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piazzas in rome

Top 10 Must See Piazzas in Rome

You will have many things to see and do during your visit to Rome! From museums and famous monuments, to the Vatican and the Colosseum, you will be rushed off your feet. But stop! You need time in Rome to sit back and marvel at the beauty around you, and perhaps get in a bit [...]

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rooftop bar rome

Top 10 must see restaurants & rooftop bars in Rome

Sometimes you need to head up to truly appreciate the scale of a city. Rome is one such place! On the ground, you can get preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of this grand capital. Dodging tourists and crazy moped drivers can really take the grandeur away. But don’t worry – we have some of [...]

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rome romantic

Rome romantic: How to Spend the Perfect Romantic Day in Rome

One can never go wrong with planning a romantic getaway for their loved one and Rome being one of the most popular destination for the romantics is the perfect solution. From taking romantic strolls along cute cobbled streets with a gelato in hand or sipping champagne with oysters on a fancy date night. Walking around [...]

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via appia rome

Via Appia Rome: The Queen of Long Roads

Italy’s hot blooded capital’s Rome happens to be one of the most romantic and charismatic cities of all time. Offering alluring sites, such as Via Appia Rome, awe-inspiring art and vibrant streets with luminating lights flickering in calm waters of River Tibet. Plan your next holiday in this enchanting place which takes you away in [...]

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romantic restaurants in rome

Top 6 Romantic Restaurants in Rome, Play the Big Game

What makes a romantic restaurant? Where can you find the most romantic restaurants in Rome? These are a few questions you might have been asking yourself while preparing a memorable Roman trip for you and your spouse. In this post, we will round up the top 6 most romantic dinner options for different tastes and [...]

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trevi fountain facts

Trevi Fountain facts in Rome: what happens to coins thrown in the water?

The Trevi Fountain is an absolute jaw dropper of an attraction, and one of the top things to see in Rome. Churning through almost 3 million cubic feet of water daily it is not just a water source – it is a symbol of Rome and even a source of charity! It is a top [...]

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parking in rome header

Parking in Rome: where to find the cheapest car parks

This crazy city is not for the faint-hearted driver! Multiple lanes of criss crossing traffic, beeping horns and not to mention crazy daredevil moped riders ensure for a hair-raising experience! However, if you must drive in all this bedlam, you will discover another problem – parking in Rome! Parking in Rome is a pain in [...]

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best views in rome

The Best Views in Rome

There is so much to see and do in Rome that you might forget to just stop, take a step back and ENJOY! From rushing to meet the hop on hop off bus to staring at your feet in a 2 hour queue, you might find it hard to see the woods for the trees. [...]

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rome beaches Header

Top 5 Rome Beaches: How to Reach the Beach from Rome

You may wonder what beaches are close to Rome? The heat of a hot summer’s day can be quite unrelenting in Rome. Queuing at any of the big attractions too is sometimes extremely tiring. If you are in Rome in the summer for any more than a city break we suggest heading to one of [...]

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european money in rome

Money in Rome: everything you need to know

We get asked this question a lot - just how much money do I need for my trip to Rome?! Well, our answer usually is ambiguous - it depends! Are you a budget traveller? Do you save up for a trip to give yourself a medium budget, enough to enjoy more than the standard sights? [...]

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