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Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Rome: Best Things to See & Tickets

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The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome is an impressive experience waiting to be discovered.

Located at the historic Piazza del Popolo, it is a must-see destination for families and all visitors alike to immerse in the life, mind, and impressive works of one of the world’s greatest geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci.

History of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum

How often do you get the opportunity to engage with the works of a true Renaissance man?

For more than a decade, the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Rome Italy has brought to life the works in art and science of an unrivalled creative genius through the revered skills of Italian artisans.

About Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci statue

Born in the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci found himself in the middle of a cultural, intellectual, political and economic rebirth following the rigid environment of the Middle Ages.

Popularly known as the Renaissance, this period was conducive for more advanced creativity and innovation.

These existing conditions supported his genius to flourish – providing the opportunity for him to explore his artistry and thinking.

On the surface, many know of his greatness, his many occupations and interests.

Indeed, he was a polymath – actively engaged as:

  • a painter
  • sculptor
  • scientist
  • inventor
  • engineer
  • architect
  • and anatomist

However, his legacy is his inventiveness and his ability to imagine far beyond the possibilities of his time.

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How Many Leonardo Da Vinci Museums are in Rome?

All over the world, his works have been celebrated and immortalised.

In Rome where he lived, you will find three museums dedicated to the Renaissance master:

  • Museo Leonardo Da Vinci at Piazza del Popolo 12 – a comprehensive museum dedicated to da Vinci in Rome. Interact with skillfully-made machines based on his original sketches and delight in the replicas of his works of art.
  • Mostra di Leonardo at Piazza della Cancelleria – a real visual experience for the family, engage with wooden prototypes of the master’s designs replicated with precision and modern technology.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Experience at Via della Conciliazione 19 – satisfy your senses with a showcase of his many interests and work divided into 5 thematic areas, from replicas of his inventions, art and glimpses into his coded messages.

What to Expect in the Museum Leonardo da Vinci Experience in Rome?

The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome is undeniably a must-visit for families and travellers to Italy’s capital.

It offers a curated, hands-on experience of da Vinci’s brilliance from life-size models of his codices, depictions of his Renaissance masterpieces, anatomical sketches, and an immersive look into the wonders of his mind.

What Can You See at the Museum?

The exhibitions in the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome can generally be divided between his works in science and art.

Life-size Working Models

A novel, more interactive way to experience his drawings through concrete depictions of his imaginings. Learn more about his work in engineering and accompanying creative process with the multimedia support.

Showcase of Inventions

An impressive collection of models of his more than 50 creations, best experienced with an audio guide to fully understand his conceptions.

Creations In Flight and Warfare

Ahead of his time, da Vinci sketched what we now know as modern-day war and flying machines such as canons and propellers.

Mirror of Light

It’s no surprise that da Vinci had a huge interest in light and optics, evident in his works of art such as the Mona Lisa.

Here you will find models of his machines experimenting on optical science and a panoramic mirror for a great photo souvenir.

Spotlight on the Masterpieces

Most renowned for being a painter, find a room of models of his works of art created in painstaking detail.

Here you can spend the time to marvel and study his technique without the crowds.

Best Time to Visit Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci

Visiting time museum Leonardo da Vinci

Rome being a popular destination makes it a tourist haven all-year-round.

It offers different activities depending on the season but the spring months from April, May to June are the most pleasant for cool weather.

The temperature peaks during the summer months of July and August reaching a high of 31℃ (88℉) which can make going around the city uncomfortable.

Tip – In August, locals take month-long holidays so travelling around tends to be more relaxed as a compromise to the scorching heat.

During the autumn months of September, October and early November the temperature drops slowly again and the crowds too begin to fall.

November tends to be most affordable, so it is recommended to visit during this time.

3 Top Tips from Locals when visiting the Museum

  1. In order to fully appreciate your visit, read about Leonardo da Vinci before going to the museum to have an idea of his life, background and work. Let what you learn from the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum complement what you already know.
  1. Purchase skip-the-line tickets for more convenience.
  1. Take note that there are no public lavatories in the museum and prepare beforehand.

Cool Souvenirs to Get

@getyourguide.com Leonardo da Vinci museum things to see

Visitors to the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome have always recommended the souvenir shop to buy trinkets and keepsakes.

Here’s a selection of one-of-a-kind items you can find.


Are you inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s life? Why not get yourself his self-portrait to constantly get you motivated to live a life as close as possible to his.

Catapulta ad arco

If you were mesmerised by his technical skills and inventiveness, keep with you a model of one his works that go way beyond his time.

Leonardo da Vinci Watch

This museum souvenir designed by the master himself will remind you time and time again of your experience way beyond the museum walls.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Museum Leonardo da Vinci Rome

Visit museum Leonardo da Vinci Rome reasons
  1. Everything for everyone – this is a great option if you are looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy. Adults can learn about Leonardo’s work in-depth while children can play with the models without reprimand.
  1. Unique experience – known mostly for his works of art, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum offers what art museums fall short on – his mechanical and engineering prowess.
  1. Up-close and personal – touch, feel, try out– discover for yourself the inner workings of his inventions as you learn more about his creative process with complimentary guides.
  1. Mixture of ancient and modern – from his creations during the Renaissance to present day technology, experience a side-by-side presentation of models of his work made with modern techniques and invention presentations using virtual reality headsets.
  1. Make the memory last – take a piece of da Vinci with you with unique offerings from the souvenir shop.

Famous Attractions In the Area You Should also Visit

visit villa borghese Rome

Villa Borghèse

Stunning villa surrounded by 80 hectares of gardens, considered the most magnificent public park in Rome.

Also called the city’s green lung, it was built in the 17th century by Cardinal Scipione Borghèse. Perfect place to relax, have a picnic and enjoy the picturesque view of the gardens and lake.

  • The time needed: 3 minutes by foot

Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps)

Located at the heart of Rome and built in the 17th century, these are a series of irregular steps that lead to the French monastery Trinita dei Monti.

Though commissioned by French king Louis XII, the name Spanish Steps stuck due to the Spanish embassy being once located at the square.

  • The time needed: 11 minutes by foot

Fontaine de Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

One of the most documented fountains in the world, celebrated for its magnificence and a fine example of 18th century Italian art and architecture.

One of the remaining aqueducts still in use in the city. Take part in the legend of throwing a coin into the fountain – you might just find your way back to Rome.

  • The time needed: 19 minutes by foot

Best Restaurants In the Area

Delicious restaurants in the area

Pastificio Guerra

One of the most popular and affordable pasta places in Rome, especially if you are on the go. There are only two options per day and you get your food in a take-away container. Value for money at 4,5€ per meal.


The contemporary and bright atmosphere makes Ginger a cool place to have local fare that is organic, healthy and sustainable. Enjoy the wide selection of vegan choices and relish in the kitchen’s propensity for food innovation.

Dal Bolognese

Located in one of the poshest areas in Rome, this restaurant lives up to its location. As the name suggests, it also serves one of the best Bolognese in the city. Great to experience if you want to dress up and be seen. Reservations recommended.

Most Comfortable Hotels Nearby

art hotel piazza spagna

We recommend hotels:

  • Valadier with elegant modern Italian decor close to the Villa Borghèse (Via della Fontanella 15)
  • Centrale nestled in a small quiet side street in central Rome with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere (Via Laurina 34)
  • Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps located in a converted chapel, stylish and quirky and known for its comfortable beds (Via Margutta 56)

Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Rome Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Every day 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
Note Last entrance at 6:30 pm

Access to the museum is from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm, last entrance is at 6:30 pm.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Rome Tickets

You can buy your tickets from the Leonardo da Vinci Museum official site, the Get Your Guide site, and the Tiqets site.

Where Is the Leonardo da Vinci Museum In Rome Located

The museum is located at Piazza del Popolo 12.


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Is the Leonardo Da Vinci museum in Rome free to visit?

Entry to the museum is paid ranging from 9€-12€.

How much time do you need to see the whole Leonardo Da Vinci Museum?

To fully appreciate all the exhibits, allow 1-2 hours.

Can I take photos at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum?

Yes, photography is allowed in the museum.

Where are Leonardo Da Vinci paintings?

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces can be found all over the world. Find ‘The Last Supper’ at the Museum Cenacolo Vinciano in Milan, the ‘Mona Lisa’ at the Louvre in Paris and a collection of paintings by a young da Vinci at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ and ‘The Burlington House Cartoon’ at the National Gallery in London.


The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome offers a truly unique and interactive experience to discover the works and life of the great Renaissance master.

Buy your tickets ahead of time and consider skip the line tickets for more convenience.

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