Rome with toddlers and babies guide

Rome With Toddlers & Babies (Complete Travel Guide for Parents)

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Things We Cover in This Traveling With Toddlers In Rome Guide

Traveling with toddlers in Rome

Traveling with toddlers in Rome can be a wonderful experience, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

But there are challenges, so to ensure your trip is the best it can be, our guide will walk you through handling Rome with a baby.

We will cover:

  • When is the best time to travel – Rome is an international city that attracts tourists year-round, but there are some months of the year that are better than others.
  • Preparation before you get there – Getting it right before you set off can make visiting Rome with toddlers much more enjoyable and less hassle. We’ll show you how to have everything in place for your trip.
  • How to find medical help, changing facilities and so on – One of the key things in understanding how to travel Rome with baby is to know how to get help if you ever need it. We’ll give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip.
  • Getting around and using public transport in Rome – Getting around with toddlers in Rome doesn’t have to be a problem. From taxis to public transport, you’ll find the best way right here.
  • Things to see that your toddler will love – Traveling with toddlers in Rome is made easier if they have things to see and do that they love. We’ll show you the best places to go.
  • Places to stay – Having a family friendly hotel or apartment can make all the difference when visiting Rome with a baby. We give you the tips you need to make the right choice.
  • Where to eat – Knowing how to travel Rome with baby means knowing the best places to eat where a baby or toddler is catered for.
  • Playgrounds for toddlers in Rome – When its time for a break from seeing the dights, we will help you find a place for your toddler to have a safe playtime.
  • Travel insurance – Do you need it, if you are traveling with toddlers in Rome are they covered?

If you're traveling with teens, check out our guide on their favorite attractions and how to get ready for your trip here. For those with older toddlers and pre-teens, click here for our in depth guide.

Best Time to Visit Rome with Toddlers

Sometimes your trip to Rome with toddlers will be at a certain time that you can’t change.

However, if you have a choice, here are the pros and cons for each season.

Visit Rome with a Toddler in Summer

Summer in Rome is glorious, and is especially good if you plan on trips out into the mountains, but there are some issues if you are travelling to Rome with toddlers.

Tip – It can get very hot in Rome over the summer, making the experience unpleasant for little ones. It is also the busiest time of year for tourism to the city, and all attractions will be crowded, as well as public transport being at its busiest.

The result is that it can be difficult getting around with strollers or carriers.

However, if summer is your only option, find a hotel with a pool where you can cool down, plan your days to include time away from the main attractions so you can have a break from the crowds from time to time too.

Visit Rome with a Toddler in Winter

Winter is a magical time for toddlers in Rome or anywhere else, and with its Christmas markets and beautiful celebrations, Rome has a lot to offer when you visit over winter.

In the run up to Christmas you will find carol singers and seasonal entertainment in the piazzas and it makes for a charming, wonderful experience overall.

It tends to be less crowded this time of year too, but it does get cold and there is a high chance of rain, which is not the best weather for exploring the attractions.

Tip – If you travel to Rome with toddlers in winter you need to make sure they are kept warm with appropriate clothing, but bad weather can quickly make a stroll around the sights an uncomfortable one for the little ones.

Winter is not the ideal time to visit Rome with toddlers, but you can have a great time if you are prepared for the weather.

Visit Rome with A Toddler In The Spring

Much cooler than summer, spring weather in Rome is a happy medium that makes travel with a toddler so much more enjoyable.

Rome is less crowded this time of year too, giving you more choice for hotels, more space on public transport and less people around the attractions.

Tip – In the evenings it does get cooler, so if you are in Rome with toddlers and plan on seeing the lights or enjoying an evening stroll to a restaurant, don’t forget to pack warmer clothes for those little ones.

Visit Rome with A Toddler In The Autumn

Traveling to Rome with toddlers in the Autumn gives you a similar experience to spring.

The weather is milder than summer or winter, and with less crowds you can enjoy the attractions a little more, especially of you are using a stroller for your toddler.

If you venture a little outside the city the beautiful autumn colors are spectacular too, and the evenings tend to be a little warmer than spring as well.

Autumn days experience a little less rain than springtime too, so while overall you will get the best experience with your Rome trip in spring or autumn, if you have the choice, autumn is a little ahead.

Tips For Using Public Transport Safely When Traveling With Toddlers In Rome

Public transport with toddlers in Rome

Public transport in Rome is very efficient and convenient for all the major attractions, however buses can get very crowded, making it difficult to get on and off with a stroller.

In general, it is better to fold the stroller and carry your baby, but you won’t be guaranteed a seat, so be prepared to stand all the way to your destination.

Taxis or private hire vehicles also have some issues. Car seats for toddlers are not compulsory in Rome, and very few taxis will have them available, so if you plan on using taxis, take your own car seat.

One of the best options if you are travelling to Rome with toddlers away from the busy summer season is the hop on hop off bus service. They get you around to the main sites quickly, and you get a great view from the top deck.

Whether travelling alone or with your little ones, there are some safety tips to remember:

  • Always make sure the taxi is an official one, white with a roof mounted taxi sign, the crest on the doors and a meter in the front.
  • Be wary of bags and property when travelling, as pickpockets can target tourists, especially in the center of Rome.

In general, for your trip to Rome, the best option is to find a hotel or accommodation that is central, and you will be able to walk to most of the attractions you want to visit.

Finding Medical Help, Pharmacies, Public Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities In Rome

If you need to stock up on supplies, such as baby food or diapers, the best place to go is a pharmacist. They also offer a range of over the counter medicines and can help you with minor issues your child may have.

Public toilets and baby changing facilities are not as easily available as you may be used to, depending on where you are, but at the main attractions such as the Colosseum, Vatican etc., you will find clean, well maintained facilities.

Outside of those areas, bars, cafes and restaurants are your best option for finding a toilet you can use. Standards vary depending on the establishment, and often they will not have toilet paper. It is worthwhile keeping some with you at all times when exploring Rome with toddlers.

12 Things to do with Toddlers in Rome

Things to do with toddlers Rome Vatican

Rome warmly embraces visitors of all ages, and even some of the more serious historic attractions will prove fascinating for little ones, with shapes, colors and styles they have never seen before.

Here are some great activities to do with a child in Rome.

1. Visiting the Colosseum with a Toddler

The Colosseum is such a massive, awe-inspiring structure that everyone will enjoy a visit. However, it can get crowded during the day, which can mean younger ones don’t really get to see too much.

The best approach to visit the Colosseum with toddlers is to go as early as possible and give the children a chance to see it all before the crowds arrive. It opens at 8-30 am, book tickets in advance to skip the queues and enjoy.

You can take a stroller into the Colosseum; however, it is not very practical to do so. A carrier is a much better option for getting around the site, and save you a struggle.

2. Visiting the Pantheon with a Toddler

As the best preserved of the Ancient Roman sites in Rome, the Pantheon is a fantastic place to visit.

Vibrant marble floors, statues and more look spectacular and will keep a toddler interested. Because it is a relatively small space, it doesn’t take too long to see it all, so you avoid the problem of boredom for the littler ones.

The entire site is stroller friendly, and outside is a lovely fountain, the perfect place to stop and feed a baby, or great for letting toddlers run around a little and expend some energy.

3. Visiting the Vatican with a Toddler

The first thing to remember about a visit to Vatican City is that it is the third most popular tourist attraction in the world. Whenever you visit, it will be busy, and there will be long queues.

So, when traveling to Rome with toddlers, make use of skip the queue tickets, book in advance and avoid that long wait.

You can’t take strollers into St. Peter’s Basilica or the museum, so a carrier is a must if you come here. However, with so many beautiful paintings, colors and shapes, even the smallest child will be fascinated by a trip to Vatican City.

4. Visiting the Roman Forum with a Toddler

The Roman Forum is not far from the Colosseum, and gives you a glimpse back in time to what life was like at the peak of the Roman Empire.

With a range of well-preserved buildings, you can see what the heart of Rome once looked like, and it makes for an interesting place to explore.

Children will enjoy the wide spaces too, but as this is very much a 2000-year-old city center, a stroller doesn’t work so well on the bumpy walkways. Instead, a carrier is the best option here, as there are quite a lot of steps if you head over to Palatine Hill.

5. Visiting Palatine Hill with Toddlers

Right by the Roman Forum, if you visit one it makes sense to see the other.

One of the famous 7 hills of Rome, Palatine Hill gives a great view of the forum and across the city, but is also a wonderful open space where toddlers can run around and have some fun.

Again, a carrier is better than a stroller, but with open space and a more relaxed feel, this is a great spot to take a rest and perhaps have a snack before heading off to see more of the city.

6. Visiting Villa Borghese Gardens with Toddlers

Villa Borghese itself is a wonderful place to visit, a museum set in one of the grand villas of Rome, but when traveling to Rome with toddlers, the gardens are an attraction in themselves.

Close to the forum and other attractions, the gardens offer plenty of space for toddlers to explore. With shade from the trees and an escape from the crowds, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic too.

The entire gardens are stroller friendly, and it includes a playground area for kids to enjoy. You can use these gardens as a break from other activities, and little ones will love it.

7. Visiting Rome Zoo with Toddlers

Sitting inside the grounds of Villa Borghese is Rome Zoo.

A relatively small Zoo, it has a nice selection of animals for children to see, and again, provides a safe space where they can explore and see new things.

It is also a less crowded option even at peak times, so the perfect midday part of your itinerary that escapes the crowds flocking to the major attractions.

Stroller and carrier friendly, it allows children to get close to animals they may never have seen before, and is a lot of fun for the whole family.

8. Visiting Trevi Fountain with Toddlers

Trevi Fountain is one of the must-see attractions in Rome, with beautiful statues and carvings making it a spectacular site.

It is accessed by ramps that take you down to the front of the fountain, so in theory it is stroller friendly, however in practice you will need a carrier.

This is because it gets so crowded you will simply never get a stroller through at busy times. It is something children will enjoy seeing though, and is worth the effort for everyone to get there.

Go as early as you can to avoid the worst of the crowds.

9. Visiting the Spanish Steps with Toddlers

The Spanish Steps have been the perfect spot in the city to sit and watch the world go by for generations, and they are beautiful in their own right.

However, when travelling in Rome with toddlers you need to be aware of just how busy they get. During the day, there are so many people around that a stroller is impractical, so get there early to make the most of the site.

The steps can be a challenge for little ones, but getting to the top is fun for kids. It is a quick visit though, so easy to fit into your day, and if you are in Rome, you should see them at least once.

10. Visiting Piazza Navona with Toddlers

Sitting in a beautiful square, surrounded by stunning architecture as you watch the world go by is an essential part of Rome life.

It is embedded in the culture that so many travel to the city to experience, and you can enjoy it when you travel to Rome with toddlers too. Piazza Navona is the best of the social spaces in Rome, and while it can get crowded, there is space for little ones to enjoy too.

It’s a great place to grab a freshly made gelato, and is both stroller and carrier friendly. With so much going on, your children will be fascinated by everything.

11. Visiting Explora Children’s Museum with Toddlers

While a visit to Rome with toddlers is usually focused on the historic aspects of Rome, spending some time at the Children’s Museum is a great change of pace and sure to delight your children.

With dedicated soft play areas for toddlers, wonderful interactive exhibits that are huge fun and educational too, and a lovely on-site restaurant, it’s a great change of pace for your Rome trip.

As you expect, a museum dedicated to children is stroller and carrier friendly, and is a wonderful space to relax and give the kids freedom to play and have fun.

12. Visiting Rome Botanical Gardens with Toddlers

One of the really great things about travelling to Rome with toddlers is that there are plenty of places to get away from the tourist attractions and find a little bit of space for kids to run around and be kids.

The botanical gardens are another of these, and they often have child oriented events, with dinosaurs set up among the trees and plants for children to discover.

Stroller and carrier friendly, the gardens have plenty of places to sit and rest, and are ideal for feeding a baby away from the hustle of the city itself. A perfect spot when you need to take a break from the crowds.

Bonus! Visiting Centrale Montemartini with Toddlers

Rome has a number of incredible museums, but for sheer spectacle few match the Centrale Montemartini.

Housed in an old power station, it brings together stunning Roman sculpture and stature collection with the huge industrial machines that powered the early 20th century city. For adults the juxtaposition is fascinating, while kids love the huge machines and beautiful sculptures.

The museum has a dedicated kids area with displays to fire the imagination, it is stroller and carrier friendly, and is less crowded than some of the museums in the city.

Best Toddler-Friendly Tours in Rome from Get Your Guide

Best tours in Rome for toddlers

One of the best ways to enjoy Rome with toddlers is to take a tour, so you can just focus on enjoying the experience.

Here are three of the best you should consider.

1. Vatican and Sistine Chapel Skip-the-line Tour for Kids

Visiting Vatican City with toddlers is one of the more challenging things to do in Rome simply because it is so busy.

This tour allows you to take your kids to see this wonderful attraction without needing to worry about queues and other distractions.

2. Rome Golf Cart Tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems

A tour that lets you sit back and see everything in comfort. While Rome is a very walkable city, if you are in Rome with toddlers, as with any trip, it can be tiring.

With this tour you avoid the crowds, avoid the walking, there is no carrying strollers up flights of stairs, just a nice way to see the city.

3. Colosseum and Ancient Rome Family Tour for Kids

Experience the wonders of Ancient Rome with this family-friendly tour.

Skip-the-line access, interactive games, and a local guide bring history to life for kids. From the mighty Colosseum to the Roman Forum ruins, this engaging experience blends education and fun, creating lasting family memories.

4 Places to Stay in Rome Toddlers Will Love Western hotel President Colosseo in Rome

When traveling to Rome with toddlers, one of the major influences on the overall experience is where you stay.

Finding toddler-friendly hotels in Rome can be difficult, but if you want to know where to stay in Rome with a baby, we have 4 suggestions that you will love.

Best Western Hotel President Colosseo

Just a short walk from the Colosseum, staying here means you are at the heart of Rome and close to most of the major attractions.

They provide essentials such as a cot, bottle warmer, high chair, changing station and stroller rental, and have a discounted laundry service for families.

Starhotels Metropole

Near to Termini station, this hotel offers a family friendly experience with cots, playpens and more available by request.

Highchairs are available for family dining, and stroller hire means you can avoid the hassle of travelling with one, making this one of the best toddler friendly hotels in Rome.

Hotel Navona

Steps from the Pantheon, this is another hotel that offers a range of toddler-friendly services on request. From cots to strollers, you can find most things you may need.

It does lack a laundry service, but with large spacious rooms and excellent staff, it is still a great option.

Rocco Forte Hotel De Russie

Close to Piazza del Popolo and within easy reach of Villa Borghese, this is a beautiful hotel that offers a wonderful experience including a spa and massage treatments.

Rooms can include a crib, mobiles, play mats and changing essentials, but you do need to request them. With baby friendly crockery and high chairs for dining, you will love your time here.

4 Toddler-friendly Places to Eat in Rome

Places to eat in Rome with toddlers

Most Rome restaurants are family friendly, and your little ones will be welcome almost anywhere you see, and will prepare a plain pasta and tomato sauce dish for younger ones if asked.

You won’t usually see a child’s menu, as they tend to focus advertising on tourists, but if you ask, most will go out of their way to help.

Having said that, some are more friendly than others, here are our pick for the best options for eating in Rome with toddlers.

Cul de Sac

Just by Piazza Navona, this wonderful traditional Rome restaurant is a great place to eat, and perfect for family dining.

They provide highchairs for little ones, and will provide simplified dishes to suit children when asked. It does get busy, so this is one you should book in advance, and as a small place, there is no room for strollers.

Emma Pizzeria

You can’t visit Rome without trying a local pizza, and there is none better than Emma.

Another popular restaurant that you will need to book a table for, it is family friendly and they will make your kids feel right at home. Renowned for the quality of the food, the quality of the service matches it.

Naumachia Rome

Within sight of the Colosseum, this is a wonderful family-friendly restaurant, and one of the best places to try if you are wondering where to eat in Rome with a toddler.

They do a wonderful and varied menu for adults, but simplified options for children, so you don’t have to compromise on your dining choices to get something suitable for your kids.

Tonnarello – Trastevere

Nestled among the artisan stores and cobbled streets of this wonderful part of the city, there are two locations within the neighborhood, both offering an excellent experience.

You can enjoy all the usual family friendly services, but here they will also provide coloring books for littler ones while you enjoy a fabulous meal. Booking is essential, and avoid strollers as there is nowhere to store them.

Where to Buy Things for Toddlers

Rome with toddlers shopping

There are a couple of options to find most things you need for traveling in Rome with toddlers.

A pharmacy will stock diapers, baby food, medicine and other essentials, but there are some baby specific stores around Rome that also provide essentials plus clothes, toys and so on.

Tip – In general, the pharmacy will be the most convenient to access, with many around the city and you can find nearby options through a Google search.

Supermarkets usually sell diapers, formula and baby food too, so you will never be too far away from the things you need.

Are There Any Playgrounds for Toddlers in Rome?

Yes, there are a few Rome playgrounds for toddlers, although they are not as well publicized as in some cities.

One of the best is in the Villa Borghese Gardens, where the playground is just part of a wider space for entertaining youngsters. You can even hire 4-seater bikes and take a trip around the park as a family.

There is another large playground found in Castel Sant’Angelo park, and a smaller one located at Parco Del Colle Oppio, which is close to the Colosseum.

Do You Need Travel Insurance When Traveling Rome With Toddlers

While Italy travel insurance requirements vary depending on what country you come from, with many nationalities not legally required to have cover, we recommend that you have travel insurance on every trip.

Tip – We have a comprehensive travel insurance guide for Italy that explains your insurance options for Rome travel, and why it is important to get cover for your trip.


faq roma pass travel blog

Is Rome stroller friendly?

Yes, although it can be hard on strollers thanks to cobbled streets and bumpy ground. Crowds also make strollers difficult to use around the major attractions, so a carrier is often more practical.

Where to find Baby Equipment in Rome?

You can find almost everything you need for baby in a pharmacy, with many throughout the city. Supermarkets also sell diapers, formula and food, while baby stores sell strollers, cloths toys and so on as well as other essential items.

Where can you find baby changing facilities in Rome?

There are very few public toilets in Rome, however at the major attractions such as Vatican City or Colosseum, you will find quality facilities. In general, you are more likely to have luck in private businesses such as pharmacies, restaurants and so on.

Are strollers allowed in museums and famous attractions?

Each attraction has its own rules, although most allow strollers. However, with heavy crowds, it can be difficult to use a stroller even when allowed, and in many cases a carrier might be a better choice.


Traveling to Rome with toddlers is a lot of fun as long as you plan ahead.

From buying tickets in advance to avoid queues at attractions to finding the best hotels to stay at, getting it right before you arrive can make all the difference for your trip.

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