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What is aperitivo in Rome

What Is Aperitivo: Meaning, Types & Best Place to Try One

When in Rome – you simply must understand what is aperitivo in order to fully enjoy roman way of life! A welcome break from long hours trawling through museums or ruins, you’ll spot this little evening tradition happening on terraces and sidewalks throughout the city. So just what is an aperitif? Find out more about [...]

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List of the Trees in Rome

Trees In Rome: Pine, Orange, Tall & Other Types of Trees

You could be forgiven for thinking that there are no trees in Rome. If you imagine the eternal city, you’ll probably conjure up images of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, bustling streets and roadside cafes. We’re pretty sure that you won’t be thinking much about trees! But you’d be wrong to think that Rome [...]

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Does it snow in Italy guide

Does It Snow In Italy Rome, Florence, Venice & More

Does it snow in Italy? Well, the answer is a very boring “that depends”. You are probably better off asking the question “does it snow in northern Italy?” - then the answer gets a resounding yes! Let’s check on the whens and wheres of the white stuff! How Often Does It Snow in Italy in [...]

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National animal of Italy history

National Animal of Italy: History, Reasons & Meaning

There is actually no official national animal of Italy. But, there is one that Italians from the north to the south would identify as their symbolic animal. Introducing the Grey Wolf, also known as the Apennine Wolf. Found in the northern mountain ranges of Italy, and also in neighbouring Switzerland, this animal has become the [...]

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Drinking age in Italy

Drinking Age in Italy: Everything about Italy Alcohol Law

It's time for the tough topic - The legal drinking age in Italy! A trip to Italy is - for many - all about the food and the drink! And whilst you don't really need to worry about whether pizza or carbonara is legal to consume, you will need to be aware of the drinking [...]

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Find Best Restaurants in Trastevere

The Best Restaurants in Trastevere Rome Italy – Pick Your Ideal Place

The Trastevere area of Rome is one that very much has a local vibe. With great restaurants that extend beyond the standard tourist fayre and a less frantic atmosphere, Trastevere is perfect if you want to explore local cuisine. There are some tourist traps, however! Let’s explore this vibrant area together and discover the best [...]

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New Years Eve in Rome fireworks

Rome New Years Eve: Plan Your Perfect Night Today

Rome wakes up from it’s post Christmas slumber with a series of Rome New Year's Eve events! Tourists and locals alike can join together to celebrate the New Year in Rome. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you plan just which events you want to attend. Let’s explore this magical time together. New [...]

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Christmas in Rome

Christmas In Rome 2022: All About Roman Christmas Celebration

Spending Christmas in Rome might be one of the best decisions ever. Rome is always a fascinating place to visit, but Christmas is absolutely magical. With the city lit up with twinkling lights, shopping underway and excitement on everyone’s faces, you will be lucky to be part of it. Let’s discover all there is to [...]

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Best carbonara in Rome

Best Carbonara in Rome: Including the Most Visited Roman Carbonara Restaurants!

Looking for the best carbonara in Rome? If you are anything like us you will be a carbonara fan. This delicious creamy pasta is a firm favourite amongst adults and kids alike. Usually made with traditional pasta, eggs and topped off with pork cheek, you can now get gluten free, dairy free and even halal [...]

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Rome in September

Rome in September Weather, Travel Tips & Places to Visit

Planning a trip to Rome in September? You may have made a good choice! In this article we will cover all that you can expect from your early Autumn trip to the Eternal City. From weather to events, where to stay and what to eat, we will cover it all in this guide. Read on [...]

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