Find out is weed legal in Italy

Wondering Is Weed Legal in Italy : Here’s All About Weed and Laws in 2024

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If you are someone who enjoys the odd recreational puff, then you may be wondering just what the pot laws in Italy actually are. We will take you on a journey on weed in Italy in this article, including all the tips you need to know in order to stay legal during your trip. Let’s read on to find out.

Weed Laws in Italy 2024

Let’s start with the laws. Cannabis is officially only legal in Italy for medical use.

However, it has been decriminalised.

This is a sort of gray area as governments and local municipalities do not want to bear the expense of trialing and jailing minor drug users. They do not however wish to give a carte blanche to drug use, so they have stopped short of making it legal.

In 2014 the Italian state introduced Law 79. This effectively made grouped Cannabis as a less dangerous drug. As Italy decriminalised drugs of lower danger, this means that possession of cannabis for personal recreational use can still result in a fine, but it is not a felony per se.

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What Do Italy’s Cannabis Laws Mean in Practice?

What Law 79 means in practice can vary depending on where you are or who is in charge of enforcing it. Police often turn a blind eye, you may on one occasion get a disapproving look, or a mild verbal warning, but no more.

On a different day you could get your stash confiscated and even your identity documents removed from your possession. We don't recommend doing anything that could get you into trouble during your trip, but if you must, make sure you keep only a small amount with you at any time.

What Amounts of Cannabis Are Defined as Personal Use in Italy?

1.5 grams is defined as the maximum amount for reasonable personal consumption. If you keep below this amount, no one can prosecute you. Note however you could still be at risk of a fine and if caught on more than one occasion, it could lead to more stringent measures.

Tip Never be tempted to sell cannabis in Italy. Selling cannabis is punishable by a fine of up to €75k . You can even buy weed – or “light marijuana” in stores in Italy. Light marijuana is defined as anything with a THC content of less than 0.5%.

What Is the Difference Between Cannabis, Weed and Marijuana?

All about weed laws in Italy

Cannabis, weed and marijuana are often used interchangeably. So looking for weed in Rome would mean potentially asking for cannabis for example. But is there actually a difference? Subtly, yes there is. Cannabis refers to the whole plant and any product from that plant.

Marijuana is a bit more specific, referring only to the product coming from the stems, seeds and leaves. And weed? That's slang for cannabis or marijuana. Got it?

How to Find a Legal Online Weed Shop in Italy

If you really need to enjoy a fix when in Italy, then you may wonder if it is possible to get weed in Rome delivered to your door via an online service.

The answer is yes, there are a number of legal online shops catering to the medical cannabis trade at which you may find what you need. There are several located in Italy as well, although the majority on this list here ship to the EU from their location.

Where to Find Weed Shops in Italian Cities

Here’s a guide to weed shops in Italy.

Is Weed Legal in Italy Rome

Tips for visiting Rome

If you are looking for a weed shop in Rome that sells “light cannabis” then look no further than this great little invention. L’Oracolo di Bob is the perfect option in Rome for getting a legal fix with anonymity. In fact, it is sold from a vending machine on the Via Grabau in the Prati district. Even better, the machine runs 24/7 and there is now an app that will deliver it right to your door!


Visit the BuenaVita Milano when you are in Milan. Located on Via Donatello 1, this shop also has a vending machine open 24/7.

Venice and Verona

There is a branch of Cannabis Store Amsterdam in Venice and Mea Culpa Hemp Store in Verona is highly recommended.


In Sardinia, you can get it delivered straight to your door via the Sardinia Weed Shop.


There is a 24 hour shop in Naples on the Via Enrico De Marinis 8 in Naples.


Head to the Santa Maria Novella quarter where you can get a safe fix.


In Bolzano, head to Black Monkey on the Via Rovigo, 20, 39100 Bolzano BZ, Italy.


There are several shops in Rimini – you can go to the Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 81c to World Weed.


The Green Weed Grow and Head shop is located in Via Baldassare Zamboni, 33/35.

3 Tips on How to Get Weed in Italy

  1. Do not buy from dealers in the street. Not only do you not know what you are getting, but you could risk getting in trouble with the police
  2. Smoking cannabis in Italy is illegal in public, and you will notice the packs you buy in the stores will discourage from smoking it
  3. The good news is you do not need any ID!

Is CBD legal in Italy ?

Right now in Italy, there's a bit of a confusing situation about CBD, which is a product made from the cannabis plant. The Italian government wanted to make CBD oil a kind of medicine that you can only get from a pharmacy with a doctor's prescription. They said it was like a narcotic, which is a strong drug that can be harmful. But a lot of people who make and sell CBD didn't agree with this. They said CBD isn't harmful like that.

So, what happened? A big court in Italy, called the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, stepped in. They decided to pause the government's plan until January 16, 2024. This means for now, people can still buy and use CBD oil without it being treated like a serious drug. The court said that they don't think CBD is dangerous or that it can make you addicted.

This is important because many people in Italy, and all over Europe, use CBD for different reasons, like in foods or skincare products. If the government's rule had gone through, it would have made it hard for Italian companies to sell CBD, and it would have become more expensive and harder to find for people who need it.

Everyone is now waiting to see what will happen next. In January 2024, the court will decide if the government's plan to make CBD oil like a narcotic will go ahead or not. This decision is a big deal because it will affect how people can buy and use CBD in Italy in the future.

Can I Fly with CBD To Italy ?

If you're flying to Italy and want to bring CBD, you have to be careful.

Make sure that the CBD you have doesn't have more than a tiny bit of THC (that's another part of the cannabis plant that can make people feel different). You should carry it in your backpack or bag that you take on the plane. Also, it's really important to have special papers like a receipt and a note that says where the CBD came from.

Even though CBD is okay to use in Italy, it's tricky to bring it from places like the USA. The rules can change, and sometimes it depends on the person checking your stuff when you arrive in Italy.

The best idea might be to buy CBD in Italy after you get there, because you can find it in many shops there.

Frequently Asked Questions on Is Weed Legal in Italy

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Is weed legal in Italy for tourists?

Smoking weed in Italy is illegal, but it is decriminalised. So you can procure a very small amount of weed for your own purposes only.

Is smoking weed legal in Italy on the street?

No it is not. Consume any cannabis products indoors - but not if your accommodation does not allow smoking!

How much is legal weed in Italy?

Expect to pay between $10 and $15 a gram, although some areas of Italy boast extremely high prices.

Conclusion about Weed Laws in Italy

As smoking weed in Italy is not strictly legal, we recommend you abstain altogether when visiting the Eternal City. Fill your time up instead with the many great things to in Rome!

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