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Travel Insurance for Italy: Requirements & Latest Information

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Looking for travel insurance for Italy? We’ve got you covered – if you pardon the pun.

In this guide, we will go through the requirements for Italy and give you some hints and tips on how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to protecting yourself, fellow travelers, and your belongings. Let’s go.

Does Italy Require Travel Insurance?

Italy requirements travel insurance

Italy travel insurance requirements are complex. Travel insurance for Italy is mandatory for citizens of certain countries per the Schengen Visa rules.

If you fall into the category of nationalities that need a Schengen visa, then you will need travel insurance. If you are visiting Italy from the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, or the U.A.E, for example, you won’t need travel insurance by law – because you don't need a Schengen visa.

However, we always recommend you get it when traveling anywhere for peace of mind. Check out the full list of which nationalities require a Schengen Visa and Travel Insurance for Italy here.

In a hurry?

Best for US Citizens – Roam Right

Best Insurance for a For Nomad Traveller – Safety Wings & World Nomads

Big Insurance Brands For Everyone – Allianz & Axa Travel Insurance

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Italy?

Even if you do not need travel insurance for visa requirements, we would say yes, you do need travel insurance for Italy.

And whilst we don’t like to be doom-sayers, there are a number of things that can go wrong on an international trip nowadays.

From cancellations, changing vaccine requirements, weather-related delays, pickpocketing, illness, and damage that can occur to your personal items – there is plenty that can go wrong.

So we always recommend travel insurance for any trip.

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3 Reasons On Why You Need Travel Insurance For Italy

We mentioned a few things that can happen during a trip to Italy – let’s cover them in some more detail here.

1. Protect Your Belongings

One of the main reasons people take travel insurance for Italy is to protect their belongings.

Whilst Rome, for example, is a safe big city, it is crowded. During high season you can be jostling for position around attractions such as the Trevi Fountain. These prime locations are pickpocket hotspots.

And whilst you should always take precautions when out and about in any big city, it is worth it to know that a phone, wallet, or watch going missing won’t be the end of your holiday if you have decent travel insurance.

2. Protect Your Health

Getting sick whilst on holiday is not something any of us want to entertain as a possibility.

If you are a citizen of the EU and need urgent care, you are in luck. Your European health card will cover you during your stay if you need healthcare that cannot wait till you return to your home country.

But if you don’t bring your health card to Italy, you will have to pay and then claim it back later on.

Those who are not EU citizens could be racking up mega bills if they require healthcare during their stay. And bear in mind that if you require a Shengen Visa, your cover must also include repatriation in the event of a really bad incident.

3. Protect Your Money from Cancellation

Say there is adverse weather, a strange bout of covid, or a bunch of airline strikes affecting your vacation.

Whilst you will most likely get your money back from the airline (although this is a pain and some of them try to insist on giving vouchers) you won’t get your money back on your hotel, car hire, or other excursions if you did not book a package.

TipBook travel insurance to ensure you don’t lose your money if one cog in the chain breaks down.

4. It Can Give You Peace of Mind

Some travel insurance options for Italy are really cheap – when you look at it as a % of the price you have paid for your total vacation… It pays to have peace of mind should the worst happen for just a little extra.

What Are The Possible Risks Of Traveling Without Travel Insurance To Italy?

Traveling without insurance to Italy risks avoid

The main risk of traveling to Italy without travel insurance is financial.

You could not only lose the money you paid upfront for your holiday but also lose your belongings, your suitcase, or wait for days for replacement flights.

Keep your travel insurance in your back pocket to reduce the risk of financial problems if things go wrong!

Tip – You can book your travel insurance Italy online and pick levels of cover for certain items – the best ones will cover pickpocketing, delays, lost bags, and medical cover, amongst other eventualities. To make it easy for you, you can book your travel insurance to Italy from us here!

Things You Should Know about Healthcare In Italy For Tourists

Is healthcare free in Italy for tourists? The answer is no.

If you are a European Citizen, there is an exception – urgent healthcare will be covered by your European Healthcare Card.

If you have forgotten it, you’ll have to pay upfront and then claim it back, so it could be a costly mistake if you don't pack it.

Unfortunately, for the remainder of visitors to Italy you will need to pay – so you definitely need to have health insurance built into your Italy travel insurance.

What to Expect & How Much is Travel Insurance to Italy?

Travel insurance for Italy pricing

The price for travel insurance to Italy depends on a number of factors:

  • First, you select a number of add-ons, such as belongings and electronics cover, how much excess you want to pay, and the maximum amount of medical cover you want.
  • Then, insurance companies structure pricing based on your age, the number of people traveling, and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions. If you are aged below 35, pick a high excess, and are in good health, you can find decent cover for medical, cancellations, and belongings for less than €10!

Is Allianz Travel Insurance Any Good?

Allianz Travel Insurance Italy is one of the biggest names in all sorts of insurance – from household and travel, to cars and healthcare.

The basic travel insurance plan on offer from Allianz includes $10,000 in trip cancellation or interruption, $200 baggage cancellation in case of delay, and a 24 hotline assistance. One of the downsides of the basic option is, however, the emergency medical cover.

Transportation for emergency medical evacuation is only $50,000 – it sounds like a lot, but should you require special repatriation, it won’t go very far.

Is Axa Travel Insurance Italy Any Good?

Another big insurance brand is Axa. Those of you that own an American Express Platinum Card are already covered for travel insurance in Italy as part of the monthly fee.

And if not, Axa offers a range of insurance protections, including Axa travel insurance Italy. They also have single-trip and multiple-trip options and wider coverage for those traveling through many European countries.

A Few Things About Italy Schengen Visa Travel Insurance You Didn't Know

Facts about schengen visa travel insurance for Italy

We mentioned above that those of you that need a Schengen Visa require special travel insurance for Italy visa requirements.

But did you know that Italian travel for US citizens is visa free? That means you WON'T need to get a Schengen Visa and therefore are not required by law to get travel insurance.

However, just because it is not mandatory to get Italy Schengen Visa travel insurance doesn’t mean you should take the chance.

Tip – It is important to cover yourself, especially when coming from as far away as the United States or Australia to Italy.

How To Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Italy

Tips for choosing best travel insurance for Italy
  • Start with the base cover you require – if your holiday is booked as part of a package, then you may be covered for cancellations and flight related delays that also cover your hotel. In that case, cancellation insurance may not be as important.
  • If you are a European citizen, then your healthcare is covered, so you may prioritize your belongings as the main thing to insure0. Make sure you consider all the factors that apply to your situation.
  • Then – think about Italy! What are you going to be doing that might require additional insurance? Are you going to one of the beaches near Rome to do some water sports? Get some watersport cover. Or are you visiting Rome as part of a Mediterranean cruise? Then you can consider a special cruise cover that includes protecting you if you miss a departure!

Where Do I Get Travel Insurance for Italy?

It is a pretty overwhelming process booking a trip, organizing everything, and then trying to book insurance.

Your travel agent will try to sell insurance to you. Your cruise dealer. Your jet ski rental person. Even airlines nowadays try to sell travel insurance at the end of your booking.

Don’t bother with all that nonsense and secure your travel insurance for Italy today here, then focus on the fun stuff – planning what to see in Rome!

Best Travel Insurance For Italy Trip – Our Top Picks

To help you choose the best Italy travel insurance we have already pre-selected several good insurance deals from which you can choose!

Best Insurance for a For Nomad Traveler

Best travel insurance for Italy for digital nomads

Are you lucky enough to be your own boss? The new generation of digital nomads has created a specific niche for travel insurance companies.

You need insurance that covers you moving around multiple locations, insures your laptop or other equipment, and gives you peace of mind all year long.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Safety Wings Nomad Travel Insurance

We recommend Safety Wings Nomad travel insurance. From just $42, they offer medical, cancellation, and belongings lasting up to 4 weeks. 2 Kids are included in this price, and if you stay on the plan for more than 90 days, you are also covered for trips back to your home country!

World Nomads

World Nomad’s selling point is that it has been designed by nomads – so they really get what you need. Their website has a specific section designed for those who are wanting to be based temporarily in Italy. Check it out here.

Big Insurance Brands For Everyone

Choosing travel insurance Italy for everyone

If you don’t travel that often and want peace of mind from one of the big insurance brands, there are a couple we would recommend.

Look out for deals as well – sometimes you can get discounts if you have your home insurance or car insurance with the big brands.

Allianz Travel Insurance

One of the big hitters, Allianz Travel Insurance is trusted within the industry for premium cover that can protect you from all eventualities.

Log on to their website for a tailored quote specific to your needs. This insurance company will cover single and multi trips as well as adventure holidays such as skiing or longer travel periods such as gap years.

Axa Travel Insurance

Another go to trusted brand is Axa, frequently voted as number one for travel insurance. They have a dedicated section with advice and suggestions for those traveling specifically to Italy. Review it here!

Best for US Citizens – Travel Insurance to Italy from US

Coming to Italy from the US? Then you will definitely want to go with a travel insurance company you can trust with handling long-distance travel to Italy from the USA.

Try a company such as Roam Right. This US based company offers direct assistance to a US telephone number and is tailored to Americans traveling abroad.

If Something Goes Wrong – USA Embassy And Consulate Locations In Italy

Remember that even if you have comprehensive travel insurance, you are still entitled to consular assistance in Italy if something goes wrong.

This is true for things such as lost passports or other administrative matters, as well as worse case scenarios such as problems with the police or severe health matters. US citizens can check all the consular contact details in Italy on the consular website.

What Does Italy Travel Insurance Usually Cover?

What Does Italy Travel Insurance Usually Cover

Make sure you get the insurance that covers you for the main things that go wrong – and be careful; some companies just cover basic cancellations and passport loss.

Get coverage that insures you for cancellation of flights and associated knock on effects on hotels. Insure your belongings from both theft and accidental damage. Make sure there is lost baggage compensation and adequate healthcare for your needs.

Thinking About Driving In Italy? Here Is What You Need To Know

If you are renting a car in Italy, be aware that your standard travel insurance will likely not cover you for driving a rental car.

When you pick up a hire car in Italy, the price will usually cover basic third party damage, but won’t protect things like windscreens, your liability, and tires.

You should upgrade the basic insurance at the counter to avoid huge deposits on your credit card, large excesses, and additional financial stress. Also, don't forget to be super careful if you're planning to drive in Rome.

Before You Go Read about Additional Travel Requirements for Italy

You should check up regularly on things like:

  • Covid vaccine requirements for Italy (as of 2022, they have been lifted)
  • Ensure that your visa is in order
  • Make sure you are aware of any additional issues that may affect your trip such as political disturbances or extreme weather events, in advance of your trip. You can find much of this information on your consular website.


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Do I need health insurance to travel to Italy?

Yes - it is always recommended to have comprehensive health insurance when traveling to Italy. But if you are a European EU citizen you are covered under the common health agreement. Make sure to bring your health card with you.

Do you need traveler's insurance to rent a car in Italy?

Yes - you cannot hire a car in Italy without car insurance. But don’t worry - you will be sold this when you get to the car rental company.

What kind of travel insurance do you need for Italy?

We recommend comprehensive travel insurance for Italy - those who need a Schengen visa are required by law to have this - but it is a good idea for all to cover health, belongings and cancellations with insurance.

Do I need travel insurance to Italy from the UK?

Yes, it is always recommended to have travel insurance for Italy from the UK, especially since Brexit means that UK citizens are no longer covered by the European Union health agreement.


This is the whole lowdown on travel insurance for Italy. And now the boring stuff is out of the way (you can even book your insurance here with us), it is time to plan the rest of your trip.

In case you're traveling to Rome, check out our resources on hotels, things to do, and money-saving travel cards (full Rome sightseeing passes comparison and overview here) on this site!

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