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Money in Rome: everything you need to know

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We get asked this question a lot – just how much money do I need for my trip to Rome?! Well, our answer usually is ambiguous – it depends! Are you a budget traveller? Do you save up for a trip to give yourself a medium budget, enough to enjoy more than the standard sights? Are you marking a special occasion and are going all out?! It depends!

Read on to find out the costs of most of the major items making up a trip to help you manage your money in Rome.


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Money in Rome – Setting your daily budget

Let’s think about what is needed as part of the package.

Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms are the first big expense. There are a wide range of hotels in Rome to suit all budgets. Mid-range and centrally located hotels will be in the 130euros mark. Budget hotels start at about 75euros, with high end hotels upwards of 200 to 300euros. For the full lowdown on what to expect hotel-wise, check out our detailed guide on Rome’s hotels.

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Eating out

Food can make a big dent in your daily budget. You want to experience this city, and not get ripped off with mediocre meals that cost a fortune. Here’s some tips on eating out in Rome:

– Try to get a hotel that includes breakfast.

– Eat your main meal at lunch time – it’s much cheaper (a menu for under 10 euros)

– Or, grab a slice of pizza and eat in the piazza for lunch, saving money for dinner

Depending on how you do it, you could eat for as little as 20€ per day if your hotel includes breakfast. For more information, see our guide on eating out in Rome.


If you don’t efficiently manage your travel your 10euros notes will quickly disappear as you break them for change for the metro. Get a travel card to keep control of your money in Rome.

A 3 day tourist pass costs just 16.50€, or a week long travel card is 24€. Our travel options page has plenty of information – check it out here.

Planning ahead is always the best way to save time and money when it comes to travel. And when it comes to your airport transfer in Rome, you can't go wrong with Online Travel Card.

This premium service will ensure that you have a smooth arrival experience, with an experienced driver waiting for you at the arrival hall holding a sign with your name on it. You can rest easy knowing that you won't have to navigate the public transportation system or worry about finding a taxi.

And the best part? You won't have to pay until you meet your driver and arrive at your destination. So go ahead and book with Online Travel Card to make your Rome trip a breeze!


There are a few big hitters every visitor to Rome wants to tick off – the Colosseum and the Vatican being the top on many itineraries. You’ll need about 20€ a day for attractions, but we would recommend a city pass to ensure you cover all the bases. Check the different discount cards here or read on our Roma Pass review article.

Of course, there are many free attractions in Rome – the Spanish Steps and St Peters Basilica are two such examples.

Open a Bank Account to avoid international Fees

Opening an online bank account can be very interesting if you don't want to pay extra fees.

We recommend the German Bank N26, which is probably one of the best online banks. You can pay in a wide range of currencies. Your credit card will therefore be useful in Italy to avoid paying fees, but also in your next trips abroad!

N26 includes travel insurance as well. You'll be cover for flight, luggage and luggage loss. Thanks to its many partners, you have access to worldwide ATMs where you can withdraw foreign currency cash free of charge as well as you can pay online and in shops. All this without any international transaction fees.

N26 offers different packages:

  • N26 YOU  – free subscription & good for occasional travellers / Open an account
  • N26 METAL – if you are regular traveller with unlimited and free withdrawals and payments abroad / Open an account
  • N26 BUSINESS – much more complete for entrepreneurs or freelancers / Open an account

We'll recommend you to compare the options to find the one that suits your needs.

Money in Rome: Should I bring cash before arriving?

We would recommend bringing a third of your spending money in cash for the reason above. You should however check out what your bank will charge you to withdraw abroad – if it is a hefty fee you may prefer to bring all your money in cash.

This also helps you manage your budget. Another great option is to purchase a prepaid travel card for the remainder – this will eliminate any bank fees for withdrawals.

Money in Rome: Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted in Rome in major stores, museums and large restaurants. For smaller establishments, such as local ice cream shops, pizza places or family run stores cash is probably more preferable as many do not take card.

ATMs in Rome

Talking about withdrawing cash – ATMs are widely available in Rome and are on many street corners. Visa has made the list of ATMs to withdraw money in Rome. Don’t forget to tell your bank you will be travelling to Italy – they may block your card if you don’t!

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Currency Exchange in Rome

If you must take your foreign currency into Rome then you’ll need to find a reputable currency exchange when you land. It’s generally not recommended to do this – Italy offers pretty poor exchange rates to those changing Pounds Sterling or Dollars. It’s best to change your money before you arrive.

If you need a currency exchange note the majority of Italian banks will only change money for their own customers. Instead, you will need to go to an exchange booth at the airports, the Termini train station or the Vatican. Check a live map here. There are also official change booths at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza di Spagna.

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Money in Rome: Current Exchange Rates

As of June 2019, one Euro will cost £0.89 or $1.14 USD

Check here to compare the exchange between your currency and the euro in real time.

Conclusion on what is to know about money in Rome

Now you know the lowdown on the money situation in Rome it’s time to plan your trip (and save up so you can enjoy it). We recommend you check out our other pages that give more details on costs of tickets to main attractions. We also have comprehensive information on hotels, transport and dining out in Rome. Enjoy !

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