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Rome points of interest and best things to do to discover the Eternal City

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How to get the most out of a $100 a day budget in Rome ?

Visit Rome on a Budget : If we waited until we had a massive travel budget, most of us wouldn’t travel at all. But with a bit of forward planning, it’s easy to do Rome in style on a modest budget. If you’re planning to visit Rome on a budget, then our handy guide will [...]

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Rome Wheather Colosseum

Must see in Rome, tips and tricks for a great trip in Italy

A visit of the must see in Rome should be on the travel bucket list of every serious traveler. It’s a city that stimulates all the senses with its historical ruins, rich cultural heritage, and contemporary Italian flair. The biggest challenge when planning a trip is to decide on the things you must see in [...]

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rome points of interest

Rome points of interest: 10 good reasons why you should visit Rome

Visiting Rome is on the travel bucket list of every person who loves history, architecture, and art. These are certainly very good reasons to visit the eternal city but there are many other Rome points of interest to inspire you to visit at least once in a lifetime. So, if you still doubt whether you [...]

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