here are our tips for making [...]

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Leonardo da Vinci museum in Rome experience

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Rome: Best Things to See & Tickets

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome is an impressive experience waiting to be discovered. Located at the historic Piazza del Popolo, it is a must-see destination for families and all visitors alike to immerse in the life, mind, and impressive works of one of the world’s greatest geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci. History of the [...]

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How to eat cheap in Rome

Eat Cheap In Rome: Best Cheap Eats in Rome Neighborhoods

This city can get pretty pricey, but it is possible to eat cheap in Rome. However, once you’ve sorted your flights and hotels, then perhaps bought a city pass, the cost starts to add up. After that, you’ll need spending money for food, drinks, and of course gelato! We will give you some tips and [...]

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